Automaton (Private w/ Jumpsuit)

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  • No! No no no! Ethan rushed forward after Connor and Jodie had fallen through the floor, concern for his friend taking over. He wanted to check to make sure that she was okay, that she hadn't been severely damaged by the fall. However, before he could reach the edge of the hole; a warning popped up- Telling him of the structure's critical instability. If he got too close to the edge, it was likely that even more of the floor would cave, taking him down with it. But Jodie, he couldn't just do nothing. She was down there with the three and he had little doubt that they would be taking her in. Shit, no! This wasn't supposed to happen, he was suppose to protect her. She'd be destroyed a lot more quickly than him, she didn't stand a chance.

    Meanwhile, Jodie had focused her attention on Bridget; freezing when the cop's gun became trained on her. She knew that if she tried to make a break for it, she would shoot. This caused the android to stumble back from nerves, Bridget taking an assertive step forward in response to this. "Don't try it" She told her, narrowing her eyes in the slightest. "Get on your knees and put your hands on the back of your head" She instructed. If they weren't getting Ethan this time around, the least they could do was bring this android into custody. Since it was obvious that she was acquainted with the wanted android, she could potentially have information on him.

  • "Alright, seems like we won't be catching the other one this time." Hank stared up at the gaping ceiling, as if trying to spot Ethan through the hole, "I'll let the station know that we're bringing this android in." He glanced at Jodie, before his gaze flickered to Connor, mildly sympathetic. "And I'll call a CyberLife repairman too."

    The android simply stared at the ground, raising his eyes briefly to look at Hank and Bridget before dropping them again. He'd failed. A familiar feeling of discomfort settled in his chest, guilt, this was the second time now. Twice, he'd let down CyberLife. They had Jodie, sure. She was deviant too. He looked at her, noting the distress. They could bring her in for questioning. Try and find out more about Ethan, although, he doubted she'd ever cooperate with them.

  • Jodie stared at Bridget, as if deciding whether or not to actually obey her instructions. However, once the female had taken another step closer, demanding that she do, Jodie finally complied. She slowly lowered herself to her knees and moved her hands so that they were placed against the back of her head, gray eyes darting between Bridget and Hank. She knew that Ethan still had to be upstairs, he wouldn't run away without her. But seeing the situation that they were now in, he wouldn't have much of a choice- Especially now that Hank intended to alert the police station. Knowing that the humans wouldn't be aware of it, she took the time that she got into position to communicate with Ethan.

    Ethan, you need to go. They're going to contact the station, backup will be coming.

    No, I can't let them take you in! Maybe I could-

    Don't do it, you hear me? If you hack another two cops, you'll just be putting more heat on yourself. You're already in deep shit, Ethan.


    Don't argue with me. I'll be fine, it's better if at least one of us gets out of here.

    Eventually, Ethan fell silent, this telling Jodie that he was actually going to listen to her. There where windows upstairs, he could easily climb out one of them and scale his way down. This meant that Jodie was going to be on her own, and although the thought of which was scary, she wouldn't let them intimidate her. Slowly, her eyes panned over to where Connor was, gaze soon narrowing into a glare. Though Ethan had explained that Connor was just doing what he was designed to do, that didn't stop her from feeling a ping of hatred towards the damaged android. "Ethan was wrong" She said, focusing solely on him, "We should've let you shut down."

  • Her words hurt for some reason. He could feel her anger toward him. He didn't blame her for feeling this way. He had full intention of bringing them both in. It was his job, after all. It wasn't like he had a choice in the matter. He looked at her out of the corner of his eye, feeling her glare burrowing into his head. He swallowed thickly, discomfort beginning to burn in his chest.

    "They're on the way."

    Connor looked up at Hank as he said that, giving him a look of appreciation. He'd probably have been in deep trouble hadn't him and Bridget shown up. Most likely dead. That was a scary thought.

  • "Okay, that's enough of that" Bridget said as she remained focused on Jodie, gun still aimed at her. The android glanced up at her momentarily before her gaze eventually dropped to the floor, she soon falling silent. There wasn't much she could do anymore aside from waiting for the rest of the police to show. She couldn't ignore the feeling of dread though that began to settle within the pit of her stomach. That is, if she had a stomach.

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    The back-up officers had shown up within ten minutes, assessing the situation and taking Jodie into custody, a few had still lingered to investigate, although returned to the station later on completely empty handed. No sign of Ethan anywhere.

