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  • Minnowstar was standing in the center of camp, the stale, death-laced scent of Glacewing still filling her nose. Beyond that, the scent of dead fox. Some cats had volunteered to bury the thing, but she was still restless. A fox, so close to camp?

    What if there were others?

    Well, the leader was gonna find out. Whether she had to rip them apart herself or not. For Glacewing, it would be worth it.

    "I'm going to check to make sure there's no more foxes in the area. Who would like to come?"

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    Patrol? At the word the gray she-cat began to pad over eagerly to the leader hoping to help. She knew that a good chunk of cats including Minnowstar hadn't taken Glacewing's death lightly, so taking care of the foxes if there were any roaming would remove a heavy weight from the grieving cats. Plus of course obviously prevent history to repeat itself. She was good with her claws so if worst comes to worst and there were a few brutes roaming the territory she was positive she could help out.

    "Minnowstar," she came to a halt once she was a few paw-steps away from her, "I'll accompany you if you don't mind."

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  • Ever since the fox attack, Barkscar had been restless even during the day. He was a nocturnal warrior, hunting and patrolling at night, it was often strange to see him in the sun. His olive hues narrowed to slits as he squinted against the sun’s stinging glare. Slithering from the cool shade of the warrior’s den upon hearing Minnowstar’s call, the grouchy brute approached. The lack of sleep playing blatantly upon his disgruntled features. His eyes glazed over with exhaustion yet he would show none of it. There was no way in Dark-forest he was going to let Minnowstar and Lavendarskies go by themselves. "I’m going" he grunted, softly, knowing that Minnowstar was still grieving, he dulled his sharp edges just as he did with Moonpaw. Temporarily of course. "Maybe moonpaw will want to come" he wondered with a low growl. moonstruck!

  • noEM9q7.gif Foxes were something that came along every once and awhile. The she-cat was lucky to never come across one alone. She made her way over, wondering if Daisyfrost would have wanted her to go along. Rainpaw was so close to becoming a warrior and it hurt to know her mentor wouldn't be here to see that. But she had to keep going, she couldn't let the recent deaths stop her. "I'll come along." .

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