Alien (Private)

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  • Lily would purr if she could when Aeron gave her his praise. How sweet of him. “But if you lie I’ll never forgive you,” she warned, pointing a finger at Gryllus. She liked him, he was smooth and not so sticky like all the other bugs. When Aeron changed back she gave him a light smile, before taking in his features. “You okay?” She asked in a whisper.

    Akibo stayed like that until his breathing leveled out. He felt sick, and weak. Everyone was staring at him. This was aweful. He finally pushed himself up, rubbing the tears from his face, still shaking like a leaf but he shoved his hands in his pockets and followed the group.

  • Aeron nodded, but did not meet Lily’s gaze. He would have to tell her after they were all separated.

    Ruby fell back to the other side of Akibo. Hesitantly, she slipped her hand in his as they walked.

    When they arrived at the tree, Gryllus lead them to one of the upper floors to a hallway with rooms on each side.

    “You may pick any room you’d like!” He said to them.

    The Count followed beside Kendra as she walked to the room of her choice.

    “Saros had a little surprise planned for you after you were settled in,” He informed her.

    His tone of voice seemed rather curious, as though he wanted to know the juicy details, but knew it would be best not to pry.

    “He asked that you meet him on top of the tree. I can fly you there if you don’t want to walk up all of those stairs!”

    Astrid picked a room and plopped down on her bed. It would be weird having a room to herself for the first time in so long. She looked out the window at the buggy village down below. What a strange day today had been.

  • Lily eyed him curiously, but decided not to pry, leaning into him as they walked.

    Akibo took in a shakey breath when Ruby grabbed hold of his hand. He felt exhausted and embarrassed. He wanted to be over this shit. Him and Aeron were friends, they were together all the time and he never felt uneasy. Why did seeing him like that set him off? He was mad at himself, how stupid could he make himself look.

    He rubbed his free hand on his jaw and gave Ruby’s hand a tight squeeze, rubbing his thumb over her knuckles. “Im fine,” he muttered, free hand scratching through his hair. “I’m fine...”

    Kendra leaned in to hear Gryllus better, trying her best to hide her smile. A wave of calm washed over her. Saros was okay, he was safe. At his offer she hesitantly waved a dismissive hand. Whatever surprise Saros had for her she wanted to find it without someone standing over her shoulder. She just wanted to see Saros and that was it. “Thank you, but I should be fine, thanks for relaying the message.” She gave him a sweet smile before telling the rest of he group where she was off to and turned to the flight of stairs. After the first couple she let out a sigh. She shouldn’t have told Gryllus down.

  • Eric waited on the top of the tree where there was a 360 degree viewing platform. On the platform there were many tables, but only one was set up at the moment with a small candlelit dinner. String lights were hung up along the branches. The tree was so tall, that you could see some clouds down below. Eric leaned on the railing and looked out across the forest. He figured he would be waiting for a while, seeing as how Kendra was probably too proud to accept Gryllus’s offer. He chuckled inwardly. Hopefully the surprise would he worth the climb.

  • Kendra felt like she was climbing for hours. Her and her big dumb mouth. How tall was this sucker anyways? And did he have to pick the top floor? What was wrong with the fifth floor? Honestly what was the purpose of these stairs, anyone who needed to go up them just flied anyways.

    She finally reached the top, holding onto the railing as she pushed her bangs back and let out a puff of breath. “I have never, in my life, hated stairs more.” She muttered before she actually took in the view. Pretty lights were strung up and a single table set up for them. She put a hand to her mouth, eyes resting on Eric.

    It felt so good to see him, safe an sound. “Eric...” she said, voice small but so much warmth in it. She made her way to him, looking out over the railing and almost loosing her breath. “This is stunning!”

  • “I‘m glad you like it,” Eric said, then added with a grin, “I hope the stairs weren’t too unforgiving.”

    He walked over to the table and pulled a chair out for her before taking his own seat.

    “Come sit,” He offered. “Although not much time has passed, I’m sure we have a lot to catch up on.”

