All Good Things (Jump-in Fox rp) Come To An End

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    Pumpkin||6 weeks old||Female||Crush/Mate: Neither||Crush: None||Pups: None|| Interactions : Anoki, Ajax

    The tiny kit was desperately clutching to her mother's body, while her little body shivered almost violently. Her mother had been violently attacked and killed during a hunt. Her corpse laid there, bloody and lifeless. Of course the kit was much too young to understand exactly what had happened to her mother, she just knew something was wrong. In her eyes, her mother was just sick and resting...for two days straight now. It wasn't long before her stomach began to growl again, quite loudly too, she tried her best to ignore the sound though this time it was followed by a gnawing ache. She had no choice but to get to her paws, leaving her mother's side. "I-I'll be back Momma, I'm just going to get us some food." She sniffled, before heading off. The pup had no clue where she was going, or what she was doing, she just continued to venture farther and farther away from her mother. After hours of her very unsuccessful 'hunt' for food, she was not only exhausted but she was lost. She couldn't remember how to get back, she had no clue where she was. Suddenly her little ears began to flicker, her head cocked to the right. She could her voices...Not talking but yelling...Fighting? The pup let her curiosity get the best of her as she dragged her weak, hungry body towards the source of the sound. Soon enough, she could spot two males fighting one another, though it wasn't exactly clear to her who was winning. She had never seen a fight before, and she couldn't help but grow rather interested in watching the two go at it. She padded closer, before sitting down, wrapping her little tail around her body as she watched the two brutes closely. Perhaps when they were finished, one of them could help her find some food...and her way back to her mother.

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    Akania | 1 years | Vixen | Unmated | In/Out/Pregnant | Crush: Open | Pups: None

    The silver fox flicked her tail as the male moved to get off of her. She stood up quickly before shaking the dust out of her fur coat. Her ears were still pinned back lightly as she studied the white male for a moment. If he was a lone, it meant they were being watched. Thoughts ran through her head telling her to run, but she pushed them away as she looked around. “I should beat you up, but I am not going to. Are you sure you came a lone,” Akania questioned the strange male before sniffing the air. She looked at the bush for a moment before she looked back at the todd. “If anyone else is here, you better step out now,” she said in a stern voice trying to sound confident. To be honest, the vixen didn’t really know what she was doing.

  • Month: Late January

    Time: Midday

    Weather: Blustery, but not currently snowing

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    Icharis||2 years||Male||Crush/Mate: Neither||Pups: None|| Interaction: Akania, Hotah

    Icharis flicked an ear, one of the foxes at least had heard him. The male crouched, waiting to see if he'd walked into an aggressive encounter or a peaceful one.

    dlxRHwZ.jpgArabell||1 year||Female||Crush/Mate: Neither||In/Out/Pregnant||Crush: None||Pups: None|| Interaction: Ajax, Anoki

    When Arabell saw where the fight was headed, fear gripped her heart. Not there! They were in the middle of the road, on the death way that had caused her mate's death. "Get off of that!" She yelped, skidding down the slope to hover in the ditch. "It's dangerous!" Of course, both the males were locked in a fierce combat, already in danger.

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    Lost||1 year||Female||Crush/Mate: Neither||In/Out/Pregnant||Crush: None||Pups: None|| Interaction:Pumpkin

    The small female, came upon the sad scene. Her bright orbs shown sadly as they scanned the fae. But another scent caught her attention, her ears swiveled in the direction of the kit scent. It was unusual for an another to adopt a kit that wasn't their's. But Lost understood what was in stake for this babe. Following the scent, as it grew stronger, the sounds of fighting soon caught her sharp ears. She made sure to take careful steps. Soon the kit was in sight as well as two quarreling todds, and a frantic vixen. She made herself known but only made sure to get the kit's attention. She is to young to be on her own, and Lost was more than willing to take her in. "Hey little one are you alright?" Lostasked in a soft voice. Getting to the kit's level she made herself as friendly looking as possible. She rather not have any attention drawn towards them.


