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  • she doubted that many would remember her. she was only part of the clan for a short amount of time, and yet she was more than ready to return once again. she was hopeful that at least one member would remember her, and she felt that she needed to reintroduce herself to her clanmates. [color=#c4d4af]”hello, my name’s katoka and i’ll be leading a patrol today! i doubt many of you remember me, but i’d be happy to take this opportunity to reintroduce myself or introduce myself to you!”[/color]


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    Oh, this was someone I didn't recognise, which was no surprise really considering my short time here. Regardless, she looked like quite a pleasant lady, showing her enthusiasm by leading a patrol. Warrior activities were a bit alien to me; most of my life had been spent in the medic's den as a healer, rather than a fighter. I'd gone on plenty of patrols before with my fellow Blizzardclanners, but that had been to collect herbs rather than prey. That reminded me - I still had yet to talk to Sugarbaby. As far as I could tell, she was the medic around here, and I had many questions to ask her about the plants native to Mt.Kodiak.

    "May I join you?" I queried, offering her a warm, if not slightly tired smile. The years that had passed me by after my suicide had taken its toll on my bones, and the state of exhaustion I had arrived in had seeped my strength. Slowly slowly, I was working to condition my body, but I still had a long ways to go. "I'm Clockwork by the way."



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  • A patrol would be lovely! Ezio wandered over, seeing one kind of familiar face and one that wasn't so familiar. That was alright! He'd learn both of their names on the patrol, and maybe they could even become friends. The cheetah strode over, a smile as always on his face. He loved the mountain they lived on, and would be happy to explore it with his Clanmates. "Hey! I'm Ezio, I'll go too," He told them both.


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