The End of Our Story |private|

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  • “Okay. I’m sorry I keep asking, I just want to make sure that it is what you want to do.” Alexander explained. He just never wanted to do anything that the other male didn’t. He offered him a reassuring smile then.

  • “Okay. Do you want to head off to dinner now? I think we both could use a few drinks after that talk.” Alexander offered with a gentle chuckle. He carefully moved off of him. He gave him a gentle smile then. He wanted the both of them to be relaxed and happy once again. He just hoped they were making a good decision by moving.

  • Leslie pushed himself up after Alexander got off of him. "Yeah, we can go out now." He stretched for a moment before smoothing out his clothes. "Do you have everything you need?" He asked, just wanting to make sure before they did head out.

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  • Alexander pauses as he thought about it for a few moments before he nodded. “Yeah, I’m good. I am letting you pay for this meal though, since you did kind of insist on it.” He teased him softly. He moved to take his hand before he walked out with him. He seemed more relaxed.

  • "Alright, sounds good to me." Leslie didn't mind paying, and he had offered for a reason. He decided he'd drive them to the restaurant since he was the one who had looked it up originally and knew where it was.

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  • Alexander knew he had spent almost all of his own money on the trip. He knew Leslie deserved it though. He also knew the other was going to drive. He gladly got into the passenger side. “I’m really excited to try this place. It should be really good.” He commented. He had always liked seafood. Well, he liked any food.

  • Leslie reached over to take Alexander's hand as he drove. "I'm excited too. Though, if this place ends up bad, we'll know not to go there again." He pointed out, trying to find at least some positive if the situation didn't end up great.

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  • Alexander gladly took it and laced their fingers together. “Yep. I have a feeling that you picked a good place though. You always have a knack for it.” He commented. He gave him a big smile once he finished speaking.

  • "Hmm, sometimes. Wouldn't trust my judgement on everything." Leslie said with a small chuckle before finally parking the car once they got there. "Alright, lets go see how it is."

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  • “Hey, I always have a lot of faith in you. I know you have great instinct on choosing things as well.” Alexander praised the other as they pulled up the restaurant. He carefully got out once they were there, a smile on his face. “I’m excited.” He informed as he walked around to take his hand.

  • Leslie hummed in agreement and held gently only Alexander's hand until they were lead to a table. He only let go of Alexander's hand then so that they could view the menu. The place looked nice at least but he still didn't know how the food quality would be. "See anything you're interested in?" He asked.

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  • Alexander's eyes scanned over the menu for a good while before he decided. “I might get the scallops. What are you thinking of getting?” He asked curiously. His head was tilted a little bit and he gave him a light smile. He brought his gaze up to meet Leslie’s. He hoped this place was good.

  • Leslie put his menu down then. "Probably the salmon, but I might steal a few scallops." He promised with a small wink but he certainly wouldn't take any if Alexander wasn't up for sharing. "Anyways, I just hope it'll all be good."

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  • Alexander let out a soft laugh as he heard that, a grin on his face. “Feel free to. I won’t mind, honestly. The only condition I have is that I can try your salmon.” He commented. He really didn’t mind that Leslie wanted to steal some of his food. They did it all the time after all.

  • "You can take as much of my salmon as you want." Leslie promised before taking a small sip of his water. He really was enjoying their time away from the house, even if they'd had a few bumps since then. He was still strongly dealing with his own emotional responses to some of those bumps but he was trying his best.

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  • Alexander let out a very happy sigh as he listened to him speak. “You are too sweet.” He said simply. He was so grateful that they both had overcome the bumps in the road that they had experienced. He didn’t know what he would do if he ended up losing Leslie. He probably would just end things for good then.

  • Leslie just smiled before starting up some of their usual conversations, just to keep themselves busy until dinner would get there. He enjoyed this, really. Just something relaxing for the both of them. He wouldn't ever ask for much more than this.

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  • I’m just gonna skip ahead cx))

    Alexander enjoyed the rest of their weekend a whole lot. They had been home for a week already and had begun to search for new houses. They had just gotten home from the last house they were looking out. “That one seemed perfect. How do you feel about it?” He asked curiously. He had just gotten out of the car, holding some papers in his hands as he walked. A gust of wind struck, sending the papers flying from his hands. “Oh man. Let me go get those.” He said gently. He then rushed out to get them, looking both ways before he went into the road. A car came out of nowhere and slammed into him. It ended up sending Alexander flying, his head slamming into the ground as he landed. He stayed still then. It clearly had been done on purpose as the car sped off without stopping.

  • Leslie had been, well, anxious the entire time they checked out houses. He was about to let go of a place he'd been in for so long- his stomach twisting in the worst ways and leaving him to regret eating anything before checking out a place. His stomach still felt like that when they got home, but he hadn't been expecting to feel worse. He'd mostly heard the hit rather than saw it, but it was sickening. At first he hadn't truly even processed what happened. "Alexander?" He called out in mostly shock before running over to where the other lay. He wasn't able to recall what happened after that since everything went by so fast. He'd called an ambulance somewhere in his panicked state.

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