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    so yh, just post below with your character and i’ll do an ic opinion from garrus! <3

    i’m also open to hearing from any opinions you guys have for this boy! :’)


    - hatred

    - disgust

    - fear

    - regret

    - dislike

    - unease

    - neutral

    - acquaintance

    - friend

    - close friend

    - crush

    - romantic love

    - love (non-romantic)

    - family or considered family

    - respect

    - trust


    "stellar... she's great. more than great. i can't believe i acted like i did it was a bit emba-no, pathetic. she's one of the best people i have ever met. her gentleness, yet natural strength, is admirable. she is a perfect role model for anyone in this clan and in others. she's one of a kind. i greatly respect her... and i will allow myself to admit that now. call me dramatic, but i want her to be remembered and talked about for generations to come. that's how much i think she deserves the praise."


    "arawelo. ah. i don't know her all that well, but she seems strong. i get the impression that she has overcome some adversity in her life and even though we are only acquaintances, i feel as though rawe is going to contribute a damn good amount to this clan. i don't normally, uh, admit this but i'm going to get to know her because she's going to prove to be a huge asset to us."

    YUU -

    "he's our clan through and through; the epitome of a ruiner. whenever i decide to study the recorded history of the old world that survived the switch, yuu is usually present. in bloodclan and the other clans as a whole. to know him - to be considered his family - is a honor. it's taken... a while for me to become, uh, adjusted but he is my dad. i hope he understands that even though i call him by his name, i still see him as my father. and i hope he knows that i would have said this, hmm, before but the death of my birth father was still to raw. it's a pleasure to know him."

    AKUMA -

    "truthfully, i don't know akuma. it's not an exaggeration - it's the truth unfortunately. but the old guy is a grandfather i never had. and some of the stuff he does... damn, let me just leave it as he's probably the funniest ruiner, after myself of course. i would like to get to know him better. to me, family doesn't have to be blood but family does need to know family, if that makes sense. so i think i'm going to try to get to know akuma more."


    "my mother... she's strong. very strong. running a clan like ours is demanding and unforgiving, yet she takes it in her stride. i don't know where i'll end up in the future, but if i end up leading a group or a cause i will take a leave out of her book for sure. we're not that close, but i should be blamed for that - damn my communications skills. she's not just strong because of her position either. she lost my father and she thought she lost me and my siblings. but she found yuu and i found her. i hope we can become closer in the future."


    "i miss her. it's selfish i know, but i miss her. it's only me and elian now seeing as piratepaw is missing and i just... miss her more now. it wasn't easy before, knowing she had left when i was, ah, away. i never had that closure. like i said, it's selfish. and as i've grown older, i've realized how at fault i am for her lost leg - and that hurts. i saw her the other week for the first time since... she left. she looked older. wiser. everything felt fine for a little while as we chatted. then she left back for the amalfi heights. i would say 'of all places' if she were anyone else, but her new clan suits her. i wish her well and i hope we remain in touch. i just wish circumtances were different."

    even if i have lost the fight

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  • Stella? :>

    For an opinion on Garrus, Stella really cares about him and want to teach him as much as she can. She also is kinda protective over him after how he came back from his “trip.”

  • //tosses rawe forwards

    I love Garrus omg. You can see so clearly his internal conflicting emotions in all your posts, you honestly write him with so much personality. He's just effortlessly stoic and full of emotion at the same time, I am a fan A++



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    even if i have lost the fight

    you should see the other guy

  • mmm these boys don't know each other yet but I am jumping in to say I too love the way you write with garrus. it is beautiful~<3


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    we were not born in sin

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  • Ooh, opinions on Yuu and Akuma?


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