Her lips on your neck, I can't unsee it {Orchardpaw is kitting! Open}

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  • Orchardpaw was in hard core nesting mode. Nothing felt right at all. She kept pacing back and forth, readjusting herself, readjusting the nest, fluffing it up. Nothing was good. Nothing was good at all. Deciding to clear her head, the female hauled her pregnant self to her paws and started to walk outside of camp. It was in the middle of the day - unusual as most queens seemed to kit at night in her short lifetime. But what did she know? This was her first litter and there hadn't been many queens around her. Flattening her ears to her skull, the she-cat began to pant. These were obvious signs to a practiced female, but Orchardpaw had no idea she was about to kit until a sharp pain came to her stomach. Gasping, she drew in a sharp breath.

    Turning, she hobbled her way back to camp - thankfully she wasn't far. She gave a low groan, peeking her head into the medicine cat den. "Brookpaw? Wheatbloom? Glacewing? Stonepeak?" the apprentice felt herself calling her mentor's name otu of instinct. She had a feeling that Glace did not want to be present for this, considering the rage she felt for her apprentice. But Orchardpaw was desperate and scared. She felt tiny, as if she wasn't going to be able to do it. After calling for these kits, she limped her way back over to her nest in the nursery, settling down.

    It didn't take long for the kits to come. There were two, but Orchardpaw was dizzy. She had lost some blood, though nothing life threatening, and she leaned back in her nest. She couldn't focus long enough to clean the teeny babies off. She needed some help, though she wasn't gonna die, she could possibly get infected if she didn't receive help. She closed her eyes, taking in low breathes.

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  • Glacewing wasn't sure what to think. On one paw, she was frustrated with her apprentice. How could she have been so foolish as to break the Warrior Code? Didn't she care about her warrior training? Or was she planning to give it all up to become a queen? Through her whole kithood, Orchardpaw had been so driven and focused, promising to be a dedicated warrior SkyClan would be proud of. So, how had this happened? What had driven the pale she-cat to be so weak? But that's where Glacewing stopped feeling angry towards her apprentice, and instead loathing herself. Had it, instead, been the mentor's fault? Had she not given Orchardpaw enough of her time? Been neglecting her for deputy duties? Perhaps she hadn't been as encouraging or the perfect match for her... Where had she failed her previously-ideal apprentice?

    Exhaling hopelessly into the afternoon wind, her gray face turned upwards to stare at the clouds. Despite everything, of course she still felt fond of Orchardpaw. The girl was her apprentice; how could she not care for her? It was similar to her feelings about Moonpaw. No matter what fault he committed, Glacewing would love him unconditionally. A queen had a bond with her kits, the same way a mentor bonded with their apprentice. Truthfully, the two scenarios were not much different. In fact, she even felt tempted to visit the nursery that afternoon, see if she needed anything.

    StarClan seemed to be listening to her thoughts, for not long after thinking that, a howl for aid echoed from the nursery. Orchardpaw. Recognizing the cat's distressed tone, the wounded she-cat speedily limped and pulled herself towards the place where queens rested, breaking through the door with extended pupils. At her arrival, it became obvious what was occurring: The kits were coming. Not a medicine cat, she fidgeted anxiously, not able to offer much apart from encouraging words and the promise of children once it was all over. Thankfully, it was a short birthing, only two kits due to Orchardpaw's youthful age. Once they were brought into the world, under-sized and mewing desperately for food, she fell silent. They were healthy, though small. That had to be a sign these kits were meant to be. StarClan wouldn't have allowed them to live if they truly were against this litter.

    Those thoughts in mind, Glacewing swallowed her stubborn nature, shifting forward to sniff one of the closer kits, even nudging them closer to their new mother. "You did well. They're a bit tiny, but strong. I'm sure Wheatbloom will be able to keep an eye on them," rumbled the feline quietly, feeling as though voices shouldn't rise above a normal speaking tone with newborns present. Was that a maternal thing? Or simply a new-kits thing? She didn't know.

