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    Rp: Not yet!

    Leader (1/1)

    - Blade {named after original}

    Leader Mate (1/1)

    - Annie

    Successor (1/1)

    - Louis

    Concubines (4) -may add more

    - Daisy




    Pack Members (unlimited)

    - Jay

    - Amber

    - Fae

    - Cherry Blossom

    - Demon

    - Abandon

    - Azreal

    - Aries

    - Sin

    - Andreas

    - Draco

    - Copper




    Apprentices (unlimited)

    - Red



    Mothers (unlimited)

    - Mamas




    Pups (unlimited)

    - Kay




    Loners (unlimited)

    - Jax

    - Minnie

    - Estonia

    - Stella




    Group Plots




    Character Plots

    - Louis falls for a female that he used to be friends with as a pup, he’s confused about love? (@me, @open)

    - Louis chooses four females to carry his pups but one of them is favored? (@me, @open, @open, @open, @open)

    - Amber falls for someone that her brother, Jay doesn’t approve of (@me, @open)

    - Faye is crushing on Aries (@me, Camsten )




    My Babes



  • kisspng-cane-corso-great-dane-labrador-retriever-dog-breed-pitbull-5ac3994deeaec0.0246445315227682059777.jpg





    Breed: Great Dane,pitbull, Labrador retriever mix


    Wanted Rank:content

    Personality Traits:calm, obedient, looks scary but actually is very kind and gentle, doesn’t like to bring harm where it’s not required, tries to use reason to defuse tense situations, strong sense of morals, honest, trustworthy, good with pups, fearless.


    in the future possibly Stella/tbd/wants he likes kids

    Plot Ideas:








    Age:4yrsold old

    Breed: Rottweiler, yellow lab, Shepherd mix


    Wanted Rank:content

    Personality Traits:strong willed, playful, flirtatious, easy to talk to, protective, fearless, intelligent, enjoys teasing others, has a empathetic side, one of the guys.

    Crush/Mate/Pups: tbd(open to plot)/tbd/none yet

    Plot Ideas:

    Open to plot



  • Demon is open for plotting he’s a bit scary though. But maybe someone can open his broody heart.

    He’s the thicker furred one.

    Abandon is also open he’s more flirty and caring. So he’d be more of a protective type.

    She’s the sleeker furred one.

    Azrael is more mature and a caring type. She’s really kind and outgoing. She could possibly be Louis’s childhood friend who he falls for?

    Cherry blossom is very shy and quiet. She’s more soft spoken then any other and is afraid to get in the way.

  • Plot: Open, maybe she gets sick? Which causes mayhem or something? And she is really close with her son Louis, and it hurts him the most.

    Plot: Open, maybe he can find the female to tame calm his aggressive and rude heart.?

    Plot: Open, maybe her and Louis could be good friends? Like since they were pups? Of course she is secretly head of paws for him, but is scared to tell him? Maybe? Lol Jaybird

    Plot: Open, He is young but we could plot anything

    Plot: Open, kind of want him to fall for another male? But he thinks somethings wrong him? Idk but honestly open to anything

    plot: open does need RPers for her pups! Let me know

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  • ~Dusty~ Andy could be a decent match for Draco she’s strong headed and don’t back down so they could have one of those heated relationships where the pair seem to smash heads all the time but in truth deeply love each other despite driving each other up a wall here and there. Considering his personality she would make the first move.

    I am thinking they’d be something like this song here. I will warn the lyrics aren’t the clean version

  • ToxicSoldier1996 I love that song, it always makes me think to the joker and Harley Quinn. I could see Andreas running each other up the wall. Like a back and forth relationship kinda thing.

    Jaybird anything could happen in Roleplay. But with Annie I think her passing could change Louis’ heart or something? Is personality would most likely become harsh, and maybe him and his father have a rift divide them. This could also cause a big fight and the pack could divide or something?

    ~Death leaves a pain that nobody can heal, but the love leaves a memory nobody can steal ~

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  • ~Dusty~

    That’s what I was thinking he’s kind of hard boiled and cold with a rude attitude and she’s sarcastic and flirtatious enough to look past it and leave a mark where it counts. So yeah kinda joker and Harlequin like but minus a lot of the abuse 😅 difficult and some people don’t get it but they do and that’s all that matters as again at the end of the day they would go to h*ll and back for each other. And if one ever lost the other the world would pay a heavy price.

  • I might make a couple more characters, so plots for these guys are WIPs right now.



  • track will post soon (srry for inactivity college hw and adulting sucks )

    Carmen Sandiego Returns at last...Will you join her or the sides against her??

    Carmen Sandiego Returns ~ Sign ups ~ Open to all

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