moribund -- sheogorath vs. caledon

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  • Ebony forepaws scored the sand, pale moonlight trickled through the dark clouds that hung so low over the junkyard. The heat was suffocating, the air was still, yet a sprinkle had begun. Droplets staining the ground he walked. ‘sheogorath versus caledon’ a fight everyone longed for it seemed. As it had been announced, and met with an uproar. Sheogorath had been his idol, he had since become his rival yet now he stood as his healer. Funny little game time was, but now was the time of the Bloodbath. A time for buisness, and caledon was practically bred for it. Since his days in the shelter, he had worked up to perhaps this very moment.

    Limber stocky pillars swiveled beneath the alabaster form of the Bloodclan leader. Carrying him in a steady circle until he approached the middle of the pit and raised his head to meet his oceanic hues with the yellow-tinted moon. Gentle droplets colliding with his muzzle, leaking into his exposed jaws until he lowered it to meet his match. Sheogorath. A name feared by many, stuck up against a cat who feared none. Both a curse and a virtue, was his serenity within this moment.

    The maimed-face tom pulled his spine upward between his scapula, his tail vibrating as he stretched. Today, he would have to give it his all. A lifetime of brutal training leading up to now, perhaps Sheogorath be his match. Who’s to say? Time was to. He didn’t speak a word, which wasn’t hard with the heavy heart beating in his chest. Canary’s death was still a fresh wound that hardly allowed him to show emotion. Leaving him placid in this very moment, though his sanity was beginning to stagger.


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    ———— SHEOGORATH ————


    I'll return from darkness and will save your precious skin.

    The atmosphere, cool, a breeze, gentle against his whiskers, tossing a thick coat of lacerated tabby fur. Pale moonlight cut through silver, hanging, scattered clouds, cascading in a silvery, celestial essence, illuminating the arena that stretched before large, rounded and broad paws. A light drizzle, droplets that were scattered across his pelt, shining beneath the stars. There was a glow in blistering, heated eyes, fiery depths, hellish interiors, coal for pupils swathed in volcanic flame, narrowed into blazing daggers, centered and focused upon their target, intense and soul piercing. Teeth glinted, stained, lethal incisors, fangs that cut through the warm air as lungs drew in a breath, oxygen flowing past a barbed tongue and into expanding lungs.

    Sent by forces beyond salvation. There can be not one sensation.

    "Looks like it's just you and me now, Boss." Guttural was his voice, a darkness creeping into the tone, malice, sinister thoughts stalking into venomous words. In that moment, they were not allies. They were not friends. They were opposing forces of destructive nature, twin devils locked in a violent duel. Claws were like razors, reinforced with talons that carved and coiled into the rough grit beneath sturdy, muscle wrapped pistons for limbs. Caledon stood still, patient. He would be the attacker then. Very well. Sheogorath would waste little time with words, though he found them amusing, toys upon his lips, strings that linked to harsh, interior puppets.

    Brace yourself for all will pay.

    Muscles rippled beneath a thick coat of dusty hues, laced in obsidian ribbons, scarred, ruined facial features creased as a wicked grin was processed upon a brutalized maw, gums lined with dangerous weaponry that glowed in the shadow of the wet evening light. I am Dark Matter. You're a bolt of lightening in the sky now. Low to the ground, he crouched, a warning of things to come, a nightmare's final, ruthless message, a statement that he was prepared, that he was ready, that he was soon to begin their desperate struggle for power. Suddenly, in a blur, a flash, limbs propelled him forward, closer he drew, gliding across the earth with the thrum of paws accompanying his disciplined movements.


    Then, he was airborne, thrusting himself upward with overpowering momentum, front flipping in an agile, athletic display. His paw lashed out as he drew closer, when the prey was within reach, talons outstretched, massive, monstrous razors that pierced the atmosphere and whistled through the air as Sheogorath aimed to rake them down the length of Caledon's face, from forehead to chin. Then his nimble paws touched earth, and he sprung in an instant, pivoting around the leader's left shoulder and traveling like a bullet along the tuxedo's side, reaching out with his right fore-paw as he attempted, with brutal efficiency, to slash open his opponent's precious ribs. Viciousness ignited his vision as he went on the ruthless offense.


    But it wasn't over, he rocketed onward, sweeping around behind the fearless BloodClanner that ruled over his mind in that instant, teeth snapping, saliva flung in strings from his jaws as he then aimed to clamp his teeth around the base of Caledon's tail, ripping his head back and forth and pulling backward with all his might if he managed to latch on, while his two from limbs churned, attempting to hook into his foe's hips and twist, slam, the leader to the ground. More could be done, but he paused for breath, an instant he knew Caledon would take advantage of. But Sheogorath was ready. The fight had only just begun.

    Who will save your precious skin?

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    I'M NOT READY -- sheogorath | tigerpaw

  • ‘looks like it’s just you and me now boss’

    ‘Crack’ a whip had sounded off in unison with the force of muscles that bundled together before springing forth. Madness taking its pounce, as the devil stands his ground. Sweat-coated brows pulled together and his massive head tilted downward as time seemed to slow. Dark waves, battled by the hurricane of mayhem that was his glistening hues. luminescence and a pursuit of pandemonium that was this display. The air was his water as Sheogorath’s body capsized. Bringing a billow of reinforced daggers into his direct line of sight. Grasping the moment, Caledon recoiled his neck, however one of the claws had broke through a thin layer of his skin just above the base of his spine. Drawing no blood but white tendrils of his fur sprinkled in the wake of the healer’s paw.