    Meanwhile, Ruby separated from the others briefly to pick a room. She had to admit, she liked the wooden look of everything. It just seemed so... cozy. Her tummy rumbled a little. Lunch hadn’t filled her too much, so now she was already hungry again. Perhaps she could walk back to the buffet... But before she could take initiative, there was a knock on her door.

    Astrid snuck in with a wide grin on her face.

    “What’s up, Ruby?” She snickered.

    Ruby gave her a look up and down.

    “Not much... You?”

    Without wasting any more time, Astrid pulled out a small jar filled with a clear liquid.

    “Look what I got!”

    She paused, but Ruby didn’t seem to be able to put two and two together.

    “It’s the mushroom water!”

    “Astrid,” Ruby sighed. “If you think I’m trying that then you-“

    Her jaw fell when Astrid placed a few drops on her tongue.


    “She said it makes you looney! She never said it kills you,” Astrid defended.

    “It probably does and she just didn’t tell us because she secretly wanted us to die,” Ruby snapped.

    She stood up and placed a hand over her forehead.

    “Oh God. I’m not a nurse... Uh- Do you know how to make yourself throw up?”

  • Kendra have Eric a flat stare when he mentioned the stairs. Though she quickly gave him a smile, following him to the table and gratiously taking a seat. This was so cute, Eric putting this all on for her and making it so sweet. She hummed slightly at the mention of having a lot to talk about. “Yeah, a group attacked us when we were in the gardens,” she muttered almost sheepishly.

    Akibo, wrapped in his blankets in his room, let out a groan. He didnt want to be alone right now, it made him feel nervous. Maybe Ruby would be down to go find some snacks. He peeled himself from his bed and headed to Ruby’s room, knocking hesitantly on the door. “Ruby? You want some snacks? Fruit for dinner isnt the most satisfying.”

  • Eric almost choked on the food he had just put in his mouth, but he was quick to grab a glass of water.

    “You WHAT?”

    Ruby swung the door open and pulled Akibo inside.


  • Kendra shrunk back a bit at his reaction, she wasnt sure why, it was am appropriate reaction. She was quick to explain. “Lumina left us in the gardens and then four others showed up with swords, they wanted to end us for what we did to the queen. I think Lily hit one with a book and we all had to change but no one was hurt,” she added quickly, letting out a deflated sigh and leaning back in her chair, tucking some hair behind her ear. “Im sorry... we- I didn’t mean to cause trouble. I was worried it was big planned thing, I was worried they were teying to get to you too.”

    Akibo blinked and suddenly his heart was racing. “Well i dont know what to do!” He looked around frantically, putting his hands to Astrids face. “Fuck- um! Are you hot? Shoukd we get Gryllus?”

  • “Oh I’m hot all right,” Astrid grinned.

    She licked her fingertip and made a sizzling sound as she poked her butt, then proceeded to laugh way too hard.

    “Wow I feel GREAT all of a sudden! And everything is so colorful!”

    She picked a flower out of its vase and held it an inch away from Akibo’s face.


    Ruby bit her nails nervously, though she had to admit it was a little bit funny.

    “Maybe you should sit down,” She suggested.

    “Sit down? No way!” Astrid refused. “I want to go out and see the world!”

    She tossed the flower over her shoulder and headed for the door.

    Eric slapped a palm to his forehead.

    “I’m so sorry,” He sighed. “But I’m glad you’re all alright... Did you at least get to enjoy the tour for a little bit?”

  • Kendra waved a dismissive hand. It wasn’t much of a problem, she supposed, everyone lived so. At his question she leaned forward, taking a bite of her food and nodding quickly. “Yes! The gardens were beautiful, Lily was going insane,” she giggled. She eyed him curiously. “So? How did everything go with you?”

    Akibo blinked when a flower was put in his face. He nodded slowly, pushing it to the side. Though when she started for the door he was quick to stand in front it, blocking her exit. “Maybe we should stay in here? Just a party with us three?”

  • “You guys are no fun!” Astrid pouted.

    She folded her arms angrily and sat in front of the wall. Over time, her annoyed expression turned to awe as the wooden pattern on the wall began to move.

    Ruby chuckled and gave Akibo a shrug. At least she would be entertained for the time being. Now all they had to do was wait for the effects to wear off.

