genetics needed for later!

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  • flame point shorthair x golden spotted tabby longhair w/ low white (short kinked tail)

    -- assume the father carries longhair and golden and that one carries chocolate, cinnamon, smoke, and dilute (but the mother doesn't carry point)

    -- father is siamese + mother is 50% oriental, 25% norwegian forest, and 25% maine coon, if you could describe what features they might have?

    -- would you be able to provide images for shadeds, goldens, etc. for easier access since they can be hard to find accurate images of?

  • whoops, sorry about this! but first: shaded goldens/silvers is the name given to cats that are genetically ticked tabbies with a wideband gene and a non-wideband gene. thus, they either are a shaded golden or a golden spotted tabby - but not both, sorry. if you want i can give both options for you to pick the outcomes you like better! also, when you say short, kinked tail which is closer to what you mean?

  • np and thanks! also, smoke/silvers are impossible to carry as it's a dominant gene, and are you sure you don't want the mother to carry pointing? that would mean there couldn't be any points - usually we like to assume the other parent carries any recessive traits of the other to increase diversity

    SH flame point (masking lilac, carrying cinnamon, longhair, and ringtail) x LH golden spotted tabby w/ low white, ringtail (not carrying pointing, but is carrying cinnamon and dilute)

    males: black, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, brown tabby, blue tabby, chocolate tabby, lilac tabby, cinnamon tabby, fawn tabby, golden tabby, blue golden tabby, chocolate golden tabby, lilac golden tabby, cinnamon golden tabby, fawn golden tabby

    females: tortie, dilute tortie, chocolate tortie, lilac tortie, cinnamon tortie, fawn tortie, torbie, dilute torbie, chocolate torbie, lilac torbie, cinnamon torbie, fawn torbie, golden torbie, blue golden torbie, chocolate golden torbie, lilac golden torbie, cinnamon golden torbie, fawn golden torbie

    - kits can have low (<50%) white

    - kits without white can have any realistic eye color besides blue, kits with white can have any realistic eye color

    - kits can be long or short haired

    - kits can have a ringtail

    - tabbies/torbies will be spotted

    and yeah!

  • thank you!!! i don't mind abt the smoke or the pointing so dw <33

    and by ringtail, u mean the curly tails, right? her's is basically just half length like a long bobtail with a kink (a birth defect), not curly! sorry for the miscommunication

  • yeah, ringtails are those curly tails - i did that because there's actually no mutation im finding that truly kinks the tail like that, having the tail curl is the closest i could get. and as it isn't really an actual thing it'd be impossible for me to do genetics on. if a cat has a kinked tail it means that they have a broken tail, which i guess could be a birth defect/happens in the womb but that would also mean its not genetic, sorry

    i can take the ringtail off but then that means the kits wouldn't have strange tails as well, is that alright?