theme week #1 - colors

Let's Share! has (finally) launched! Our first article is a World of Tanks Guide by Enderclaw!
  • alright, i'm a couple of days late, but welcome to windclan's theme week! this week's theme is colors.

    the ic question for this theme week is: what color do you think best fits your character, and why? perhaps it's their favorite color, or maybe that's just the first color that comes into mind when you think about your character. tell us all about it! even feel free to name multiple colors!

    the ooc question is: what's your favorite color? does your favorite color match your character's color? why is this your favorite color?

    personally, yarrowkit's color is either green or red. green is the color of life in my opinion- and since yarrow is such a lively and energetic character, i figured that it would fit her! i have similar reasons for picking red. yarrow is always raring to go- always fired up about something. she also has quite the temper, and what better color to represent these traits then red? my favorite color is blue though, just because i've always loved the deepness and simplicity of the color, if that makes any sense. growing up i lived about fifty minutes away from the ocean, and seeing the deep blue of the waves... it brings back some good memories. plus, my dad's in the navy, so he's always wearing blue. [it's his favorite color too]

  • for figpaw: pretty much any pastel colour, but probably a light yellow or pink. pink just because that’s what comes to mind when i think of him (soft, blushing, sweet, a little bubbly, cute/naive). yellow because it can be calming, sweet, summery, sunny and bright. however, it is also related to anxiety (like the image of a lightning bolt or warning sign). he’d definitely fit better with a pastel colour as he isn’t too exuberant and dramatic; he is soft and soothing and usually a bit more in the background.

    me: i’ve always liked blue, but (deep) red has been slowly creeping into my life. red car, red lipstick, red clothes. so i guess red? idk i’ve never really been good at “favourite things”. i don’t identify with the passion and all that people usually associate with the colour - i just like it, i don’t know why. i always liked blue because i found it to be a shyer colour, if that makes sense; it’s a little more modest and subdued, which i do relate with. on second thoughts, yellow might fit me for the same reasons it fits figpaw.

    side note: i have done 3 speeches on the colour yellow.

  • the color i associate with eagle is a light blue. this is because it could be, in different contexts and very subtle differences, a very cold color, the color of ice and just very impersonal and subdued. however, it could also be the color of the sky on a bright sunny day, warm and free. this is reflected in eagle, who most when first seeing him assume that he's ice, that he's frozen water, cold and restrained. yet, deep down he's the sky.

    my favorite color is, no surprise, red lol. it's just a great color, and i feel like it's the color of life itself. like, it's very vivid and something that i associate with change and the drive below that moves everything along. it's a boundary color, the very edge of what we can see and experience as humans.

    now, i also like purple, orange, and a deep blue and forest green. i like any color that's a bit dark and faded, that's my main aesthetic. but idk, i just have always been drawn to red. and black, as red and black just look great together