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  • in order to get activity up and running again, i’ll be holding a mass adoption. please volunteer some litters to contribute for the adoption. these can be old litters, basket litters or current litters. the link for the mass adoption can be found here.

    1. [b]PARENTS:[/b] answer here
    2. [b]SPECIES:[/b] answer here
    3. [b]RELATIONS:[/b] answer here
    4. [b]AGE:[/b] answer here
    5. [b]SPOTS:[/b] answer here
    6. [b]RULES:[/b] answer here
    7. [b]OTHER:[/b] answer here


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  • PARENTS: NPC x NPC, siblings of Pascal

    SPECIES: Lupurcas (giant wolves native to Agrelos).

    RELATIONS: None at the moment but they'll have active family in the Clan. (:

    AGE: 3 years

    SPOTS: 3

    RULES: Please remain active & keep them in the Kinship Circle! Dual memberships are fine. PM Merioneth if you no longer want your character.

    OTHER: I'd love to plot with these guys! HMU anytime for anything you have in mind !!


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  • PARENTS: Librarynaps x NPC

    SPECIES: Tigers

    RELATIONS: Librarynaps was a paladin of BlizzardClan, as well as the daughter of a former paladin (Violeteyes), head paladin (Russetcloud), and vice-leader (Hawktalon).

    AGE: 2.5 years

    SPOTS: 4

    RULES: Must remain in Kinship Circle! Option to carry surname Dubois.

    OTHER: Background is optional, but they could have come to Kinship Circle after the world change due to no longer knowing where to go. Their mother Librarynaps was a bit of an explorer, so it might have been in their nature to seek something new during a different time.

    PARENTS: Fairymusic Scoppio x NPC

    SPECIES: Winged domestic cats

    RELATIONS: Fairymusic Scoppio held a large number of positions through her life, most notably was vice-leader of RadicalClan for half a year before her death. She's the daughter of former leader Stella Scoppio and connected to a massive number of other hps that formerly lived among RadicalClan.

    AGE: 1 year

    SPOTS: 7

    RULES: Must remain in Kinship Circle. Will not carry surname Scoppio, though can be used to display relations.

    OTHER: Fairymusic was extremely anti-male, meaning male children wouldn't have been treated kindly (which could be a reason for leaving). Likewise, females of this litter may have left due to dislike for seeing their mother treat their brothers in such a manner. Or, like Fairymusic, they could uphold the belief that females are superior to males.

    PARENTS: Kissingfrogs Resurgam x NPC

    SPECIES: Servals

    RELATIONS: Kissingfrogs Resurgam was vice-leader of Shadow Veil in recent past, as well as the adoptive daughter of former leader Realmwright Resurgam. She's connected through her surname to many, many other hps.

    AGE: 8 months

    SPOTS: 5

    RULES: Must remain in Kinship Circle! Will carry Resurgam surname.

    OTHER: May have living relatives in Shadow Veil.

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  • PARENTS: Zezmos .x. NPC

    SPECIES: Lupurca

    RELATIONS: They will be related to Zezmos, a member of the circle.

    AGE: 3 months

    SPOTS: 3

    RULES: Please keep them active and in the Circle until at least 6 months of age. Dual alliances are okay.


    PARENTS: NPC .x. NPC (siblings of Zezmos)

    SPECIES: Lupurca

    RELATIONS: They will be related to Zezmos, a member of the circle.

    AGE: 13 months

    SPOTS: 3

    RULES: Please keep them active and in the Circle. Dual alliances are okay.







  • track! I might add an adoptive litter for Khel later but Im not sure he's ready for that yet (He's still a bit scarred from his eye injury)


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