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  • ❁⊹˚* — THE SANCTUARY — *˚⊹❁

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    the sanctuary was formed when phantomclan, led by threefold, and sylvanclan, led by annabelle, ran into each other while both groups were in search of a new home. they came across a piece of desolate land that promised prosperity at the same time, and things threatened to boil over quickly after. however, rather than fight and battle for who gets hold of the newly found soil, the two leaders and their respective deputies (fishbone, chicagocrimes, and kyola) agreed to meet under the largest tree, a willow posessed by spirits with wisteria clinging to its midriff, that was centered in the heart of the territory. there, they peacefully discussed and accepted the idea of merging into a sole group, signifying the sanctuary's birth.

    threefold and annabelle led the sanctuary peacefully, but humbly; not many people learned about the sanctuary until threefold stepped down and anna appointed chicagocrimes in his place.

    it was chica who established "the revival" part of the sanctuary's religion, and it was her anti-clan point of view that sparked the war between the sanctuary and stormclan, as well as the war between the sanctuary and the blackheart rogues, both of which were won by the sanctuary though did leave bitterness behind. eventually chica was poisoned and proved to be too weak to lead any longer. shortly after, the co-leader and chicagocrimes's wife, annabelle, went missing, resulting in the sole deputy, luciferus, to step up as leader.

    luciferus changed his name to betrayal and moved the sanctuary into a radioactive, apocalyptic city when the old territory was destroyed. despite how others thought disdainfully of him and claimed he was not fit to be a leader, he proved to be a damn good one; he chased the end game out of graveclan's territory, he helped the volary flights during a famine, and he attempted to save the alliance between the sanctuary and radicalclan (a pro-female group that did not favor the male species in the least bit). despite all of this, betrayal left the sanctuary without a word to anyone, and a child, apple, rose in his place.

    apple changed the name of the ranks in the sanctuary (seraphim to shepherd, cherubim to nymph/newt, throne to harbinger, archangel to reaper and honor, and angel to acolyte) and moved the group back to sylvanclan's old territory, a village shrouded in woodland. they ended the wars chicagocrimes had started and established alliances with several other well-respected forces. under their care, the group had flourished and everything was better than it ever had been for the once little group. however, apple's leadership ended rather swiftly after they were seriously injured and then it was iris's time to shine.

    iris led for a short while before getting demoted by her successor, lucien.

    lucien had revamped previous traditions set out by members, both new and old. it was during his reign that the sanctuary discovered wisps were able to imprint on the sanctuarians, forming closer bonds to those who lived there. things looked promising beneath him but leadership quickly wore out the medic and he left behind his duties for reyna and chicagocrimes, whom had since recovered from her illness, to attend to.

    shortly after the promotion, reyna vanished and chica took over fully. she encouraged ally activity and for a short time her group flourished beneath her. all seemed well until she randomly stepped down, her reasons never coming to light and promoted threefold who returned not long after she had in her place.

    he was there when the world merge happened and everything was thrown out of balance, although it was not but a blink of an eye before once more chicagocrimes stood at his side first deputy, then leader. she pulled the faltering group together once more, faced with a brief and sudden spat with the exiles and many more fights and arguments.

    dream was promoted by chica and led for a short while before disappearing. silverlanterns took over and for a short while, silverlanterns led with a fairly stable hand. the exiles kidnapped silverlanterns from her home and in retaliation, the sanctuary joined forces with the serein copse to bring her back. shortly after, the woman perished and it could be assumed that she died from the wounds the exiles inflicted on her. survivalinstinct reluctantly stepped up after the unfortunate death of their leader.

    val's reign

    when winterhymn disappeared, the sanctuary went without a shepherd for a few days until metallicskies stepped up, promoting chicagocrimes to nymph. his reign was short but the sanctuary surged in activity during this time. when he passed away and chicagocrimes declined the role, liquidgold and jailbreak stepped up.

    a ruiner named hebe kidnapped and sacrificed a child from the sanctuary and the new leaders took a patrol to the sanguine ruins to demand justice. it was decided that the murderer would not be allowed to walk on sanctuary lands and would be punished as an enemy of war if she ever did. the sanctuary discovered that the roots of the gaia dipped into cinnabar lake, rotting them slowly, and decided to observe for a short while to see if it posed any threat to the tree. at that point jailbreak chose to step down from his role, leaving liquidgold as the sole shepherd.

    chica and jade took their leave of the clan in pursuit of the loner life and search for winterhymn, leaving the sanctuary without a nymph for a short while.

