I am Vengeance.

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  • ———— SHEOGORATH ————


    The image of Caledon laying in his own blood twisted the thoughts of a looming monster, the strong tyrant dead, a corpse at his large, broad paws, scarlet seeping from parted jaws to form strands of maroon across the grit of the dark pavement. Sheogorath wasn't certain who had done it, who had committed such a lethal crime, but he knew he felt the sudden desire to kill because of it, and what better place to hunt then on RiverClan's land? Perhaps he'd find Nightstar again, and take the rest of her lives in one, flesh piercing instant of dread. Rage flickered within blistering eyes of molten gold, volcanic gems scanning the reeds of the pebbled shoreline as he emerged from the river, his thick tabby fur slick with water. Reinforced weaponry carved into the sand, grating against the stones hidden underneath as he felt the heat of his anger flow through bubbling red veins. The afternoon sunlight ignited his figure as it struck his muscular form, sleek wet coat shining beneath the golden rays that bathed the feline entity as he traveled deeper into RiverClan territory.


  • A shadow moved across the RiverClan border, dead silent. Long black fur danced with reflected sunlight and crystalline beads of water that rolled off her shoulders with every moment. There he was, waiting by the river’s edge, deliberately crossing onto her land, almost begging for a conflict. Today, Sheogorath would recieve what he had asked for. “Hello.”

    The greeting was sudden, coming from behind him as Nightstar stepped into plain sight. Her voice was calm and smooth, edged with ice as she met the BloodClan healer’s level gaze. “You’re back so soon.” She unsheathed her claws against the scorching sand.


    Nightstar RiverClan Leader Played by North Tags

    33 Moons ★ Maine coon

  • "I-I do believe Doestar w-was right when she picked yo--," His eyes shifted, ears flicking forward as he allowed himself to take in the form of Sheo... Was there not a moment he couldn't ruin? He had so many things he wanted to say, so many questions to ask, and yet he stood beside his leader with fur slowly rising and claws thrusting into the ground. He pressed his body upon Nightgaze protectively, knowing all too well the male was capable of ruining lives with a swipe of his claws. Thought Chase wasn't sure if he believed that fully, Sheo was only a man after all, a man without his friends, his family, the lies he told himself under his breath. "Is death what you w-wish?"

  • A cold voice was vocalized from a familiar source behind the monstrous tabby, and he turned on his heels to lay blistering eyes of molten gold upon the RiverClan leader's dark coat. Two other cats accompanied Nightstar, one of which he recognized as Chasingcomets, the medicine cat. Sheogorath let a smirk cross his scarred facial features as they spoke, though inside he felt a jolt of adrenaline. Would they attack? Could he fight off three cats at once? Perhaps. Though not without injury. "Ah yes, here I am. Right back home where I belong." He lifted one leg, rolling his shoulder as he spoke before placing the paw firmly upon the gritty earth once more. "How's my daughter?" He inquired curiously. "Ashfolly? Is she alright? Still hates me no doubt, heh. That's alright I suppose." Actually, it stung his heart, but he'd never admit that. "I'm surprised to see the lot of ya up and about so soon, after I led that raid on yer clan. We nearly killed all of ya. Better thank StarClan that you had allies to back you up." His voice was bright, chipper, despite the devilish nature of it.

  • "This isn't your home anymore." It was straightforward. Sheogorath didn't belong in RiverClan, and he never would. His days of carelessly claiming membership in whichever clan he felt most interested in at the moment were over. As long as Nightstar was leader, she would enforce that rule. He was never allowed to come back. As for Ashfolly.....well.....he could keep wondering. She didn't owe him any answers, so she decided to make it as vague as possible. "She's fine." She moved forward, creeping closer towards the BloodClan healer. Her claws were out in plain sight, so it wouldn't exactly come as a surprise to him when she decided to attack. Chasingcomets was pressed up against her, taking on a defensive stance as he stared down the scarred brown tabby. Nightstar didn't need protecting. "About that raid.......I think it's time that you pay for what you did." It was the moment she had been waiting for, and this time, she wouldn't be the one who was outnumbered.

    She would strike as quickly as a snake without warning, attempting to rake curved claws across the healer's muzzle and nose in an effort to tear at the more sensitive skin.Chasingcomets was behind her, and although he was a medicine cat, he definitely wasn't weak or scared. She had seen the fury he had carried into battle during the raid, and she knew that it was only a matter of time before it was unleashed upon Sheogorath. She would then swerve around the BloodClanner in two quick movement, turning before lifting one forepaw and bringing it down upon his flank, claws extended in an effort to rake at the flesh beneath his thick brown fur. Her movements were controlled and concise, fluid and rapid like the river itself. The anger she carried was not shown on her face, instead released with every strike and blow.


    Nightstar RiverClan Leader Played by North Tags

    33 Moons ★ Maine coon

  • Walks by the river were hard for the young warrior. Even just plain walking was hard. It was hard to see the place that had caused his heart to break twice.

    Broken friendships.


    Broken trust.

    ‘Le’ the name Tesserae be on your lips.’

    This time it would be Ryecatcher’s rightful turn to let the thick metallic smelling liquid pour onto the river marge. He finds his place by the others and watches as Nightstar begins the attack on the Bloodclanner. Thank god.