Killing me slowly [P; Barkscar]

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    // made this so it takes place after her kitting

    noEM9q7.gif She had pulled it off, she actually was able to make the plan work. Rainpaw had given birth, her kits with their father, and only her and Brookpaw knew. The apprentice cleaned herself up and with help, she was able to keep her secret. A weight had been lifted off her, as selfish as that was. Maybe Starclan was happy with her now? Now she could become the best warrior ever for Skyclan and do what is best for her clan. Her one eye looked around for something to do. She had spent a couple of days 'sick' with Brookpaw able to cover for her as her body recovered. It was great how perfect everything worked out for her. Rainpaw finished grooming her fur before standing up, "Anyone want to go hunting?" .

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  • Word had passed with ease that Rainpaw was sick, why in the hell did he care? He found himself worrying for her though he would never dare show it, he did. A well groom bluish van padded into view. Causing the Mahogany brute to lift his muzzle from his scrawny meal. Her voice laced with reassurance, her mood had completely altered as of late, and he still pondered why he cared. Barkscar wasn’t one to care how others felt, let alone how he did. Therefor, the placid grump lifted himself to his paws on instinct at the mention of hunt, like a robot he sauntered forward. "there is a nest of eagles just a mile down toward Windclan" he reported, his voice a bit rude though nowhere near his usual. "We won’t need anybody else, let’s go" he added curtly before stamping toward the exit, belly brushing against the overgrowth. His brows furrowed together, giving him his natural disgruntled look. "so. you were sick." he forced out the very fact he even cared like it hurt him, for his body tensed as the words left his lips. He wondered if she may be getting pregnant ironically, those were the symptoms right? who cares. Who was she with? He couldn't recall a mate. why the hell do I care, he grunted inwardly.

  • noEM9q7.gif Eagles? Her stomach twists with excitement as she had never caught something so big before. Since she started her warrior training along after six moons, the same reason she wasn't going to get her warrior name for another two moons. But she trusted Barkscar to show her the way, knowing he will tell her if she messes up for sure. Rainpaw should have known he wouldn't want anyone else to come along, they were the most social cat she knew. That didn't really matter since she liked him either way. He was a strong warrior with a good sense of judgment, she trusted him. Another reason to never tell him about the kits that now lived in the two-leg territory. Barkscar would hate her, right? The dark feline follows after him, tilting her head at his statement. She didn't think many would care about a 'cold' but maybe this was his jab at making conversation. That thought brought a smile to her scarred face. "Just a little cold. But i'm all better!" she said, and truly felt that way even if it was super selfish or her.

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  • Eagles were hard to catch. It demanded the very definition of the word ‘tactic’. Would this puny apprentice do? who knew. Barkscar often fought the urges to belittle apprentices, and sometimes lost. Some how and for some reason, he chose not to belittle Rainpaw. Sure, she had muddy veins, especially with the filthy blood of Caledon she held within. He should hate her, like he hated everyone else. Yet, here he was, a facade of kindness falling through with one simple sentence, spoken through tight teeth. As if it hurt to care.

    ‘just a little cold’ she responded, a smile set in her voice. It made his blood itch, as most pleasant conversation did for him. Had his question been interpreted as him caring? should he retract it by spitting out some harsh words? "good." he cleared his throat. An awkwardness hanging in the air, stubbornness pressing into his emotions. "the nest is just this way" he added, lowering his gaze to the ground and furrowing his brows. "So. Caledon. Quite the grandfather. where’s your dad anyways?" his tone was rough, spit into the wind with hatred, though, he didn’t hate her.

  • noEM9q7.gif The air was thick with tension but she didn't pay much mind to it. She had grown use to it, as that was the air many carried when with her. Rainpaw was the rejected medicine cat apprentice and dirty half-clanner with Caledon for a grandfather. Gross, right? But she knew she was more than that, because she was going to become the best warrior Skyclan had ever seen. That was her dream and she was going to have it that way. Giving a small nod, she was going to ask if they hunted eagles often. Then their question cuts through her mind and she searches for the right words. That Bloodclanner was no family of hers, Skyclan was the only family she would ever need. Even her kits were sent away because she was a selfish she-cat. It was all for Skyclan, right? "Last I heard, Wolfgang, went back to Bloodclan after my sister died. I don't know the whole story, but from what I heard he forgot about his life in Bloodclan and that's how he got here. Meant Ferretpaw, my other father, and had some kits. But loosing Perennial must have been too hard on him." .

