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  • I'll miss you Karey <3 remember to come check up with us, I hope your health improves soon, take care of yourself <333


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  • we all love you so much and it's sad to see winter and you go but we're always here if you need us!! take care of yourself cax.

    ( come dig me up, wipe the earth from my bones )

    hold me up and join me on the horizon !

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  • awwww cax, I'm sorry to hear that! winter was an amazing character and she was quite developed, and I enjoyed role-playing with her!

    do get better soon and take care of yourself! big internet hugs <3

    edit: ah crap i forgot to add, if you want to send me the password for the shadow veil account please do! otherwise i can ask valkyrie whom i thiiiiiink has it? not sure


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  • awe, it will be sad to see you go but we all understand and your health is so much more importand. Please take care of yourself and i'll hold my thumps your physicial health will improve and get better whatever it's you might be dealing wih. <33

    Much love from me too you <33


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  • Hey Karey, I just saw this :c Please take care of yourself and message me if you ever need anything. I hope that your break from Feralfront alleviates some of your stress.


  • Kareyyyy I'll miss you so much! You have always been such a nice and welcoming person,, and I just love how easy-going you are! I always had fun when we picked on each other playfully,, and hopefully we'll get to do that again sometime. I love you! please take care of yourself! You will be missed <3

  • Cax </3

    Get well soon, hon. I hope things get better for you soon. Take care, and know that you are loved beyond your understanding.

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    now that the end's in sight