Fearless//Creeping Around

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  • Wolfkit can't believe how sad the camp has been lately. For good reason, however it just didn't vibe well for the reckless child. Ma didn't want to play while she took on more duties and, well, her usual playmate was...dead. The tiny heart in her chest sinks for a moment, remembering the patrol bringing back Glacewing's body. Minnowstar said she died saving them from a fox. A hero. But still, Wolfkit couldn't believe her favorite babysitter was gone.

    No matter. Wolfkit will just be super good to make Glacewing proud.

    Until she notices the empty warriors' den. Wolfkit's been sitting there all day, she knows if she could just get to the top of the tree she could make herself at home before any of the warriors got back.

    And so, the pale kit charges to where the warriors' den is situated, and promptly digs in her claws to go up there.

    Played by: Northern-Skywatcher

  • There wasn’t much Barkscar hated more than pesky children. Something about the little mouthy brats set his nerves on fire, plucking at them with their snot-covered sticky nasty needle claws. Being a father wasn’t in his books, hell, being a ‘friend’ wasn’t even written on his pages. The grumpy warrior did well at pushing others away, it was a miracle to get on his good side. He made interactions few and far between with his patrol and hunting schedule. Barkscar always had the graveyard schedule. Therefor, he slept during the day. His mahogany form pressed against the edges of his nest in a tight lonesome ball in the darkest furthest corner of the tree trunk. His snore was more of a growl rather than a soft sound of slumber. His dream seemed to always be the same one, the day he fell from the tree and hit his face. Now, Glacewing somehow entered his mind, for why? he hadn’t a clue. He had always been so rude and short with her but her death had stirred him. Though that wasn’t the only thing disturbing his relatively peaceful comatose.

    Tiny scratching. A grumble escaped his muzzle and he folded his white paws over his tattered ears as to block out the annoying sound. Rolling over and putting his back to the entrance. The scratching intensifying, but the mahogany warrior only growled louder to drown out the sound. "Who’s making all that racket!?" he finally raised his voice, but it cracked sleepily amidst his words. Not moving from his curled position, eyes still tightly closed.

  • Ha! Made it! Wolfkit thinks to herself proudly as runt-sized paws hit solid den floor. And look how big it is! Even Wolfkit, who thought everything was big, could appreciate it. The kit still slept in a nest with her mother and siblings, and boy the more her siblings grew-her not so much-the smaller the space got. But she had this to look forward to! What a-

    Oh. Wolfkit should've checked for Barkscar before coming up. She's been told he doesn't like kids and to leave him be.

    Not that she's deterred! Wolfkit's been yelled at by seemingly everyone in the Clan. One more won't bug her too much. Maybe.

    "Sorry, it's just me," Wolfkit's kit voice calls back before adding, "I just wanted to see how cool the den is-it's much bigger than Minnowstar's!"

    Played by: Northern-Skywatcher

  • Annoyance glinted within olive hues as the burst to the surface of his dark surroundings. Swollen from lack of sleep, narrowed with anger. A kit’s scent was easily distinguished, especially with the warrior’s sharp predator nose. He rolled his massive shoulders over and craned his neck. dull emerald daggers stabbing the child as she made her presence known. A small silver tabby, mirroring Minnowstar’s almost, Wolfkit. A low growl rumbled in him as a purr might, but Barkscar hadn’t purred since her was a kit. Dirtkit, he recalled his kit-name. Back before he was, well, Barkscar. "How in the name of Starclan did you even get up here" he grunted, a tad impressed but nothing more than his pride would allow. "Don’t go anywhere, ugh, I’m going to have to carry you out. " he added with a slight hiss. He didn’t want the kit to hurt herself, which was perhaps inevitable given the casual clumsiness all children seemed to have. "You’re going to have to wait though, I’ve been hunting all night, I don’t have time for curious brats!" he snarled. Though he forced his gaze to soften, closing his eyes and suppressing a sigh. "stay away from the edge" he snapped gently, lowering his massive marred head unto the mossy edges of his nest. Keeping a careful narrowed eye on Wolfkit.

  • Wolfkit, of course, is fully oblivious to any hostility. Or annoyance. The mini-Minnow was known to annoy everyone so she didn't exactly notice it anymore. Which, at only six moons, was sure to be an issue.

    "I climbed up here! All by myself," Joy is laced with the squeak as the kit gets to brag about her little victory, followed immediately by, "No, no! I can climb down myself, I promise. Besides, Ma will probably be mad I bothered you if she catches you carrying me out."

    But then the magic word of "wait". Technically Barkscar isn't kicking her out this second. Which was probably a good thing, considering she most likely needs a moment to hype herself up to make the climb a second time. This time backwards.

    So she replies with a quiet, "Ok." and promptly makes her way closer to the exhausted tom, watching in wait. For what? She isn't quite sure.

    Played by: Northern-Skywatcher