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  • Wheatbloom had crumbled in on himself. A trip by the orchard, always the orchard with the old butterflies giving way to fuzzy moth caterpillars on his skin, inching through his fur, along his red-rimmed wide eyes. Wide in death and chewing herbs and watching his apprentices and his mother and mother number two and father. He hoped he could see Addercloud again. The dog that had torn his body to ribbons in the orchard, always the orchard, always the orchard with the sweet apple smell and the quiet, had ensured he would see Addercloud again. He hoped Minnowstar and Brookpaw would forgive him for seeing Addercloud again so soon.

    StarClan smelled like apples and herbs. He crept away from his body and watched constellations twitch across his fur and breathed in and out. In and out.

  • So much death. The scent hadn’t even had time to lift from camp after Glacewing’s body was buried, and it seemed it haunted him as he trekked through the territory. Edging the old horseplace, he loved to travel to the outskirts. The stench of death getting stronger, the pungent scent of dog mixing, making his hackles rise. Pushing through the overgrowth, his eyes pressed upon a gruesome scene. A scene that would haunt the faint of heart, and maybe Barkscar was becoming just that. No, probably not. It was the weird medicine cat. Acids from his stomach rose to his throat as he gagged. His ears folding backwards as several gags came. The smell, was sickeningly sweet. "great starclan" he breathed finally, scrunching up his nose as he neared the mass of ripped flesh. He weighed his options slowly as the shock subsided. He dipped his head and closed his eyes to bid the tom farewell, blistering olive hues breaking the surface of the sick scene once again. ‘ I can’t carry him back in this state, and if I leave him, his corpse might not be here when I get back.... The most respectable thing to do, is to wait’ Barkscar found himself lowering into a sit, claws extended as to ready himself should any larger predator be attracted by the scent of death. Lifting his muzzle into the air, he unleashed a yowl hoping to draw in any nearby clanmates or a patrol. Someone, who was close to the weird soul.

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    Upon approaching the scene after hearing a yowl, the she-cat's paws froze to the ground when she got close enough to see the gruesome scene. The scent of blood and dogs caused her nose to wrinkle, her eyes trailed onto Barkscar, and then right back down to the torn body. Unsure of who it was she hesitantly brought herself closer to the body, peering over the brown tom. Wheatbloom. Once again, the she-cat was too unfamiliar with the medicine cat to have any grief get laid down upon her. Although it was sad, especially knowing that many cats weren't even over the fact that Glacewing was gone yet. With ears folded back and her nose still wrinkled she padded back a few paw-steps to wait with Barkscar. There was no way you'd be able to carry the medicine cat back to camp, and she wasn't exactly sure if she wanted to. Besides she wasn't close to the tom, she never even had a conversation with him, it wasn't her place.

    Although with the most recent events, the she-cat was beginning to wonder if the clans were always like this. Blooming with death and grief around every corner.



  • Wheatbloom wasn't the only cat to frequent the orchards. The leader herself often enjoyed listening to the buzz of the bees, and the almost too-sweet scent. When Minnowstar was still deputy, an elder Whitescar had taken her there to discuss things. Growing up, responsibility, life. In fact, she's who Whitekit is named for. While Whitescar was Cloudspots' mother, Minnowstar enjoyed the feeling of a mother figure when she did not have her own.

    But now, she was certain it would be rare to come to the orchards. As it was rare that Minnowstar was even out of camp, given the death of Glacewing and the chaos of running SkyClan.

    She thought a walk would be comforting, but then she hears the shocked murmurs of her Clanmates, and the too-familiar scent of death. And dog. And something else, something familiar-no.

    Minnowstar's short legs feel like they're about to give in when the scent hits her, following by seeing the mangled corpse of her medicine, her Clanmate, and-most importantly-her adopted son. No, her son. No need for specifications. While she was the one chosen to be family by him, it was clear Minnowstar had seen him as much of real family as her own biological kits.

    "Wheatbloom," comes the quiet whine of Minnowstar as she stands among her warriors, eyes unblinking at the scene. Realizing she is without a medicine cat-save Brookpaw, without her oldest child, without hope.

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  • brookpaw // medicine cat apprentice

    Wheatbloom had only taken her to the orchards once before - in search of herbs. He had shown her with an express amount of boredom that lavender like to grow beneath the apple trees in surprising abundance. She hadn't minded his bored countenance, because it was normal, it was how he was. She would have been concerned for her mentor's health if he had been overly excited about showing her lavender. It had been a short trip, but Brookpaw had relished the scents of apple blossoms, of bees humming cheerily above them, of the sunlight filtering lazily through the branches. It had been nice, calming.

    Brookpaw had hoped that Wheatbloom would teach her more, would be there for her in that weird, detached way he was there for the entire Clan. She had hoped that they could keep growing up together, despite the age difference. He was weird and blunt but he was a sturdy support for Brookpaw's unsure steps through the Clan and now he was gone.

    She stood facing the sight of his mangled body, a few paces behind her Clanmates already gathered around him. The smell of Glacewing's cessation was still stuck in Brookpaw's nostrils, so much so that she couldn't even distinguish Wheatbloom's scent among it, despite the fact that he was right in front of her, torn to pieces and dead and dead and dead dead dead--

    Brookpaw vomited, everything in her stomach coming back with ferocity and suddenness. There were bits of herbs mixed among everything else that had been accidentally swallowed while chewing up poultices. She gagged and choked for a moment before looking up with watering golden eyes. She felt hollow and lost. She tripped her way forward, somehow managing to avoid the puddle of vomit in her lightheaded fumblings.

    "W-Wheatbloom," She whined quietly, shoving her nose into his scruff, that part at least somehow still intact. "No...please, no. Not you too." Guilt coursed through the little chartreux, thinking about how she had yet to reveal to her mentor that her mother had been killed, that she had found her sister alive and well in ThunderClan, that her brother was probably still alive somewhere in another Clan. She hadn't shared the news with anyone, but she had wanted to share it with him first. Now she would never get to.

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  • noEM9q7.gif Rainpaw had gotten to know Wheatbloom after following Addercloud around like a lost kit for the longest time. She was honored to be picked by the older of the two to be the medicine cat apprentice. She had been, so happy. The apprentice, soon to be warrior, had seen the medicine cat as a close friend. Though, it had hurt when Starclan rejected her. Often wondering why they had gone to Minnowstar instead of them. Or maybe they had, but he ignored it for Rainpaw's sake. None of that mattered now since they were dead. Staring at the lifeless body, she didn't dare to get close. She didn't deserve to. Starclan rejected her and it felt like she could make things worse by getting too close. So she looks up to the sky and wonders if he is watching over them now. "" .

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