Plot with iconic Bloodclan man that is very fat?

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  • Hi! I guess y'all know Blahkenmuro and I'm looking for slower paced plots for him rn, to get back into the swing of things. He's not open to anything romantic but he's open to pretty much anything else! Interaction threads aren't preffered, but I'd like some plots that are very flexible and could be interesting:

    I would love for him to be injured or hurt in some way, could be with actual attacks or something mental. He's quite fragile rn so he's honestly easy prey and could easily obtain permanent injuries.

    Maybe meetings that cause him to become stronger. I want him to regain his old powress eventually, so he'd need nudges. Maybe some admirers or jsut sparring partners would be fun.

    Someone teaching him soemthing quirky he doesn't know, for example cat party tricks or something.

    If your character is a young parent he can relate and maybe try to help ! SO they don't repeat his mistakes haha.