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  • Sky is disturbed by a cackling, a loud screeching, a roaring sound. All of which could only mean one thing: Twolegs. Being so far in the mountains, the Tribe typically had the luxury of avoiding such creatures. Especially with the cooling weather. But there they go, four of them. Soft looking things on their heads and hanging off their backs like a snail shell. Glee in their eyes, like living in such conditions-or visiting them-is fun.

    They seem to not realize vicious cats, with a vicious leader, are nearby. Walk right by, actually. Close enough that Sky could give them a good scratch if she so desired, but she did not. No, Sky instead just sat in plain view at the mouth of the camp entrance, watching as they retreat.

    "Strange creatures. What do you think they're up to?"

    Played By: Northern-Skywatcher

  • tags ✦ ✧ ✦ Spider doesn't have much experience with twolegs. He's seen them a couple of times, usually from a distance, but most don't venture to the mountains—not this part, anyway. The noise they make catches him by surprise: the blue feline isn't used to such loud squawking, and his first instinct is to make such that Night's ok. Wherever the noise is coming from, he knows that his daughter won't hear it.

    It's only why Sky speaks that he realizes what's going on. Crossing the camp on powerful legs, Spider moves besides the stoneteller, peering toward the strange looking figures. His tone is dismissive as he replies to Sky; it's clear that he doesn't care for twolegs. "Nothing good. Do you think they'll find the camp?" Twolegs aren't clever, and it wouldn't surprise him if they never realize that a whole tribe is living just a few taillengths away from them.

  • the strange noises were a cause of alarm in howl, and he was swift to cast his gaze towards his mother, seeking an explanation that wouldn't bring trouble or death to the tribe and his family. but it was her words that led him to her at the very fringes of the camp where he was all at once eager to explore and reluctant to leave for fear of angering the tribe, but more importantly angering his mom. she was his world entire, and he the dog beneath her throne. obedient, loving, forgiving.

    though by her side, he could now see the creatures that squalled and chattered so, ungainly and terrifying large, so unlike the quiet deer that sometimes strayed close by in the early mornings and on quiet evenings. they were frightening, and he trembled beside her, faintly thankful that spider is nearby as well, though too consumed by the primal terror of the upright beasts that he pressed himself to the ground in his mother's shadow, eyes never leaving their retreating shapes.

  • "Their eyesight is far poorer than ours." Veil spoke as he joined the viewing party, "What are they doing so far from the twolegplace though?" That was what prompted his interest. He laid his tail near his younger brother as if to provide comfort and a sense of safety. If the strange creatures dared touch any members of the tribe, Veil wouldn't hesitate to give them a few memorable scars.

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    veil over silent dusk — storage — tribe of rushing water — roleplayed by melo-crisis

  • "Veil's right. Their sense of smell doesn't seem to fantastic, either," Sky replies before answering Spider's question, "I doubt they'll find it. Even if they do, I don't even think they have the mental capacity to realize we're here. They'd walk by us, the foolish creatures."

    For animals so much bigger than cats, they certainly didn't measure up in terms of brains. It was simply incredible. If Sky was that big and capable, she'd use her brains to do more than just wander the mountains like some lost dog.

    "They seem to be enjoying the mountains, for some ToEH-forsaken reason. I'm not sure how, given their lack of fur."

    Played By: Northern-Skywatcher