    soon after chica and jade's departure from the clan, liquidgold was suddenly struck by an unknown yet crippling illness that made leading the sanctuary more difficult with each passing day. since they had not appointed another nymph/newt after chicagocrimes, they privately spoke to the clan's only harbringer, fireghost, to step up as shepherd in their place. once liquidgold stepped down, they disappeared from the public eye in order to recover their strength in privacy and peace.

    while peace still reigned over the sanctuary, trouble was beginning to brew on the horizon. deaths seemed to plague the clan, albeit unrelated to each other, were of etherealkit's, rhapsody's, and dethronedking's. before dethronedking's death, he visited the sanguine ruins and secured a truce of peace (although temporary) while anticlans banded together in order to target proclans. not soon after the newt's death, fireghost encountered the living undead near the corrupted roots by cinnabar lake as the gaia's roots seemingly continued to deteriorate.

    things eventually settled down although the sheer amount of responsibilities involved with managing a clan did not slow down. fireghost was soon finding themself feeling very overwhelmed and while they didn't step down yet, they approached their harbinger of peace, dandelionfluff, to ask if she'd be willing to lead besides them. she accepted, which marks the beginning of the dire wolf's reign in the sanctuary besides fireghost. it was also around this time where both shepherds finally came together to fill the vacant deputy role that fireghost had been fearful to fill after dethronedking's death with the clan's rather recent harbinger of war, grave.

    after a while, however, fireghost stepped down to allow dandelionfluff to take over as the sole harbinger. overwhelmed with her responsibilities, dandelionfluff promoted roman to the harbinger of war role after a disasterous raid from the sanguine ruins. dandelionfluff called for the people of the sanctuary to band together and strike back, capturing several ruins members and stirring up old hostilities. realizing she had bitten off more than the sanctuary could chew, dandelionfluff agreed to allow herself to become a prisoner of the sanguine ruins in exchange for a temporary one month ceasefire.


    IN GENERAL the sanctuary is located in a lulling meadow of stretching flowers and sparkling lakes, a pleasant and aesthetic countryside dominating the east. it's ripe with vegetation and the soil is surprisingly decent for farming and gardening, little rows and patches of wild raspberries and strawberries emerging here and there among dandelions and poppies. rain is often and plentiful, the ground wet under foot and wind whips by now and again, carrying the whispers of the dead with it.

    THE GAIA stands tall in the heart of the eastern territory. it's a gargantuan and powerful tree of green-pink leaves with wisteria vines hugging its middle, the magic of the spirits and wisps inhabiting it and hiding in its branches keeping it thriving and lively even during the cruelest of winters. the sanctuarians bury both friends and enemies alike under the gaia's roots, though foes do not receive even a gravestone or proper burial upon death. surrounding the tree is a smaller camp of tents and such, given to those who fairy lights and lanterns are strung high up in the boughs of the trees— it's assumed that the energy of the phantoms are what gives off such electricity.

    then there's an opening in the gaia, a split to reveal the tree is hallowed out and extends on into a spiral staircase. this branches out into multiple pathways and unveils a complicated network of houses and gardens and all kinds of crevices that the sanctuarians reside along with their spectral family, safe and secure in the source of their religion— a festive villlage wounding into the inner flesh of the tree is at work here. where spirits only showed whispers of themselves on the net of the outside branches, they run wild within. wisps can be seen everywhere too, their multitudes of colors often streaking the innards of the tree walls, walls already well lit under the cluster of fairy lights and the jars of fireflies that are pinned up above.

    CINNABAR LAKE at first glance is a beautifully other-worldy lake of wine red. however, this pool holds promise to make those daring to drink from its waters horribly sick! it stands on the right of the gaia and is where most prisoners of war and treason are held, chained to the hard rock surrounding the pool and forced to deal with the elements. it's a smart and passive way of breaking their will should information be needed of them, forcing them to drink mildly poisoned and diseased waters to quench their thirst.

    LIMPID LAKE is the largest body of water amidst this meadow. it is icy-hot, pale and clear, a whispering veil of steam drifting from where its center boils and stretching across the grass— however, the top of the water is ghostly cold and clammy. the rip tides are lethal and promise to drown any who do not pay mind, a truth known to those who remain awake at night as all can hear the cries of the poor souls who lost their lives to these depths. thankfully the shallows are safer to wade in and drink from. snowy veined lizards and other little creatures reside in this pool, and are the ones responsible for keeping the lake from being a boiling mass of water and threatening the sanctuarians and wildlife further


    SHEPHERD | hp

    — the leader(s) of the group. they hold total control over the clan and can accept/deny war requests, invites and cetera.

    chrysantha ( played by arcane . )

