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  • She never wanted to be a leader during a time of war, that was something she said over and over. But when a bleeding Riverclanner stumbled onto their border. Ratstar knew what she had to do and was quick to make her way back into camp. Leaping onto the clan rock, she looked out at her clan mates with a rush of energy. "Shadowclan! Listen up!" she yowled, giving everyone a chance to pay attention to her. "We are going to help Riverclan who is currently being raided by Bloodclan and Thunderclan. Now, I don't know all the details but Bloodclan has tested my patience long before becoming leader. Thunderclan is going against their honor, I do not know who their new leader is but I disagree with them and their actions to side with Bloodclan." Ratstar spoke as quickly as she could to explain everything. But she knew she had to act fast if Riverclan was going to be okay. "I ask all capable warriors and apprentices to follow me into battle! Apprentices that have no training must stay here! Cedarpaw and Icefeather, please stick to the back and try and help get the injured Riverclanners out of the way." and with that, she leaped down and moved to lead them out of Shadowclan and towards Riverclan.

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  • sorrelfire || female || deputy of shadowclan

    the deputy stood next to ratstar, fur bristling. she huffed, itching to go aid riverclan immediately. (lil track post, let's do this)


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  • Eveningpaw;;

    -----> Eveningpaw would flatten her ears, not quite enjoying the idea of joining in a war that wasn't exactly hers to fight...still though... "I-Ill offer my services" she said, stepping up beside sorrelfire, her yellow eyes wide with nervousness. But she would fight! It's what Toadpetal would want!


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    Briarpaw stepped up beside Eveningpaw and Sorrelfire, unsure. She looked to her mentor with frightened green eyes. They had done some training but probably not enough. "Sorrelfire? Should I come? I want to help."



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  • sorrelfire || female || deputy of shadowclan

    "we're fighting against bloodclan, so i want you to stay out of sight as much as you can." the she-cat instructed her apprentice, laying her tail on briar's flank. "find injured riverclanners and help them to safety. only fight if someone attacks you first."


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    ❝ This burden is mine alone to carry❞

    TAGS ☆彡he wasn't going to come over, honestly! the idea of fighting, on forever minimal amounts of sleep, was never ideal. especially when sometimes it made his head dizzy, or he saw multiples of someone. but his sister was what ultimately made him crawl over, standing beside her in a slightly defiant manner. he didn't particularly ask to go- he simply attempted to press up against his sister, knowing that he would never leave her alone to face anybody. even if she was older then him!

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    Icefeather could feel her heart skip a beat as it sunk in her chest. A war... This was just like what happened with her old Clan, a war that decimated them and killed everyone she cared about. Trembling slightly, Icefeather darted into the medicine den and started to gather the basic herbs she would need to treat wounded warriors. She gathered up as much of their cobweb stores as possible, knowing that fighting meant there would be several open wounds that would need to be covered. Icefeather hated fighting and she was hoping whatever this was would be over quickly and with few casualties.

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  • cedarpaw didn't like fighting, not at all. he didn't want to be around it, either. but his sense of duty overrode the bad taste in his mouth and he dipped his head in acknowledgement. the innocent had to be protected if shadowclan was to maintain its integrity.

    he looked over to his mentor; what was she thinking? widened eyes, hurried must be fear. they were all probably scared, even cedarpaw, but his body wouldn't allow him to display it. the small tom followed icefeather into the den calmly and gathered up a generous amount of marigold and cobwebs. if this raid was strategic at all, the riverclan medicine den would be targeted. it was a good idea to bring their own supplies.

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  • ✧ // but i made it with you next to me

    Taking a breath to settle her frazzled nerves, Icefeather turned to Cedarpaw and regarded the young tom in front of her. He seemed as calm as ever, and Icefeather knew that she needed to portray the same demeanor if she wanted her Clanmates to rely on her. "Cedarpaw, it's going to be especially dangerous since it's BloodClan. So stay on the fringes of the fighting and do what you can to heal those in need, okay? Come find me if anything goes wrong since we may not be able to stick together the whole time."

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  • TAGS. a multi raid? her heart leaps, pitter patters, as the glass child walks forward. bloodclan promises to be there, and she finds that she would rather turn tail and hide than face city cats. she still pictures the nursery tales honeycomb would breathe into lulling ears, whispers of cats with gore and dog claws stuck to their bodies, how they wore the makings of a kittypet but stood as anything save for. they're a stain in this world's history, a promise of foreboding. makers of war.

    and they are thought to fight, apprentices, warriors, all who can bare teeth and flash claws- combatants, soldiers. she doesn't want to fight, thinking herself far too much of a liability to even try, but then briarpaw steps forward. she swears to fight a battle that is not theirs, and that is what convinces her to slink closer. "i'll go." she murmurs, blinking soft baby blues at her leader.