Traveling the Bleak Wilds (open)

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  • "Canny, I can't believe ye just did that." The tiny elf owl hooted in an incredulous, disgusted tone as he took flight from his perch on Canoris' head.

    The dark brown wolf chuckled heartily, her one clear blue eye glistening with amusement. "It was just a belch, Surge, they happen."

    Following her words with yet another burp, the tiny owl swerved even further away, hooting wordlessly in surprise. "Yer disgusting! That squirrel ye ate doesn't smell good comin' back from ye belly!"

    Canoris laughed more, looking around at the chilly, barren, cold landscape. "Well it's a good thing I found the squirrel when I did. This place is hardly more than a desert with grass."

    Compared to the dark forest with the luminescent organisms inside, as well as two prominent groups... The Bleak Wilds were absolutely empty. It was like stepping into a blank canvas. "No wonder no one lives here."

    The smell of the burps finally clearing out, Surge swooped around and landed back on Canoris' head, finding the close proximity to the wolf's fur much warmer than the open, cool breeze. "I wonder if we'll find anything interesting out here. It seems te be pretty boring."

    The wolf shrugged. "Well, it can't go on forever. It's gotta change sometime." and so on the duo trudged.

    Ebony colored wolf - Female - Blind - BlizzardClan - Gen 5

    Tauriel Sylvan x Ululare Eternite

    Canoris' companion:

    Surge - Elf Owl - Young - Male