    NYMPH/NEWT | hp
    — deputies, essentially, typically next in line to become leaders. they have authority to enforce the law and approve event ideas from members. they can also accept or deny invites from other clans, as well as lead raids.

    mischievouswonders ( played by phantasmagoria; )


    — assistant deputies with their jobs split into three. they can accept/deny invites. the harbinger of peace overlooks political stand points and makes sure that ambassadors do their job and interaction with allies is constant. the harbinger of war oversees the military and the reapers; they keep the sanctuary on their toes by setting up sparring practice, drills, boot camps, mock raids, and little tournaments. the harbinger of healing is the head medic; they and the honors host herb and poison sessions regularly, tend to the gardens, do monthly checkups and makes sure that the clan is kept in good health.

    name ( penned by name ) [ peace ]

    name ( played by name ) [ war ]

    name ( played by name ) [ healing ]

    HONORS | hp

    — a high position that is mainly there to support activity. they act as a mentor of sorts to the lower position, neophyte, and work as hosts, guards and medics for the clan. they are free to host events without permission.

    summersend ( played by icarus fell )

    kirishima ( played by DarkenedMemories )

    vermilion ( played by Nikoazure )

    kairi ( played by taylor . )

    NEOPHYTES | s/hp

    — a stepping stone in the ranks which is awarded to those who remain active and are most likely to be promoted further.

    name ( played by name )

    WORMS | *

    — a prisoner rank that anyone can be demoted to if they're not loyal to the sanctuary or put the group in danger. it's the lowest a person can go.


    AIONIOS | awarded to those who have been a constant in the sanctuary for a long while.


    CELEBRANT | awarded to inclusive and welcoming members who encourage community interaction.

    dandelionfluff, "dog", felix, grave, heavensdoor, chrysantha, soleil.

    FAE-TOUCHED | awarded to the clan's kindest members, gifted in the healing arts.

    adeline, mystictales.

    ORACLE | awarded to members who are spiritually inclined and adherent to the religion of the gaia.


    SPARTOI | awarded to war-inclined members who show fearless devotion to defending the sanctuary.

    chicagocrimes, fireghost, grave, roman, mischievouswonders.

    SPRITE | awarded to young and/or new members who show promise and potential.

    timekit, royalpaw, rosie, sakaris, eigengrau, kirishima, vermilion.

    ANCIENT | awarded to all past leaders of the sanctuary.

    threefold, annabelle, chicagocrimes, luciferius, apple, iris, lucien, reyna, dream(?), silverlanterns, winterhymn, metallicskies, jailbreak, liquidgold, fireghost, dandelionfluff, grave, heavensdoor.


    — THE GAIA

    a pact made with a group of friendly (if not mischievous) spirits that decreed the spectral beings would help the sanctuarians keep the ancient tree alive and the crops bountiful so long as their graves were honored yearly in many ways and forms. this quickly developed into a religion, and several festivals and parades have rose in its wake. most spirits live in a massive out-of-place willow tree that mysteriously sprouted in the midst of the territory; it is called the gaia, which translates to life. although this religion does not have to be practiced, it isn't uncommon for the shepherd and harbringer of healing to feel a unique and spiritual connection to the tree, and they usually have the ability to read the gaia's thoughts and feelings. if a leader doesn't have this bond between them and the spirits that possess the tree, it's considered a bad omen.


    a wisp will choose to imprint on members based on their personality and loyalty to the sanctuary. it is bad luck to be wispless, as sanctuarians view it as the spirits not accepting that character. however, it is frowned upon to outright shun clan mates based on being wispless or the color of their wisp. wisps imprint at apprentice age and up!

    when a child transitions into an apprentice, they place a painted paw on the tree's trunk, to show their loyalty to the sanctuary. they leave a small space so that when they become a warrior, they again do the ceremony, showing their growth as an individual. to award one's loyalty, the gaia will give that member a wisp in either ceremony; keep in mind that this is just the traditional sense one earns a wisp, as there's other ways members can incorporate themselves and gain a wisp. outsiders go through the same ceremony after a time where the shepherd feels they are loyal enough to place a paw print on the tree.


    the shepherd and harbringer of healing are suppose to be extremely connected to the gaia and the spirits that live here, therefore it's common for them to get messages from both sources. the group is considered cursed if the shepherd or harbringer of healing don't have an obvious connection to the gaia. this is connected to the snake eyes event, usually


    the harbringer of healing or an honor will lead a session on the spirits / wisps and tell people of the history of the sanctuary and it's treaty with them. this happens every two weeks, so two times in a month.

