CHILDREN OF THE SCALE [Fantasy RP | Chat/Plot Thread]

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    Our story takes place long, long ago, back when times were teetering on the edge of peaceful and destructive. When people lived happily but in constant fear. No one knew of what, but the air was thick in a heavy suspense. If only they had listened to the prophecy of their old. Then maybe things would have turned out for the better.


    Hello! This is the Children of the Scales Plotting and Chat Thread. This is to figure out what we're doing in the rp, or for simply talking and enjoying others. If you're interested in the rp, the sign ups are down below. Enjoy!


    - All FF Rules apply.

    - Be kind to others. If you see someone not being included, please include them! If you have a problem with another member, please bring it to me.

    - Try to keep the conversation PG-13. This is just the chat, but I want everyone to feel welcome.

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    - Have fun and enjoy!


    The king is throwing a festival in honor of the Dragon Children and their dragons! They are currently all throughout the city, making their ways toward the castle. An onlookers are getting excited about the festival, and the fact that they get to see real dragons and their children of legend.


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  • So before this thread goes crazy, I'm going to go ahead and present how I'd like to start the rp and get your opinions.

    So King Galidon decided to throw a festival in honor of the Dragon Children and their dragons. It's mostly because some of the land still doubts their real, as there's never been a formal intro for them. So yeah, the Dragon Children all show up in Medietas Regno and that's where the story starts. The Elven characters, which there only seems to be one so far, also get word of the festival, so they can come in disguises, probably using magically enhanced clothing create illusions to cover their ears/extra appendages and to mask their true height.

  • I like the idea as well, it sounds like a good way to begin (although I will admit that I kind of wrote my history down in a way that made it sound like that Teighenth and Kevlamin hadn't quite met yet ^^' But it's fine, it's not a big rush ahead XD)

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  • I second Aliferous’s question. Or maybe just rephrase. How long have the dragons and children known each other? Is it like a ‘the Dragon showed up a month after birth’ situation or a ‘we could’ve me six years ago or six months ago’ situation?

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  • Yes, they should. The dragons, when the Child is born, suddenly feels this tug towards the Child that gets more painful everyday they are apart from them. They should have met soon after the child was born (at the most a month after).

  • If it makes you feel any better, PoisonGelatin , I had trouble too, so the histories for my characters is pretty basic. Granted, Vulas is an Elf so he's lived in the Sacred Forest his whole life with Qothoarrass, with maybe a few trips past the woods in disguise, but yeah. He just doesn't really have that special of a backstory, mostly because I'm honestly terrible at complex histories, and because I didn't feel it was necessary given the circumstances of the prophecy and everything. The festival held by King Galidon is going to be really the first time Vulas has seen the outside world, save for the rare few times he's actually gone outside of the Sacred Forest.

    With Qothoarrass, however, I'd imagine it's going to be a shock for everyone to see her, especially since some doubt the Dragon Children and their dragon's existence. I mean, she isn't really like any of the other dragons, except maybe the ghost dragon, but even then she's way different. With her backstory, it was really just a case of destiny- I mean, she'd been frozen, encased in her egg for 100,000 years before the birth of Vulas 16 years ago. Even as an unhatched dragon, she likely knew of her role in his life, because she's so intelligent. That, and she most likely even felt the pull as an unhatched baby, but it didn't really get painful until Vulas was finally born. It's sort of bittersweet with her, because she'd been forced to wait longingly for the day Vulas entered the world, and then travel hundreds of miles on foot just to find him in the Sacred Forest. I can't even imagine, poor girl. Can you tell I love this freaky gal already? pfft

    ooh boy excuse my ramblings haha

    also, I just finished The Dragon Prince's first season- I want more

    gimme more please

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  • Sorry, I should clarified that. :p

    My mom was like "Watch this" so I did and I fell in love. The actual little Dragon Prince is adorable and I need more of his baby babble. I actually have theory on the King if anyone wants to hear, though it's probably going to be wrong.

  • Oh gosh I know! The little dragon is precious <3 Aaahh do tell! I wanna hear your theory! :0

    Also, I'm thinking of adding a pet to Vulas' form. Probably something small that can sit on his shoulder, as that's convenient.

    ↠ 20 years old

    ↠ female

    ↠ aries

    ↠ norse pagan

    ↠ polytheist


    ↠ adventurer

    ↠ bookworm

  • So I have a theory that the king is actually alive, and that Viren put his soul in his bird. See, he took the snake into the room, fully intending to sacrifice himself, and then the king kind of blew up on him. Viren got made at being called a servant, and used the snake to put the king's soul in his bird. That's why Viren has the bird caged in the throne room. That's probably also why they had Ezran understand animals, so he knew it was his father if he ever escapes or they ever get back to the castle.