    Mozart||4 years||male||Crush/Mate: Neither||Crush: None||Pups: None|| Interaction:


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    Pumpkin||6 weeks old||Female||Crush/Mate: Neither||Crush: None||Pups: None|| Interactions : Anoki, Ajax, Lost

    The tiny kit was a tad stunned at the sudden appearance of the fae, as she was quite engrossed while watching the males fight. Though of course, she was a bit too young to understand whythey were fighting. She quickly shook off the fright and replaced it with joy as she greeted the female eagerly, "Hello! My name's Pumpkin. I'm okay, I'm just looking for food. My Momma's hurt real badly, and she can't hunt." She explained quietly, feeling a bit emotional as she spoke of her mother...At the moment, the little kit had wanted nothing more than her mother's comfort, as she stood beside the lot of unfamiliar foxes, cold and hungry.

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    Anoki | M | 3.5 | Interest/Claimed:

    Mentions: Ajax, Arabell

    Stepping off of the male he allowed him time to get up and take a few breaths, but since he still appeared weak the male growled loudly and took a few steps back before once again barreling towards. Anoki let out a bark, knocking his head into the males stomach, in an attempt to knock him over again. He glanced back at the female he was protecting, frowning as she was obviously worried for him. The male snarled turning his attention back to Ajax. "Listen you scum of the earth, I’m going to give you one chance to leave now for I am not a monster, go now or you will be killed.” Anoki took in a deep breath, feeling a bit tired from all the fighting but he wouldn’t let it show.


    Hotah | M | 3 | Interest/Claimed:

    Mentions: Akania

    “Yes, yes, I’m very sure that I came alone.” He said and watched her movements, trying to understand the female.


    Dakota | F | 3 | In/Out/Claimed




    Kana | F | 1 | In/Out/Claimed



  • || Eleanor | Four years | In/Out/Carrying | Crush/Mate: none| Kits: Snowflake ||


    IC;; A long fluffed tail swayed gently from side to side in contemplative thought, amber eyes staring at the ruins of what was once a warm and comfortable den. Eleanor was a vixen who liked her home to be well kept, hidden and simple. But not everything worked in her favor. Her front legs and chest that usually were so groomed had wood bits and dried mud caking the snowy white tresses. For minutes, hours, she scraped at the mound of collapsed dirt and under branches of the fallen tree but to little avail. Her heart was broken in a million pieces at the loss of her longtime home and her second litter in the mess. All but Snowflake was most likely dead in the rubble. Eleanor listened to the tiny albino kit give whimpers and whines under her but ignored them for a moment longer. She detested humans, taking what they want from nature without a care for those who lived in it. There was little time to grieve so without wasting another second, the female nosed under her longer belly fur to grip her tiny white kit by the scruff and carrying him to find a new home.

    || Snowflake | Two weeks | Male | Albino ||


    IC;; Where was his siblings? Maple would be nosing up to his side while Summer would suckle on his ear. Leo sometimes kicked him but at least he was the warmest of the four. Why was mom taking him somewhere? He felt cold without his brother ad sisters. He was hungry and wanted milk from his mom. Could they stop yet? He gave a pitiful little cry but mom just kept trotting on.

  • Ajax | 3 Years | Male | Unmated | Dark, Stoic, Unfriendly


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    Ajax, panting from the constant stress of fighting, sprang back to his paws once that angered "white knight" backed up. It was a rookie mistake and something that would give the brutish male a bit of an edge. While the unfriendly, silver fox recovered, he was watching this knightly male. This male, in his prime years of life, was standing in front of him with a very chivalrous air about him. A harsh snarl lifted clear from his throat. "Kill me!" It was a piercing scream, but it was out before the male could barrel into the relentless silver fox.

    Geo | 2 Years | Male | Unmated | Calm, Egotistic, Haunted

    Interactions: Open

    Wandering the woods. Is close to Eleanor!

    Celeste | 1 Year | Female | Unmated | Youthful, Energetic, Strange

    Interactions: Open

    Searching for a den to call her own. Isn't close to anyone.


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