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  • Mahogany brows pushed together as he soaked in the insight Rainpaw offered. His pelt twitching along his spine as they carved through the territory. It was difficult for Barkscar to feel sympathy, it carved at the husk of his soul but he never found any comfort in the feeling so he usually brushed it off with either a harsh comment or long sullen silence. Which is it today, Barkscar? he focused on the path as much as he could. However his gaze drifted toward the speaker steadily, the coldness in his hues warming with sympathy that betrayed his composure. He hadn’t any siblings, but he could imagine how hard it was to lose one, let alone being related to that filthy sinner Caledon. Perhaps Rainpaw drowned it out, perhaps she was good at numbing pain. Like Barkscar was, using anger as an outlet. Maybe she understood the need for an outlet. His heart stung for her, but he kept his tone mono "Were you and your sister, close?" he queried with full interest, whereas he usually didn’t care for his clanmates emotional warfare. Rainpaw was different. She didn’t agitate him, and for him, that was interesting. Everyone rubbed him the wrong way usually, but not this filthy-blood feline. Why?

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  • noEM9q7.gif Had her and her littermates been close? She wasn't sure but liked to think that they were. But in all honesty they disappeared quickly after one and another. Leaving her alone with parents who also up and left. The only one of her kin that she had actually gotten close to was Chalkkit, a sickly she-cat who also disappeared. Rainpaw had been sad when she realized none of them were coming back but had an outlet. Which was trying to become the best medicine cat. Of course, she had been thrown from that path but it was okay because she had a new goal in mind. Being the best warrior Skyclan had ever seen. "Not really." she replies, stepping over a twig. The apprentice knew the importance of keeping quiet as possible while moving through the territory. Since she was close to warriorhood after all, the she-cat was practically a warrior already just without the name. "Did you have siblings?"

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  • ‘not really’ Barkscar found himself side-eyeing Rainpaw in mild shock. What wedge could have driven between blood? Barkscar knew not the reasons she had stepped from the position, he hadn’t a history of caring until now it seemed. His dark olive hues resting back on the path. The tables swiftly turned as she asked him a question, something others hardly did, asking Barkscar anything was always like pulling teeth. "no. no siblings" he breathed, his voice taking a ‘casual’ tone. "My mother was pregnant during leafbare, it had effected her pregnancy. Leaving me, well, an only child " he furrowed his brows, thinking about his parents was rough. "I always wanted a little brother or sister… Maybe it would’ve taken some of the heat off my back. Their expectations drained me in every way they could " he snorted, darkness falling over his gaze. "Luckily they weren’t there to see me fail my apprentice trials. Nor have I siblings to laugh at me for failing…." he shrugged. "Life’s a joke. We only get the company we deserve" he sighed before pausing and gazing up a solitary dead oak.

    "Here we are" he narrowed his eyes to adjust to the moonlight that ran ivory claws down the old wood, greying with age and rot. The bark no longer had grip. "This is going to be a tough climb" he found himself shuddering from the memory of falling from the tree that gave him his name. His daggers landing on the round wiry nest at the top, sheltered by twisty limbs. The moorland stretching mere inches from the base. "Let’s drop the nest and lure it down" he suggested. Extending his claws before sinking them into the rock-hard skin of the dead tree. Launching himself upward, he began the blood-chilling climb. His breath hitching every time his paw slipped. "Be careful" he found himself whispering, to his own surprise.

  • noEM9q7.gif Leafbare. It was coming upon them now and to her knowledge no one was expecting kits. Of course, she had also learned that it was pretty easy to hide with a thick coat. Colder weather was coming and soon the clan would keep to be careful with their prey. Make sure everyone got fed in a day and no one was left starving or eating everything.

    It surprised her to hear that they had failed their apprentice trails. Barkstar was by far one of the best warriors within the clan and she was actually working to one day beat them. With the change of focus, she decides not to press anymore. Rainpaw knew she was lucky to get that small personal detail out of them. As they weren't known for being the most sharing tom in the clan. Her eye studies the tree, no fear found in her heart but instead excitement. This climb would be a hard one but she wanted to impress the warrior who was currently working their way up. Stepping forward, she then sprigged up to grip her claws into the bark. Beginning to follow after them, releasing a soft gasp as she nearly slipped. "" .

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