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  • I think the youngest I was going to cut it off at was going to be 6 as they are going to be fighting and stuff, so 8 or over is fine! And I’m super glad you’re liking this so much.

    Edit: Lilac’s going to be the oldest of the Dragon Children as she was the first know. The only exception would be if they’re Elven.


    Because every picture tells a story

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  • Alright I think this is them! Let me know if anything needs to change!

    Adventure awaits those brave enough to seek Her

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  • Adventure What the heck these dudes are so cute.

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  • done with both! <3

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  • Adventure Your boys are too precious, especially Zephyrus! Both accepted!

    @s t o r m y I absolutely love where you took the space dragon! And I actually started watching The Dragon Prince yesterday, so I got really excited when seeing Vulas’s faceclaim. Both accepted!


    Because every picture tells a story

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  • Irondottir Still need to finish Kev's history, but I'm pretty much done! I hope they're alright!

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  • aaa everyone's characters are so great!

    Irondottir Haha I'm glad you like her! I knew when I was reading her guidelines that I had to make a special space dragon. She sure is a freaky beastie, but I love her <3 I'm glad you recognized Vulas' faceclaim! The Dragon Prince is really good. Also, is there going to be a chat/plotting thread soon?

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  • @s t o r m y I can't wait for the next season to come out! The Dragon Prince is amazing! And I was actually planning on getting the chat/plot thread up today, but the computer decided, "Hey! Today's a good day to take five hours to update!" I'll have it up as soon as I can!

    Maleth Firedrake It's been a while, hasn't it. Can't wait to rp with you again!


    Because every picture tells a story

  • night_elf_by_eyanin-d4gjmsj.jpg?width=296&height=375


    Temuri Biirali


    Name: Temuri - Kuurai - Biirali

    Nickname(s): Te, Muri

    Meaning of Name: Bright Shining Ocean (Japanese)

    Race: Elf

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Blood Type: B negative

    Birthday: August 2

    Zodiac: Leo

    Position: Dragon Child? (I noted 6 and there are 7 children...) if not then a wanderer if that's okay with you

    Homeland: Sacred Woods


    Temuri is a lithe looking elven girl. She has long knee length silver hair that has golden highlights to it. Her eyes are slanted like a cats and are a stunning silver color with blue flecks to them. She has three piercings on her right ear with feathers. She has pale skin and upon her forehead is a tattooed circlet. She has two tattos under her eyes... two triangular marks that are a faint light purple shade.

    Clothing Style: This elf wears an armored gown that is a deep dark blue on the top and lighter shades of blue on the bottom. The dress has a dark blue collar. The lighter blues cover the skirt delicately with white in the middle ad sheer fabric on the sides of the skirt. The armor has light blue gems on it... a big gem is placed i the hollow of her neck where the collar starts.

    Hair Style: This elf's hairstyle is uique in that it is long and falls delicately to her knnees i small waves of shimmerinng silver. Usually this girl will braid two pieces and wrap them like a crown around her forehead. The rest of her hair is let down. As for t exture this silver hair is very fine... it is silky and soft to the touch.

    Accessories: She has a circlet that adorns her head.

    p.s. All photos are credit to Firefly Path... she did all the work and it is hers. To follow her look her up on instagram.


    Temuri is so far, extremely elusive. She's very withdrawn and secretive at most. She doesn't like being the center of attention at all. Ruri can be a bit adventurous (yes, she gets into trouble a lot) and is very protective of any elf she may find. She is quiet, and a bit skittish at first glance with a shy attitude for those who haven't met her yet. Ruri is sweet tempered, kind, and honest once you get past her defenses. She is a bit fiery, and fierce... sooo maybe don't go antagonizing her (or her Xadia; plant dragon). Temuri is sarcastic and witty but extremely inntelligent. She doesn't like to flaunt it and is very humble but will know almost every secret path in a library if you're nont careful.

    Hobbies: Reading



    ~ Sunrises

    ~ Forests

    ~ Flying

    ~ Elves

    ~ Half-elves



    | Water of any type (oceans and rivers mainnly)

    | Humans

    | Day-time

    | Being in large groups

    | Being the center of attention


    | She will always be alone

    | Water

    | Spiders big time (Arachnophobia)


    Magic?: No

    - If so, what?: n/a but eventually may find herself with plant magic

    Physical Abilities?: Yes

    - If so, what?: Her voice can be held out in long high notes, Fast runner, and great Climber

    Weapons?: Yes

    - If so, what?: A sword strapped to her hip that is emerald and sapphire encrusted on the hilt. Her sheath is silver.

    Misc. Abilities: Sign language (:: ........... :: )and is a Singer


    Family Name -✦-✦- Biirali

    Father: Soryn von Biirali - Deceased from unknown cause

    Mother: Keona Jadea Biirali - Deceased from a fire

    Brother(s): None that she knows of Open for plotting

    Sister(s): None that she knows of... open for plotting

    Additional Family: Open for plotting

    Pet(s): Zircon - Jaquin - Alive and with her

    Friend(s): Open for plotting

    Significant Other?: No

    Child(ren)?: No


    Temuri was born to a high-standing elven family... but she did have one thing that was unusual. She could hear a voice speaking to her... one that wasn't out loud but instead in her head. She was a dragon childe... and by the age of 14 found her dragon. Sadly, on that very same day... Ruri found her dad dead and her mother sobbing. She had told her dragon to go hide and that everything would be fine and she would return as soon as possible. That soon as possible turned into days... days into weeks... the trend continued. Temuri had to look after her mother who was suffering the loss of her husband and soulmate. Temuri looked after her mother as well as her home. 2 years later, Temuri was going to get water and she saw smoke... she rushed towards her home to find her mother trapped beneath fallen beams and fire licking the house. Her dragon came for her after sensinng danger and removed Temuri from the burning building... but her mother was gone by that point and the ceilinng crumpled down... nothing left. Now, Temuri and her jaquin Zircon with her dragon scan the skies and are constantly on the move... hoping one day they can settle down for good and not be on the move hiding.


    Trivia: So, do I need to start? I'll start... what's your favorite color?

    "What do you think? Turquoise and Silver..."

    All right then... how about your favorite animal?

    "Jaquins and Dragons... have you seen my company?"

    No need to bite me girl.. what about favorite activity to do alone?

    "I love to sing and enjoy not being the center of attention."

    Other: Shade ... now I have my dragoness

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  • KagomeMoana I believe with your Dragon Child, it brings the total Child count up to 8, which leaves 2 more Children available, as well as 2 more dragons available. Also, you have to make a dragon with your Dragon Child- just letting you know in case you didn't see that. One other thing: all of the Dragon Children are under 18, so Temuri might have to look like she's under 18 to fit with the lore and guidelines set by Irondottir

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  • @s t o r m y Thanks!! I'll see what I can do.. sprry if it takes a bit of time.. Moving always is a pain lol.

  • the Boy is now Finished, finally.

  • Working on temuri’s form and reserve water dragon?

  • oh this looks very interesting!

    im trying to continue being active at least on ff, especially w first year of college starting.

    I'd like to reserve a spot for a dragon child and the Earth Dragon.

    I haven't read any other character's forms, only the main one, is having a blind or physically disabled character okay? I just wanted to know before I start really getting into building my character.

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