fading away / death

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  • /eee i just don't have muse for this girl anymore:( basically i'm just making my other character silvertongue kill her

    daisyfrost often found herself walking alone, thinking, reflecting. she noticed that she was reverting back to her old reclusive ways. she couldn't honestly say she knew anything about what was happening in the clan, or that she knew half the members. it was all so exhausting, this constant game of catch up. and she wasn't even a player in the game, just a spectator on the sidelines of whatever drama happened to unfold. with no connections to keep her close, the cream she-cat slowly drifted further and further away.

    she was walking close to the border when she saw a stranger, a massive silver tom with gleaming yellow eyes. she felt her heartbeat in her throat as she contemplated running, but she found herself glued in place. "can i help you?"

    "you look pitiful," the tom meowed, silvered voice sending chills down her spine. daisyfrost opened her mouth to respond, but he was quicker. "lonely? feeling...i don't know, purposeless? i recognize those eyes."

    her frosty gaze met his for a moment. oh, she didn't like this, the way he read her like a book, the way he could melt her ice without thawing any of his own. "perhaps...what's it to you?" she snapped, voice wavering.

    "you have the eyes of a cat who's given up on living, and that makes me sad. i could help you."

    was he serious? all daisyfrost's instincts told her nothing good could come from hanging out with this guy. but his offer, his soothing voice... standing in front of him was like standing at the edge of a cliff; she was scared of falling but all she wanted to do was jump. one step forward, and the tom had her pinned down, claws at her throat. daisyfrost screamed. "stop it! get off me!"

    the tom did no such thing, only smirked as she struggled underneath him. "there, you're alive again. funny, cats like you always think they want to die until they're actually faced with death. and the fullness of life in your eyes when it's just about to be stripped from you--" a quick movement of his claws slashed her throat open "--is simply sublime."

    silvertongue watched the light fade from the she-cat's eyes and his expression returned to that of apathy. his tail twitched; the highs from this were getting shorter. he was ever so bored, and even contemplated to stay here for a while to see this cat's companion's reactions. but if she was as abject as she looked, perhaps no one would even care. shrugging to himself, the maine coon started to walk away, not bothering to hide the evidence of the crime.

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  • OOC: Orchardpaw just gave birth so wouldn't be out on the territory, but I just wanted to say it's sad to see you go! I hope you have fun wherever you go. :)

  • //gonna reply tomorrow <3 <3 ily daisy

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  • Minnowstar is the first to come across Daisyfrost. Blood. Fur. Lack of life. Minnowstar's breath leaves her body as quickly as it had left Daisyfrosts'-at least, she hopes this attack was quick. No. The leader couldn't believe it. Who would kill such a good cat?

    Any scents remaining gave Minnowstar no answers, and so she simply touches her nose to the warriors' shoulder. It was already cold, her scent mingling with death and a musky scent. Daisyfrost was reclusive in recent time, and yet Minnowstar knew she was a magnificent contribution to SkyClan. StarClan will honor this cat, whose life was taken away without permission nor invitation.

    She will have to get Daisyfrost back to camp, and begin a suitable funeral for the cat. But for now, Minnowstar just lets out a sad sigh.

    "I'm sorry, my friend."

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  • noEM9q7.gif Her mentor and friend had never been around that often. It had been great when Rainpaw was hiding her pregnancy but sucked when she actually wanted to train. The grey apprentice would try to connect with them more. But it never seem to be the right time or place. Now, she stood beside the leader and looked at their blood soaked fur. Her blue eye filled with sorrow as Daisyfrost would never see her become a warrior now. Rainpaw promises herself to get revenge but doesn't say anything out loud. "My Starclan light your path." .

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