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  • some of these may be stupid lmfao but here they are!

    - is human food still a thing (like chocolate, juice, etc)? like if you want to make a character addicted to chocolate, could you?

    - can your character have a literal invisible third eye? like the eye is always invisible?

    - how would i go about playing two characters on one account? like, i play one of my character's companions with him so he's not an npc (as he has his own background, different personality, etc). my problem is that he has powers, or he use to, but i can't add his powers and my characters powers onto the same account bc it wouldn't be enough. could I make him a linked account, that has his specific powers on it, but play him on my character's account? so that there powers would be separate? or no?

    - for reading another's emotions, would it be an automatic thing or would it fall under the category of y/c attempting to read another's emotions?

    - for molecule mainpuation, what are some ideas for it to be used for? or just what is it used for? what can you do with it?

    - whats the difference between shapeshifting and possession?

    - for super strength, what is the maximum cap on it? like can your character suddenly be able to crush a boulder or bring down a tree, or etc?

    - for character bonds, would the two have actual telepathy between only them? or would you have to purchase telepathy?

  • 1. Yes, in the extended game anything along those lines is possible!

    2. Definitely!

    3. One character I assume will be the main character, but as long as you make it clear the second character has their own separate powers (and they don't exceed the 100% requirement) it's completely fine to play them on the same account with no repercussions!

    4. I've always playing it as 'attempting to read y/c's emotions' simply because some people would prefer their character's inner thoughts be private

    5. I can't remember at the moment since I've never used it but I'm sure someone else will come along to offer some tips!

    6. Shapeshifting is physically shifting into another body, kind of like a human shifting into a werewolf. Possession is when your spirit leaves your physical body to inhabit another.

    7. Hm I can't recall but I'm sure Frostsoul will know!

    8. I've always used it as the two characters have such a strong bond they can sense each other's emotions and 'know' what the other is thinking without telepathy, if that makes sense. They'd be able to feel if the other was hurt and know if the other was feeling excited/down, but not need telepathy to tell them.

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  • - There are no humans, so human food would actually be all rotten. But we aren't too picky on the food aspect. It's just electricity we really are picky on.

    - Yes.

    - If you can't fit both characters on one account powerwise, I'd definitely make two. It's a pain I know, but we like the distinction between accounts power wise.

    - Attempts must be made, otherwise it's powerplay.

    - Molecular manipulation just manipulates molecules, so like slowing them down or speeding them up. You'd have to know more about chemistry than me to understand it better. xD I've never used it.

    - Yep, like Amy said, shapeshifting is into a different body and possession is a soul leaving a body.

    - It depends on the size of the animal, but I don't think we have a hard cap yet. We'll have to discuss that one. But if your character is larger, they'd obviously be stronger with the power than like a mouse with it.

    - It's not something they can use to communicate with words in their minds. You'd need telepathy to communicate like that.


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  • thank you both! i'm not good with chemistry or etc, but below are questions i thought of that maybe could be applied to molecule manipulation? or smth.

    okay, here's those questions i have for molecule / sound manipulation:

    - if your character was bleeding or another character was, could you possibly make the molecules slow down, so they'd bleed less? same thing if you wanted the wound to bleed faster, could you speed it up?

    - could you turn water to ice? how big could you do it?

    - could you enhance your own speed by speeding your own molecules up? it'd probably make you run faster then usual but it wouldn't be sonic fast? or maybe it could? idk

    - could you melt an objects molecules? probably making it combust or melt? could you make yourself heat up by speeding up your molecules? or just make heat in general?

    - could you defend yourself with it? for example, if you were getting attacked with a water elemental, you could slow the particles down or make them freeze over? would you be able to slow other elementals down, as such, to make them less effective? could you turn solid earth to something loose/mushy? make fire go out?

    - could you slow down an entire person? it probably wouldn't last long, but you'd be able to stun them or maybe something akin to a slow motion effect?

    - since your manipulating molecules, could you take stuff away and defuse them? for example, creating air bubbles underwater to be able to breath from the water. or could you phase through things if you messed with an objects tangilibility?

    - could you have a hypnotic voice by combining sound and molecule manipulstion? or a paralyzing voice?

    - could you make someone age rapidly? or reverse it and make someone younger?

    - could you mend wounds altogether? could you reattach limbs?

    - could you make it harder for people to breath?

    other questions:

    - could you use the sight to summon a spirit?

    - can a character have a body part that glows? would that be a mutation? could your character have a pelt thats similar to stars? or have like some stars scattered throughout their fur that's shiny?

    - ok, so with possession, your character would physically have all those forms? but with shapeshifting your character just shifts into them?

    - clarifying with the account thing. so i can roleplay them on the same account, just the companion character would have to have his own, say, storage, and power thing set up? like a link to his powers and whatnot could be in the main character's signature to clarify it?


    with the sight, can you dreamwalk still or no? can you see into the past, or only the future?


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  • 1) You could do this but you would need permission from the person you're trying to use it on.

    2) Yep. It wouldn't be very far though - as that kind of negates the ability of ice elemental. It's not as powerful as ice, because ice can make snow/water freeze all over. Molecules would be a short reach.

    3) No, it wouldn't be able to make your character run faster.

    4) I suppose you could make something melt, but I doubt you'd be getting much combustion from it, considering human stuff is mostly gone.

    5) You can.

    6) Just like speed up, you wouldn't be able to slow somebody down.

    7) This probably isn't likely. Too powerful of an idea for what we allow.

    8) I don't see why not.

    9) Nope.

    10) No, but we have intentions of adding a healing power sometime in the future (once we get off our lazy bums ;) )

    11) I don't think so on this one.

    12) Yep.

    13) Yep.

    14) Shape shifting means you have all those bodies that you shapeshift into. Possession is the soul leaving one body and entering another. You wouldn't be able to keep all the bodies that way, because there would be no life in the one you left.

    15) No, you need to have them applied to an account.

    16) Yes you can dreamwalk and you can see into the past and future.


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