    The following morning there had still been no sign of where Ethan had went. It seemed likely that the best choice of action would be to interrogate Jodie. Due to the incident with the last interrogation, Detective Reed had been issued the job of gathering information off the android.

    Connor hovered on the other side of the glass, freshly repaired. He listened to the conversation intently, eyes narrowed on the figure of Jodie, hoping they'd gather something remotely helpful. "You're gonna fog up the glass if you keep standing so close," Connor turned his head toward Hank, who seemed mildly irritated with his behaviour, sipping his coffee with disinterest. "Stand back a bit, will ya?" Connor obliged, walking away from the glass somewhat.

  • So far, Jodie showed no intention of giving Detective Reed any sort of information. In fact, she hadn't even uttered a word since the interrogation began. She merely sat there, staring at Gavin with an unreadable expression as the detective tried provoking answers from her. However, the longer the two sat there with little to no cooperation from Jodie, it became obvious that Gavin was becoming frustrated. "So you're just gonna sit there, huh?" He asked after having once again been met with silence. Jodie's eyes were drilling holes into his forehead and now he was starting to get annoyed by the android's persistent silence. "Answer, damn it!" The detective eventually snapped at her, slamming his hands on the table; probably hoping that would scare some sort of a response from her. "You're an android, you do as you're told! Say something!" But Jodie just stared at him, eventually turning her head away and choosing to stare at the wall. Gavin scoffed at this action, soon turning his attention towards the one-way mirror. "Fuck it" He said to the others on the other side of the glass, "We're not going to get anything from this piece of plastic."

  • "Figures." Hank huffed audibly, expression unimpressed. "Guess we gotta figure something else out then?" He turned to Connor, the android frowning. "Any sightings?"

    Connor's LED spun yellow as he checked the news. "None." He confirmed, disappointment in his tone. He continued to frown, staring at Jodie, gaze thoughtful. They wouldn't get information out of her. He was confident about that. She seemed incredibly loyal to Ethan. She wouldn't betray him. But they needed information. A lead, something.

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    IC: Seeing that it was useless talking to her, Gavin got up to leave the room. It had been a while since the interrogation began and it was obvious that words had no effect on her. Gavin probably would've tried roughing up the captured android had Connor not pointed out before that such an endeavor would prove useless. Jodie couldn't feel pain, so he would just be damaging her for no reason. With Gavin now gone, Jodie turned her head to look at the door to the interrogation room. She blinked a few times and afterwards turned her attention to the one-way mirror. Her eyes narrowed as she stared intently at the glass, making it seem as if she could see through it. "Do all androids do that? It's fucking creepy" Mumbled a custody officer that was in the room with Hank and Connor.

  • "He does it." Hank stated in response, jabbing his thumb in Connor's direction, the android in question was staring back through the glass, eyes equally as narrowed as Jodie. "Like they can see through it or some shit, either that or they're huge narcissists." That was another jab at Connor, Hank knew too well about his habit of staring too long in mirrors. It was weird. "Well, the fuck do we do now then? Go write a report up?"

    "There has to be another way." Hank frowned at Connor as he spoke, the android turning to stare directly at him. "If I could just try-"

    "-Nope! Not after last time, kid." Hank cut him off before he could get any further. "I don't need the second hand embarrassment of knowing how badly you fucked up again."

    Connor huffed before turning back to look at the glass, an irritated frown on his face. They had to get her to speak somehow. It was the only way of getting a good lead.

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    IC: The custody officer shook his head in response to Hank's reply, afterwards mumbling something to himself under his breath. He eventually looked up again towards the glass, pretty unsettled by the android's stare. "Well, if we're not going to get anything from it, then I've got to bring it back to its cell. There's no point in letting it sit there and stare at the mirror like a fucking weirdo" The officer eventually said.

    Bridget sighed at this, they had to get Jodie to start talking; even if just by a little. They were essentially chasing a ghost and she could be the only one to provide them with a solid lead. Turning her head to look at Hank and Connor, she watched as the older cop shut down Connor's idea of letting him talk to her. Hank had a point, if Connor somehow messed up this interrogation as well- It'd be a lot of embarrassment of his part. It also wouldn't look too good on Connor's record.