    “So... What was it you wanted? Snacks?”

    Eric scratched the back of his head.

    “Well... Everyone decided that we should vote on a new ruler, seeing as how the queen didn’t have anyone lined up. The top two choices were Gryllus... and myself.”

    He glanced up from his food innocently, waiting for her reaction.

  • Akibo watched Astrid hesitantly, nodding to Ruby. “Yeah, I could really go for a slim jim but I dont think theyll have that here,” he gave her a smile before looking at Astrid one last time. “Should we leave her alone? I’ll make Riku babysit,”

    Kendra nodded, she was sure that would be the sensible thing to do. She took a sip of her water, and when he memtioned Gryllus she nodded. He seemed like a good choice from the little she knew of him. But her eyes got big when Eric mentioned himself being the second choice. She hit the table with excitement, smile growing. “Really? That’s great!” She hesitated, eyeing him. “Is that something you want?”

  • “Oh, good idea!” Ruby grinned.

    She waited for Aki to grab his brother before heading with him outside the tree. When they exited, she looked around the clearing.

    “I think they’re all vegetarians here though. Unless...”

    Her eyes caught sight of a spider selling an assortment of meat, though it didn’t seem like business was booming. The arachnid sat with a bored expression on its face and idly tapped the counter top.

    “It looks like we could find meat on a stick over there,” She told Akibo. “Isn’t that what you wanted earlier?”

    Eric chuckled at her excitement, but his expression quickly fell. He stared into his meal thoughtfully.

    “Well... There is a lot I would like to change around here, but I don’t know how receptive everyone else will be. It’s also a lot of responsibility on top of me being on this mission, but the others didn’t seem to concerned about that... Honestly, I think it would make more sense to choose Count Gryllus since he already has power over the commoners and some of the land. I’m just a royal knight.”

    He shrugged at that last statement, looking rather disheartened.

    “I don’t know if I have what it takes, but the a lot of the higher ups seem to respect me and think that since I slayed the queen, with all of your help of course, that it seems fitting I take her place.”

  • Akibo nodded, taking Ruby to Riku’s room and simply opening it up. “Astrid drank the poison water and now she’s in Ruby’s room trippin out but we’re hungry so you got to go babysit,” Akibo said quickly, dragging his brother to Ruby’s room.

    “W-what!? Why do I have to watch her?” Ri protested though he was practically walking himself to the room.

    Aki stopped to look at him like he was dumb, and after a minute Riku’s face turned pink and he would no longer make eye contact. “Whatever, I’ll make sure she’s okay,” he muttered, opening the door when the two walked away. He blinked at the girl sitting on the floor. “Astrid? Are you alright?”

    Akibo glanced at the spider and did a little excited dance. “I mean im sure thats the closest thing to a slim jim im gonna get,” he started on his walk there before looking at Ruby. “We dont have alien money, you think they take USD?”

    Kendra tilted her head when Eric explained his concerns. And they were all valid points. Would his people take to a king that was planning on leaving in a couple days? Though she gave him a reassuring smile and reached out to put a hand on his own.

    “I think you’ve got what it takes, I understand the feeling though. I was born into this position and today I sometimes feel like I’m not what my people need. But I think that makes a good leader in a sense. When youre doing your best but still think it’s not enough and are ready to make yourself better, i think that just proves how much you care... I think what makes a good ruler, is someone who can listen and understand, who will do whatever is in their power to do better for their people... and i think you fit that.” she smiled a little bigger, eyes wondering about the room. “I think you’ll do a great job, everyone knows who you are, and I think a lot of people are ready for some big changes... I think you’d make an excellent king, Saros...” she gave him a giggle. “Though I might be a bit biased.”

  • Eric glanced back at her and smiled sheepishly. She did bring up good points as well, but he just wished he was more sure of himself.

    “Thank you,” He said, then paused for a moment. “It feels weird hearing you say my real name.”

    The alien chuckled before shoving a forkful of salad into his mouth.

    “I wonder what the others are doing now.”

    Astrid finally tore her gaze from the wall.