    — DEATH

    upon dying, members are buried in the cemetery beside the gaia, in hopes of giving all of the territory life.



    every two months, the sanctuary's community holds a ball in front of the gaia, setting up games and banquets before the tree, where in return the spirits that dwell within it begin to sing a chorus of melodies that members and their allies can dance to. wisps often appear on these occasions, parading around the gaia in a harmonious circle until the sun rises.


    an annual fall event where the dead and the living come closer than they are in any other season, the spirits stronger than before. night falls faster and faster until the sun never comes up and the paranormal are pulling the strings under a cherry red moon. with this comes both good and bad spirits, maintaining physical forms and bringing either the best of wishes or the worst of consequences.


    an annual winter event. limpid lake allegedly serves as a home to the dead lost to its currents and often times at night, people can hear pleas for help from the drowned. through the steam, one might even see the poor souls fighting the tide. to honor those who drowned in the lake, when the sun starts to set the sanctuary marches down to the lake with lanterns in hand. there, they light them and let them wander down the lake, towards its center where the waters then suck them down. it's a somber time, peaceful and sober compared.


    an annual summer event. more tba.


    an annual spring event. a series of booths are set up for the entirety of one month, like ring toss and paintball. gardening and cooking contests is what kicks it off, and a brief tournament marks the end of it. there will be two events per week between the sanctuary and it's allies, the tournament being the end goal.

    — THE HUNT

    an old religious tradition that involves capturing enemies and taking them to the gaia, where they would be executed [usually by decapitation] and then buried by the tree's roots. this was considered giving enemies a new life in which they'd come back as spirits and possess the gaia with the already respectfully deceased. just note that there is a difference between murder and sacrifice here in the sanctuary.


    love is a beautiful thing here, and it's traditional for the fiances to exchange rings and share their vows beneath the gaia, which will sprout a variety of colorful sentient flowers that whisper the vows of the newly weds. allies and relatives of the beloved couple can be involved, regardless of any clan.

    — TRIALS

    these are hosted at the base of the gaia for members who break the laws of the sanctuary and unrightfully disrespect their high positions. here, they are given a chance to plead their case and testify their innocence, their fate at the hands of the shepherds. normally, these are only held if the member has broken the laws continually, but exceptions can be made depending on the severity of the rule break.


    every two weeks something will befall the sanctuary, good or bad, and this can range from minor things to major things. it'll realistically affect the sanctuary's health and productions. (ie, animals attacking camp, twisters, floods, food missing, crops dying, restless spirits, etc). linked to prophecies.


    basically when the shepherd calls war on another group. members are encouraged to capture enemies and sacrifice them at the gaia's core, execution style. often goes in hand with the hunt.


    the sanctuary is an neutrally aligned clan. this means that they do not typically associate themselves with pro-clan or anti-clan values but can lean to either or.

    ❁ ALLIES

    * solaris kingdom

    * volary flights

    * the cartel [ protection pact ]

    * the thunderlands


    * any clan not listed


    * the exiles

    * sanguine ruins


    * all feralfront rules apply, obviously.

    * harming clanmates, allies, and neutrals is frowned upon, but enemies are fair game, especially if its open season.

    * shunning a clanmate based on wisp color or lack thereof will result in immediate punishment.

    * sexual molestation is not in any shape or form permitted, and will result in immediate exile or even death if committed.

    * respect and listen to the higher positions.

    * no high position is to abuse their power; that will lead to a temporary demotion; if they continue to abuse their power even after they've been warned they will be trialed and possibly risk being exiled.

    * the leader's word is law.

    * harming the gardens/crops and antagonizing the spirits will not be tolerated. they are to be protected and cared for.

    * touching the gaia with harmful intentions will result in extreme punishments, such as execution or exile.

    * treat joiners with the upmost kindness and respect you can unless they prove to be hostile.

    * IC rules can be broken, but bear in mind that they will come with IC consequences.

    — Q: CAN I JOIN?

    A: of course! simply post a joining thread, or jump right in as though you've been here all along. the ooc and ic community will make you feel at home!


    A: not immediately, no. high positions are earned OCly through inclusiveness and ICly through activity, participation, and overall contribution. if you can manage that, you are well on your way to promotion!


    A: if it's an in-character worry, simply post a thread requesting a high position. however, if you have a concern with something out of character, such as cliques, message a high position! we'll do what we can to fix it.


    A: if you don't see your question, feel free to ask a high position. we won't bite, don't worry.


    A: wisps are the remnants of spirits seen throughout the territory, colorful, and ball shaped. they can imprint on members via building a character bond ; they don't talk at all, and instead, show their emotions to their member. spirits are mostly around and in the tree and can be outlined as anything (ex, a dead feline, canine, etc). spirits can talk to the members.


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