light up the moon (p, w/ jadefeather)

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  • falconbreeze || male || warrior of starclan || former warrior of shadowclan

    he still didn't know exactly what they were. it had been moons since both of them had joined the starry ranks of their ancestors, but they had never quite figured out how they wanted to be. in life they had almost been mates, but then jade had died, and falcon had been to heartbroken to think about living anymore. she had greeted him when he'd come to starclan, and for moons they'd lived in peace watching over their former clanmates, but they'd never addressed the elephant in the room. an awkward silence seemed to hang over them whenever one would mention it to the other. today, as falconbreeze gazed up into the cloudless blue sky, he decided he needed an answer. getting to his paws, he called out her name.


  • "Stars above shine brightly

    I miss you, but you'll be ok" — Jadefeather — StarClan — 50 moons —

    Jadefeather padded towards the voice that called her name, recognizing Falconbreeze and letting out a purr of greeting. She'd never thought much about what they really were, the tabby mostly worried about the world she'd left behind. Of course, just about every cat she'd ever known had joined StarClan, but Jadefeather still watched out for her home clan. "Hey Falconbreeze, what's up?" She asked, settling beside him curiously.

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  • falconbreeze || male || warrior of starclan || former warrior of shadowclan

    "hey jade." he purred, watching her settle down beside him. now that she was here, he didn't know how to start. it was one thing to plan it in his head, a whole other to carry out said plan. "i... i was just wondering where you were..." it's better to blurt it out, falcon. come on, just do it. he never usually got flustered like this. "this might be awkward.... i guess i just want to know what we are..... we never got a chance to talk about it back in shadowclan." he looked at his paws, blushing. what if she denies me?