  • brookpaw, six moons

    Brookpaw had come sprinting after Orchardpaw the moment she heard the she-cat call for her and been hit with the scent. She had experience from what happened with Rainpaw, though none of the others knew about it. Regardless, it was with that practice Brookpaw was able to help Orchardpaw deliver her kits, the grey furred apprentice nipping the kits free from their kitting sacs and easily warming up their wet fur. Nudging them towards their mother, Brookpaw then turned her attention to Brookpaw, a little worried by the blood, but thankful that it was far from life threatening.

    "You did well, and the kits are all healthy. I've brought some borage to help with your milk, but for now you should just rest mostly."

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  • Kittings. Brookpaw seemed more content to get her paws dirty than he did, but he fought the impulse to run, grimacing as the new kits mewled and toddled about the dark den and licking them clean, gently pushing them back to their mother, weaving over and around the swarm of cats that had entered the old twoleg den to fetch herbs, a stray stick for Orchardpaw to bite down on, bite here Orchardpaw, wincing at every breath. Gross. Gross. It was his job, but gross. Gross.

  • brookpaw, six moons

    Brookpaw could sense the whole time that Wheatbloom seemed far beyond comfortable with handling kitting, so she was grateful that Orchardpaw was not her first experience. Thinking of Rainpaw and the kits she had sent off to be with Flick, something in Brookpaw ached slightly. She wished that her friend had been able to keep the little ones, had been honest about being pregnant with the rest of the Clan at least. But it was not a secret that Brookpaw could share, because it wasn't her's.

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  • Orchardpaw watched as the cats bustled around her and her new kittens. Usually a mother would be anxious and protective of the new kittens, but these were her Clan mates. She was trusting of them - had even called for them to help her. After she regained a bit of energy, she helped clean the kittens off. Then she nudged them to her belly, closer and closer until they finally found her milk source. They latched on, suckling eagerly. They were strong. "Thank you..." she murmured, though it was unclear if she was speaking to any cat here oror not.

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    The deaf tom wouldn’t hear any calls, but the rustling of air against his fur and the vibrations in the ground of pawsteps awoke him. Tattered useless ears pricked up, wondering what was going on as the tom stretched, claws digging into the ground momentarily before padding towards where it seemed everyone was gathering. The scent of Orchardpaw and blood hit him first, and he momentarily panicked, aiming to shove through the crowd, skidding to a halt as he gazed down at the nest. The tom sniffs briefly at the two kits with a loud purr emitting from his throat.

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    Orchardpaw blinked up at the racing form of her father. Breaking out into a purr, she leaned forward to rub her cheek against his in a greeting. Then she allowed her gaze to drop to the kittens, a slow smile curling her lips. She was a mother now...would she be half as good as her parents? Would she be able to do this? Her face screwed up in anxiety, though not many would realize it unless they were looking for it.

  • brookpaw // medicine cat apprentice

    Crouching beside the new mother, Brookpaw gently nudged Orchardpaw's shoulder with her nose. The little chartreux noticed the same slight expression on the she-cat's face that she had seen briefly on Rainpaw's before her kits disappeared. Anxiety. She had to distract and reassure the new mother all at once.

    "Orchardpaw? I brought you some more herbs, and you don't have to worry about the kits right now. Just rest, and they'll be safe. You'll all be fine, and you'll be great with them." Brookpaw kept her voice soft and soothing, trying to convey her reassurance through easy countenance.

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  • Barkscar had been hunting all night, therefor his sleep was deep and sound during the day. His ear flicking as an annoying fly desired to land repeatedly much to his agitation. Eventually, the audacious tom lashed out with a heavy white paw dramatically, subconsciously groaning as to keep from opening his eyes. The shrill sound of a molly in distress broke the even air, it reverberated in his ears causing his hellish olive hues to break the surface groggily, a glossy film coating his eyes before he blinked it away to adjust to the apprentice causing all the ruckus. Following her form as she made for the nursery. Barkscar narrowed his eyes as she dissappeared into the shadows a crowd forming around the entrance.

    "great. more brats" he grumbled, his eyes dipping toward the deaf warrior that broke through the crowd. ‘filthy-blood brats’ he narrowed his eyes further and looked away from the scene. Though he didn’t very much like children, the idea of new personalities in the camp intrigued him, quietly of course. He would always be the ‘grump in the tree’