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  • Xavier hummed gently as Connor rubbed his back. He leaned into the touch. He pressed almost against Connor. He flushed gently.

    “He was an alright man. If androids weren’t around. He was friendly enough. But after he found out, I was an android. He wanted to kill all androids. But didn’t want to get arrested.” He said softly. He shuddered gently at how the air touched his skin. It was cold yet warm at the same time. Mostly warm, but it chilled him.

    He then did press against the male. His back going not even midway to the males chest, it was mostly by the males abdomen, but his shoulder blades did touch the males chest. He hummed at Connors warmth. He tilted his head back and smiled up at Connor. It was sweet and happy. He brought at hand up and brushed his hand over the males cheek gently.

    He was still flushed but he didn’t mind. He kept his shirt off, since he was currently pressed against Connor. He wondered what the male was thinking about. He could feel Connors eyes on him and it felt great. He felt as if Connor didn’t mind. He would have to ask someone. He had someone in mind. But he wouldn’t ask until later. Maybe tomorrow would be better?

    He stroked the males cheek gently.

    ((It’s Alright!)

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  • Xavier had leaned into his touch again. Connor felt warm heat spread across his cheeks, he chewed gently on his lower lip as he continued the motion, wanting Xavier to be even more content. He liked hearing the other happy.

    "Unfortunately, there's a lot of people like that out there." Connor hummed, brows knitted together. He knew quite a few people that had a dislike of androids. Gavin Reed, for one. It had been incredibly humorous to see the look on the detective's face the day he returned to the DPD as an official employee. Incredibly humorous indeed. "There are always going to be those who object to an others' freedom."

    A content sigh left his mouth as Xavier pressed against him, his back against his abdomen. The other male was warm. He could feel the heat of his skin through his shirt. He returned a smile as Xavier looked up at him, happy. Compared to earlier, the smaller male seemed to have cheered up a lot. Whatever the reason why, Connor assumed it was because he was comfortable now, it was far nicer to see him this way. Connor decided Xavier's smile was one he wanted to see more often.

    He leaned against Xavier's palm as the other male stroked his cheek. It was almost like being petted, he wondered if this was how Sumo felt. No wonder the dog was so eager for attention all the time. A soft smile graced his lips and he looked down at Xavier, eyes warm.

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  • Xavier hummed. He continued to stroke the males face. He moved his hand over to the other males lip. He smiled.

    He turned around and he did press himself against Connor but his chest was pressed against the males abdomen. He hummed.

    His thumb stroked the males lower lip gently. He was very careful. He moved his hand away after a moment. He then pressed it to the males cheek. His thumb motioning in soothing in circles. He sighed.

    He then knew what he wanted to do. He then stood on his toes, and he pecked the males lips gently. His cheeks flushed.

    “I’m so very sorry for my feelings..”

    (It’s okay. Understandable )

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    I’m dying slowly on the inside because of you!

  • Connor blinked in surprise as Xavier stroked his thumb over his lower lip, his brows knitting together in mild confusion. He didn't object to the motion, not at all. But it was a bit of a step further from everything else. He was a little shocked.

    He raised an eyebrow as Xavier stopped, only to continue the motion on his cheek. It was soothing. He found himself subconsciously resting a hand on the other males back, just below his shoulder blades, almost an attempt to move him closer towards him.

    Then, Xavier kissed him. Connor's eyes widened instinctively, shocked, confused, LED spinning yellow in attempt to analyse his current feelings. He didn't understand them. He didn't understand why he wanted to do that again. "Xavier..." He was at a loss for words, emotional confusion spreading through him like wild fire. He didn't know what to do, or say. This was so new, so overwhelming.

  • “I’m sorry...” He said softly. He did press closer. He didn’t know why he did that. He then laid his forehead on the males chest. He didn’t understand.

    Ha look what you’ve done. You disgust me and now you disgust him. Stop being such a FAILURE. You couldn’t stop yourself. You don’t deserve him. You don’t deserve anything.

    Xavier let out a small sigh. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. This was a bad idea. It was. He knew he would have a 10% chance of this not working. It seemed low but it was high. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what to say. He wanted to do it again, but he knew he shouldn’t.

    “Connor....I know what I did was wrong...Well it felt that way...But I don’t know why I feel this way. I want to do it again....With your permission this time...Can I kiss you again..?” He said softly. He looked up at the male. His eyes glossy, because they were filled with tears.

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    I’m dying slowly on the inside because of you!

  • "You don't need to be sorry," Connor replied, voice quiet. He could feel Xavier now pressing against him, stirring more of those confusing feelings that continued to bubble up inside him. He looked down at the other male, gaze soft. "You didn't do anything wrong."

    "It wasn't wrong, Xavier," He reassured. He'd seen humans do things like that all the time, it was normal for them. Why couldn't it be normal for androids too? Sure, he didn't really understand the emotions he was feeling. But he knew they weren't wrong. He averted his gaze momentarily as Xavier asked if he could kiss him again, his LED a brief yellow as he thoughts, coming back to look at the other in a matter of seconds. "Yes. I'd like that."