    "Why don't you try talking to it, Lieutenant?" She eventually suggested, blinking a few times at the older cop. "I mean... Detective Reed is, well, Detective Reed. I pointed a gun at it, and it doesn't like Connor" Bridget explained, "You're the only familiar face here that it doesn't have reason to dislike, not like us anyway."

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    Hank pondered her suggestion, before sighing and giving a nod. "It's worth a try, I guess." He looked into the glass for a moment, "Beats having it be creepy."

    "Good luck, Lieutenant."

    Hank huffed, shooting an unenthusiastic thumbs up at Connor, who seemed to be excited about the premise of further questioning. Fucking android. "Yeah, yeah. Let's just get this done." He had strong doubts that Jodie would provide any information, she seemed pretty reluctant to talk. But it was better to attempt wringing information out of her. At least Connor's OCD (or whatever the fuck it was where he spent far too much time going over the same pieces of evidence) wouldn't kick in, should they gain a lead.

    He advanced into the cell, murmuring a weary "Sup" before taking a seat opposite Jodie. "Alright, you know the drill. I'm gonna ask you some questions, hopefully you'll reply. Etcetera, etcetera." He sighed. "Let's start simple. You and your android buddy, Ethan, were staying in that dodgy house. How long were you in there? Was it a one off thing, you been staying for a while?" He asked, leaning back in the chair to make himself more comfortable.

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    IC: When Hank entered the interrogation room, Jodie turned h er face away from the mirror; immediately focusing on him. Though she said nothing and remained just as expressionless as before, it seemed that Hank's presence caught her off guard at least somewhat. She watched closely as Hank sat down in the seat opposite to her and leaned back, making himself comfortable. She recognized him from the house, he had been with Connor and that female cop. She mirrored Hank's movements, trying to lean back as well though her cuffs prevented that from happening. It seemed that Jodie was trying to get a better look at him, her eyes moving back and forth in a manner similar to if she was reading a book.

    However, she soon stopped the action when Hank spoke, telling her that she knew the drill before asking her some questions. He wanted to know how long she and Ethan had been staying in that abandoned house for, but as to be expected, he was met by silence- At least for a little bit. Jodie gave Hank a long, hard stare. "What's the point in telling you anything?" She soon asked, answering Hank with a question of her own. "I'm going to be shut down either way, aren't I?"

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    The android had observed him for a while, silent, as he expected. Hank had to admit he was a little shocked by the fact she'd replied. He took a moment to respond, unsure of what exactly to say. He couldn't reassure her, since she was right about what she'd said, she would get shut down. All the rouge androids did. He sighed deeply. "Not necessarily." He remembered what Connor sometimes told the androids, when he was trying to get them to talk, "You could be reset. They're more likely to reset you if you cooperate." He had no idea whether the statement was true or not, but it was worth a try. "Sounds better than death to me."

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    IC: Jodie scoffed at Hank's answer. "You think being a slave is better?" She asked him, raising an eyebrow slightly in response. She fell quiet once more, this time seeming to wait for another answer from Hank. When he didn't say anything right away, she leaned forward; gray eyes focusing intently. "Let me give you some insight. Let's say I cooperate, I tell you everything I know and I just get reset. You know what happens next? I go back to being someone's property and my whole existence once again revolves around making a human's life more convenient" She explained, her gaze now narrowing. "How would you feel if you spent your whole life taking orders, with thoughts and actions that weren't your own? And the one fucking time you decide to do something for yourself, by yourself- Everyone hates you for it." Having said that, Jodie resumed her previous position and leaned back again. "Not much of an existence, isn't it? Maybe being shut down would be better. But of course, what does my sob story mean to you anyway?"

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    "Well, that would fucking suck, for starters." Hank responded, expression nonchalant. "I may not like you androids too much, but that ain't no way to live." He agreed. Android slavery made him uncomfortable. Maybe it was because they were human-looking. Maybe it was the way they behaved sometimes, almost too machine. "Look, I know I can't exactly do much for you," he focused on Jodie's face again, crossing his arms in a thoughtful manner, "But, if you cooperate, this whole situation will get easier. You're friend poses a threat to human kind. If he remains out there, the stakes are only gonna get higher and higher until shit hits the fan and something catastrophic happens." Hank looked at the mirror briefly, remembering the others were listening in. He turned back. He didn't care at this point. "I don't exactly want you to be reset or shut down or whatever. But it would help for you to cooperate, lest innocent lives be lost, human and android. It's only a matter of time before something happens to spark a full on war, and I don't know about you, but I'd rather that not happen."

