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    domestic felines

    Rules: Much like any rules of an adoption, don't use others art/templates w/o credit and the whole sha-bang. If you go inactive with the children, me and ridiculousness have the right to re-home them. You can age the child in any way, but try to keep it similar to the other kiddos! They have to stay in Valhalla for about a month in real life time, though I would prefer if they stayed there for 2 :) Any name is preferred, but if you want to keep it more traditional: Mija is from a Japanese origination so you can have a Japanese name or modern American one! Mija is also a cambion: which is half-demon and mortal, so the children will also be cambion.

    Story: This isn't a story of love, or anything-- besides Michael drunkenness. Unlike for Mija, who keeps her standards way too high for even litters: when the new world came in, all her memories were lost and she found herself knocked up. Due to being an cambion [half-demon, half-mortal], the growth of her and the children develop faster than most so the litter will be on the verge of birth when all the slots are filled! Mija will find herself in a lost void, confused and conflicted with herself and Michael will try to have a part of their life even when Mija doesn't know. If they are a male, Michael will attempt to train them as an assassin, etc.

    Relations: Mija is from the Cor-Leonis which is a major HPR family, she is also a former Blizzardclan Medic Trainee. All the relations can be found here in this thread! Michael is a current Berserker [HP] of Valhalla, but his former positions include: ex-cannoneer of the skulls (hp), ex-security guard of the horde (hp), ex-shadow of taskforce x (shp), ex-leader of taskforce x (hp), ex-councilman of entertainment of the kingdom of white sands(hp), ex-kingpin of los santos (hp), ex-duke of tribe of burning eclipse. If they find out Michael is their father, they are to carry the JONES surname. They automatically carry the COR-LEONIS surname.


    1) Kana - Female - kajidragon

    2) Deshi Jones - Male - Deadsilence

    3) Shinimi - Male - Tazman

    4) Ayami - Female - skittles !

    5) Zerachiel - Male - ANNA!

    ( i'm bad to the bone, baby! )

    vanna , kaidia, assassin , storage

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  • Hello!


    (if there is any certain look other than being a cambion that you would need me to make the character look as let me know, I'll be able to attach a picture after I know! (I'll be drawing the reference photo myself if that's alright) And if you need to know any other information let me know!)

  • Alright!

    Appearance: She has medium length orange fur, with the exception of her left back paw which is colored white. She also has dark brown eyes

    And I'm not sure if they will have the horns and wings of the cambion at birth but if they do: She has the traditional red wings with dulled brown-ish grey horns.

    Personality: She is very kept to herself, until you get close to her. When someone gets to know her she becomes a unstoppable chatter box with many ideas to tell. She is very tactical and likes to plan things accordingly, if things start to derail from her plans she does tend to delve her head right back into planning a new route of ideas to know what went wrong. She loves learning new things. However that does tend to be a fault of hers, as her overwhelming curiosity tends to turn others off.

    (I hope everything I wrote is okay and fits into everything!)

  • Deshi Jones




    Will lean towards no one and see his family equally

    Will become aggressive is he must but wont do it just because.

    Deshi will be a slim smoked tabby with a small white diamond on his chest. Bright amber eyes and red wings with curled horns. His fur will be semi thick but not to thick.

    Deshi personality wise will be serious and some times very stern. He is also a patient man. Brave and straight forward. He doesnt like to beat around the bush and prefers to get the job done. He can be caught at his less guarded state friendly and calm with anyone he see as close. He enjoys the simple things and doesnt waste time on the dynamics. Deshi will be very curious and often wonder off to find answers.

  • NAME. shinimi cor-leonis (jones)

    GENDER / SEX. male


    explosive is the easiest way to describe ni. for some odd reason or another he harbors a merciless hatred of the world and the beings within it. he's often recognized as unkind and defiant, his mouth a bottomless pit of petty judgments of his peers. despite his aggressive personality, he's loyal to a fault and those that do manage to get past his prickly exterior are those he protects with all his might.


    tall and muscular, shinimi's colour speckled coat ripples with muscle as he walks, although his frame appears far more lean than it does sturdy. he's an awkward array of colours, almost as if someone simply dropped a set of paint brushes on him. with strokes of russet, black, white and brown, shinimi looks to be more of a work of art than a domestic feline. he's born with sturdy black horns and matching wings, his eyes an almost translucent blue.

    — accessories: he likes to keep souvenirs from his enemies, teeth, bones, nails, feathers, anything he can get his paws on.

  • 12cf73f441564d58759d893bb1cc0e8b.jpg

    Name: Ayami

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Ayami has bright mossy eyes, a slender and feminine structure with short hair, medium-dark toned bengal fur and unique, dark brown and blackish markings on her face and body. She has an unusually long tail that is about six inches above average. I'm not very familiar with cambion anatomy or coloring, but I would assume the horns and wings would be dark tones of brown and black (maybe purple-ish). (Reference drawings to come!)

    Personality: An independent wanderer, a gypsy almost. She has sort of a free spirit in the sense of "she rules her own world" and does as she pleases - when she can for now. Ayami has a slightly devious sense of humor that might later develop into some dark traits. Despite this, she is deeply compassionate for all those close to her, like family-wise that is.

  • Lovely!I I'd still adore one and I apologize for being late - I'm making a fast form just so I don't hold y'all down

    Name: Zerachiel

    Gender: male (cis)

    Physical: Zerachiel is a notably handsome, youthful feline with a sinewy build. With broad shoulders, thick limbs, and taller height he can appear intimating. However, he often sports a charming smile that when paired with his dark blue eyes and sunny golden fur makes him seem closer to a confident, strong young man than a brute. He has a pair of feathered wings on his back which match his fur, and span doubled his body length. His fur length is longer, adding to his bulky appearance.

    Personality: His good traits, such as his loyalty, bravery, and kindness are often in display. He prides himself on being generous and helping others. However, he also can be vain and an over achiever, pushing himself to painful heights to make others proud of him. Zerachiel can also be incredibly rash when his anger gets the best of him. Usually though he is social and fun-loving.

    (I can fix it up soon)