  • “That’s if you want to..” Xavier said. He didn’t understand. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea. He could tell Connor didn’t know either. But to Xavier it looked like rejection.

    He pulled away a little bit. He looked away, he felt ashamed. He started to understand what the voices were saying and he believed it. It made sense because this wasn’t good. This wasn’t. Why did he believe he had this chance. He knew it was to soon. So why.

    He averted his gaze more. He was still close not wanting to step away from the male, because he didn’t want to move away. But he didn’t want to stay as close anymore. He was really weighing his options. Not knowing what to choose anymore. He didn’t understand this. He felt like Connor was lying about him doing the kiss again.

    His gaze found nothing except for the floor. Which was now illuminated with the sunlight. He shook his head gently. “I do have something to be sorry for. I shouldn’t have done that. It was too soon, and also I shouldn’t be here either.” He said softly. He didn’t look at Connor or anything.

    His hair covering his face. His LED

    did glow against the couch and it was yellow. It was now no longer it’s calm blue. It seemed he was no longer happy. More in this glum mood.

    He was about to fully pull away, but something stopped him.

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    I’m dying slowly on the inside because of you!

  • Connor gave a nod, chewing on his lower lip. He wanted to kiss Xavier again. Although shocking, the experience had been wholly pleasant. He'd enjoyed it.

    He looked to the other, noting the hesitation and discomfort. He probably felt insecure. Connor didn't blame him, the experience was new after all. "It's okay. I'm not upset, or angry with you." He spoke, voice gentle, somewhat saddened by seeing Xavier upset. "No just need time to process what I'm feeling."

    His expression dropped as Xavier seemed to grow more upset. He hated seeing the other like that, hated hearing him talk down about himself. His expression flickered, a brief slither of anger. He wasn't going to let Xavier say those things.

    He pulled the other toward him, eyes firey. He didn't really know what he was doing, but he didn't care. He just wanted to prove Xavier wrong. Once Xavier was against him, Connor felt his confidence flicker, a brief moment of hesitation. Was he going to make things worse by doing this?

    He shook the thoughts off, bent down. He captured Xavier's lips in a soft kiss. Hopefully this would show that the smaller male meant something to him.

  • Xavier was shocked. He wrapped his arms around the males shoulders. He kissed back. He didn’t know what he was doing. He gave off a loud whine noise. He huffed gently.

    “Connor...” He gasped gently. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want it to end though. He buried his hands in the males hair. It wa gentle and soft. He moved closer.

    He felt this warm sensation all over his body. He hummed and he kissed the male slowly. It was somewhat strange, as he has little experience with this. He didn’t know what to do.

    “Connor...please...” Xavier whispered. It was soft, gentle, and unsure. He didn’t know what he was doing. And he didn’t want to feel as if he forced Connor to do this. It actually felt really good. His LED blue. As he calmed down slightly. But he continued to kiss the male.

    His hands brushing through Connors hair. He decided to take a risk as Connor took his apparently.

    “Connor...I want more..”

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    I’m dying slowly on the inside because of you!

  • This was nice. Better than nice, actually. Connor didn't want it to ever end. It was far better than anything he'd ever experienced. He didn't know what the warm feeling rapidly spreading through his body was, he didn't care at present moment. He just wanted to savour what was happening, and never let Xavier go.

    He whined softly at the feeling of Xavier's hands running through his hair. RA9 that was a nice feeling. No wonder Sumo loved being petted so much. It felt great. He pulled away briefly, staring down into Xavier's eyes, gaze slightly unsure. Xavier seemed to be enjoying what they were doing as much as he did, but he didn't know, he just didn't want the other male to feel as if he were coming off as too much. He didn't want to upset him.

    "More?" Connor repeated the phrase, mildly puzzled. He had a vague idea on what he meant by that. But even so, it was something that he knew very little about.

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  • Xavier didn’t realize what he was saying. He then moved and he hugged the male gently. He pressed his head to the males chest. He didn’t want to force it.

    “Yes I want more, but it shouldn’t matter what I want...” He said gently. He wasn’t finished with what he said. “You might be very unsure, I understand. But just know your not forcing it. Because I want you to do this....I-i-i want it...” He said gently.

    He couldn’t look Connor in the face. Feeling completely ashamed. His body warm. And many new feelings. Desire. WanT. Arousal. Xavier has never felt those and he wanted to feel them more. But he felt like he already forced to much.

    He eventually looked up at the male. He was biting his lip, in a intoxicating way. But it was also nervousness. He didn’t want to force Connor to do this. He really didn’t.

    He knew the puzzlement of more. He knew. “More can be many things. But I want more, but it’s up to you if you want to do that with me.” He said gently. He didn’t know what he was doing. He moved and he got closer to Connors ear. He nibbles it gently.

    He whispered. “I want to have sex with you..” He said almost needily.

    ((It’s alright.)

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    I’m dying slowly on the inside because of you!