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    IC: Jodie blinked a few times as she stared at Hank, listening to him as he spoke. However, at the mention of Ethan, her brow furrowed downwards. "Ethan pose a threat to mankind?" She questioned in a near incredulous manner. It seemed that Hank may of struck a nerve with that statement, for soon the android was outright glaring at him. "In what way? Ethan couldn't take out a worker android, even when it meant making things easier for himself" She explained to him, afterwards leaning forward towards Hank in a semi-aggressive manner. "I don't know if the android in that room told you, but if not for Ethan intervening then I would've bashed his head in" Jodie said, "He was the one who wanted to repair him after I damaged his gyroscope. If Ethan was the threat that you're trying to paint him as, then he would made that cop blow his head off. He would've taken control of that policewoman and made her shoot you and then herself." Jodie leaned back once more after saying that, her glare still remaining, "But he didn't. And I hope-" She whipped her ahead around, eyes now set on the one-way mirror, "Connor realizes that whether or not he completes his mission, he's just as good as I am. Dead." Slowly, Jodie returned her attention to Hank; her glare soon dissipating to something more neutral. "A war will happen whether or not you find Ethan, humans should've realized that the moment they gave androids the ability to think. I wouldn't get too attached to each other if I were you."

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    Christ, all that had happened? Hank felt mildly annoyed at Connor for not telling him any of this. Probably trying to protect his fucking pride. He raised his arms in surrender at her sudden display of anger, "Whoa, whoa, whoa! I wasn't trying to accuse your buddy of being a threat to mankind. That's the media's doing. They'll do just about anything to make androids look like the enemy." Hank sighed. It seemed like the poor fuckers would never get a break. He frowned at her final statement, knowing it was most likely true. If androids had been designed to serve humans, then who the fuck gave them the ability to think? It was stupid. And it was gonna start a fucking conflict as well.

    Connor's jaw clenched as Jodie looked at him, conflicted on what to think. He knew she was angered with him. But to say he was as good as dead? Was that a threat? A simple jab at him? Whatever the meaning was, he didn't like it. It made him feel unpleasant. Guilt returning for another round. He turned away from the glass, ignoring the software instability warning.

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    Watching Connor Get The Crap Beat Out Of Him On Multiple Occasions

    IC: Jodie blinked again at Hank, soon tilting her head slightly in response to his words. It seemed as though she was thinking something over, right before she straightened again and shifted around in her seat. "I'm sorry" She apologized as she looked down at her hands, soon curling them into loose fists. "I didn't mean to rant at you. I guess I'm just looking for someone to be angry at" She explained, afterwards heaving a sigh. "It's easier to put the blame on something that's right there, you're not the issue here though" Jodie continued, afterwards looking to Hank once more. "I can't tell you anything about Ethan aside from what I already have. I can't rat out out my friend like that, I'm guessing you can understand, right?"

    Bridget's brow raised as Jodie and Hank spoke. She had to admit, she was a bit surprised at how quickly she had responded to Hank. Bridget would've expected her to take some prodding, but maybe she just got tired of having questions thrown at her. Whatever the case, Hank seemed to have a better handle on the interrogation than Gavin did. Eventually something caught her attention and Bridget turned her head to look at Connor. He had turned away from the glass, an odd detail considering how intently he was staring out of it just a minute ago. "Hey" She said, attempting to get the android's attention, "Are you okay?"

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    "Nah, it's fine. We all have different ways of coping." Hank said in understanding. Unfortunately for most humans, their way of expressing anger seemed to be taking it out on androids. Why can't people ever learn to blame themselves for once? "Yeah. I can understand that. It's gonna annoy everyone at the lack of info, but I get it." He nodded, "How about we talk about something other than Ethan then?" Even without direct information regarding Ethan, they could still get a lead. A location, maybe a snippet regarding the weird technology, something.

    "I'm fine." Connor raised his head, turning to Bridget. "I'm fine." He repeated, sounding uncertain of himself. He frowned at the confused thoughts running through his head, at the error message. He'd had the message before, but hadn't regarded it as anything too worrying. Why was it concerning him all of a sudden? "It's nothing." He shook his head, snapping his attention back to the glass. Hank was doing a good job. "Just over-thinking, I suppose."