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  • let me dream with the stars // skyclan

    To say that he didn't miss home - miss SkyClan and his mother and siblings - would be a bald faced lie. Whitekit ached to go home and see his family and the familiar trees that surrounded their camp. This was not to say that the Tribe of Rushing Water had been unkind to him; quite the contrary they had been more than welcoming. Sky with No Moon had been beyond understanding in allowing Whitekit to stay with her and the Tribe. The other Tribe cats had also welcomed him into their home and were understanding as well. Whitekit honestly felt like it was more than he deserved.

    But the time away from home and new perspective offered by the Tribe gave him the time to think about who he was and what he wanted out of his life. Being in SkyClan as the son of the leader with siblings who were rambunctious and playful seemed to put Whitekit at odds with expectations. But here, he found that it was okay for him to be the way he was. He didn't need to be what others expected him to be. Whitekit just needed to be who he wanted to be, who he was meant to be. If that meant that not every cat in SkyClan took fondness to him, than that was okay. As long as he was home and had his family, Whitekit would be fine.

    Taking a deep breath, Whitekit pushed himself up from where he had been sitting inside the Tribe's cave. He thought distantly of the offer that Sky with No Moon had presented to him half a moon ago; that if he were still around when he reached eight moons of age, he could become a To-Be. He was just now approaching six moons, and he longed to go home and begin his apprenticeship. He knew it probably wouldn't be that easy, his family would probably turn him away at first, but he wanted to go home.

    It was time to go home. But first, he needed to be on his own for a little while longer. So he slipped discretely from the Tribe's cave without a word to anyone and vanished into the dusk.

    speaking thoughts

    "put me in the dirt; let me be with the stars."

    forget all the shooting stars and all the silver moons ———— ・゚✧ 」

    we've been making shades of purple out of red and blue —information

    skyclan ・゚✧ apprentice ・゚✧ 11 moons ・゚✧ tom cat ・゚✧ minnowstar x unknown
    penned by hanakosong

  • my mans :(

    Minnowstar (Leader of SkyClan)
    Cloudspots (Trad. SkyClan)
    Sky with No Moon (Stoneteller of TORW)

    Mintflower (Trad. ThunderClan)

    Ember of Dying Flame (Trad. TORW)

    Brightsnow (Trad. DarkClan)

    Wolfpaw (Trad. SkyClan)

    Duskheart (Trad. DarkClan)

    @ me to plot or for injuries/deaths/etc.