    “Oh hey, Ri! I feel amazing!” She giggled. “Want to sit and watch the wall with me? Or we can do something else! Aki and Ruby just said I had to stay in here...”

    “You’re right,” Ruby sighed. “You don’t suppose we could just sweet talk our way into some food? I don’t want to risk stealing...”

  • Kendra giggled, giving his hand one last squeeze before moving on to eat her own dinner. “Would you like me to not call you that?” She asked in a teasing tone, crunching down on her food.

    She shrugged, thoughtful. “Hopefully theyre not getting into trouble,” she said absently

    Riku blinked, looking curiously between Astrid and the wall, expecting there to he something on it. Oh. She was acting pretty looney. He slowly found a spot next to her. “Um... We can do whatever you want-“ he looked her over, putting a hand on her cheek. “You feel okay? Feel sick or anything?”

    Akibo did a little turn, hand placed under his chin. “Youre looking at the sweet talking king,” he said in a dramatic voice, giving her a little smile before walzting up to the spider and giving them a smile. “Hey, how are you today?” Maybe if they got on their good side they wouldnt be held up by a sword.

  • “I don’t mind it,” Saros chuckled. “But I do think it’s kind of neat how only our small group calls us by our fake names, you know? It’s almost like what the humans would call an ‘inside joke’.”

    Astrid briefly placed her hand over his, swooning at his sweet gesture.

    “Like I said, I feel great! Stop worrying for once,” She winked.

    Ruby rolled her eyes playfully before following him over to the spider. When it spoke, it appeared to be female.

    “Oh my gosh!” It squealed. “Are you humans? The little creatures from Earth that they’re doing a study on! I never thought I’d actually get to see one of you in person! And now look! TWO of you!”

    The spider leaned over the counter to get a better look, taking in the different features on Ruby and Akibo.

  • Kendra nodded in agreement. “That makes sense, nice little nick names.” She said absently, taking in the scene. What did she do to deserve him? In all reality she was the lucky one, Eric was so good to her. Nothing in this world would make him understand how much she cherished their time together. “Thank you for doing this, it really is beautiful.”

    Riku blushed lightly. Of course he would have to be the one making sure Astrid was okay. It wasnt that he minded, he just got so jumpy when she was around. He nodded slowly. “Okay then, what do you want to do? Because staring at this wall probably isnt as fun for me as it is for you.”

    Akibo grinned at her excitment, giving her a nod. “The one and only,” he said in response to asking if they were humans. Though he flinched back a bit when the spider leaned over the counter. He gave her a smile. “Yeah we’re just stopping by, hey, maybe we could wager a deal?”

    He asked hopefully, pulling a five out of his pocket. “This is human currency, any chance I could trade you this human item for one of your snacks? You’d be the only one on the planet with one.” He waggled his eyebrows, eyes hopeful.

  • Eric felt a faint blush on his cheeks. He chuckles bashfully and swirled his fork around on his plate.

    “Well I did promise you we would find some alone time,” He said.

    His gaze moved skyward as the stars began to come out. His planet had two of them.

    “How many moons do you have at home?” He asked curiously. “You can’t see them just yet, but we have two here.”

    “Let’s go...” Astrid couldn’t think of any ideas.

    What else was there to do on this planet? She could suggest they explore, but it was already getting late and that could be dangerous. “Safety” seemed to be Riku’s middle name.

    “Oh, I don’t know. You pick! I’m pretty much happy no matter what we do!”

    She flashed him a big smile and batted her eyelashes, hoping he wouldn’t insist that she pick.

    All four of the spider’s eyes glistened when Akibo took out the money.

    “Oh man, you really mean it?!” She gasped. I probably shouldn’t but... HECK YEAH WE CAN TRADE!”

    She snatched the money while simultaneously handing them some meat with her other hands.

    Ruby sniffed the meat and narrowed her eyes.

    “What kind of meat is this exactly?” She questioned.

    “You really wanna know?” The spider asked with a raised brow.

    “Probably not,” Ruby sighed.

    She placed a hand on Akibo’s back, trying to hurry him away from the stand.

    “How much did you give her?” She chuckled.