    The muscles along his right foreleg bulged as he swung forth to knock the wind out of his opponent but Sheogorath had already cavorted to his left. Lowering his rump on instinct, Caledon twisted, following the shifty combatant eyeing his leg movement with close precision. Another strike, the pale tyrant had to dive down and curve his body into a horizontal bow as to avoid having his ribs exposed indefinitely. Though it only made it easy for the swift force of dexterity to wrap his jaws around his tail. Pain seared from the force biting down on the extension of his spine. A growl escaped his clenched jaws, as he swiveled his head backward he noticed that once again, Sheogorath’s claws came for his skin, demanding his blood. His hips were extremely sensitive, and as soon as the rough palm of the infamous brute's pad met with the sides of his rump. Caledon pulled in his hind-leg with haste. Isolating his claws to extend further from his hindpaw . From there he would aim to launch his leg backward with a meticulous jack-rabbit kick to the chest or throat, should it prevail.

    From there the pale beast would twist and trot away, but as he let his gaze wonder back toward the rainbow-collared giant, he noticed his pause and forced himself back into action. The tactician barreled forward but shifted with his approach, like a dance, a dance with the devil. Ebony tail lashing, splattering droplets of blood where Sheo’s teeth had punctured nearly to the bone if not, precisely. Though it stung, such simple wounds he hadn’t time to dwell on. Caledon swung his tail hard, with the ferocity of a viper in his strike. Aiming to sling blood into the tabby’s molten embers in a quick-wit attempt to temporarily render him 'blind'. Only then would he step forth adjacent to the tom’s right side and force his front paw upward. Hoping to connect with the skin between Sheo’s neck and jawline.

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    ———— SHEOGORATH ————


    He saw movement as his piercing claws reached, outstretched and hungry, for flesh. The jerk of a leg, the twitch of muscle along the haunches, the rippling of strength in a momentary display that he recognized in an instant. Sheogorath thrust himself backwards upon his hind limbs, drawn at a stand as the back leg rushed to greet his powerful figure. Claws traced his chest, not quite reaching enough to press into the flesh beneath darker laced dusty hues. In an instant, Caledon was gone, trotting at a distance away, giving Sheogorath room to return to his four paws, pressed firm against the soil beneath a solid, unmoving weight. But he didn't have much time to draw in breath, to fill his aching lungs with precious oxygen that flooded his throat and expanded his broad chest.

    Droplets of blood cascaded through the atmosphere toward his eyes, in a momentary decision, Sheogorath blinked, extinguishing the fiery, molten light of volcanic optics for an instant as scarlet, glittering strands struck his closed lids and blossomed across his skull. Then, it was over, and those soul swallowing optics spread open once more, just in time to see claws slice through his own flesh, ripping across the base of his jawline and stinging like a hundred bees. The pain of the wound ignited his mind with reflexive fury, a sudden, feral rage that enveloped a cool discipline of thought, calculating and cold, Sheogorath whirled, and flung himself at the leader, aiming to throw himself upon Caledon's back with enough force to send them both crashing sideways to the ground.

    His lethal incisors snapped, jaws unclamping for an instant before descending upon flesh as the healer attempted to snap his jaws around the scruff of his opponent. His forepaws churned alongside his back legs, hoping to rip, tear, and shred across shoulders and spine alike. Then he was gone, whether he managed his attacks or not, dancing away with the ease of nimble paws, lashing out as he pranced sideways toward Caledon's face, aiming to slash his reinforced weaponry across the leader's cheek. It was a violent display, and one he found excitement in. Eyes ignited with an expression of brutal energy. Lip curled, revealing glinting fangs, stained and yellowed with use, a dangerous warning as a guttural snarl rose from his cavernous chest.


    I'M NOT READY -- sheogorath | tigerpaw

  • tick tock, was sheogorath’s precise movement. like the old abandoned clock that sat in the corner of the house, folded over with layers of mold, yet it still ticked. Without missing a beat, massive tabby head dipping and hellish suns setting under his lids for the moment, just enough for Caledon to watch his own blood meet with the opponents muzzle. Before Cal had the slightest chance to exhale the Bloodthirsty Healer was soaring through the air, though his legs receded, his hip was set ablaze from the sudden movement and he winced, laying ruin to his ulterior motive to couter-attack. His hind-leg spread from his crouch and claws and teeth alike snapped around his scruff and back. The two tyrannical varmints flipped in unison, meeting the sand with a hard thud and kicking up a hellish storm of dirt, like a wave it crashed over a few NPC bystanders.

    The grip on his scruff intensified as Sheo was repositioning himself take advantage of this fetal position Caledon seemed to be in on his side. The pain from his hip was enough to paralyze any cat, however, was Caledon even a cat? The brutal maimed-face martinet twisted in the male’s jaws and missed a few of those flesh-shredding swipes, only catching a blade below the arm-pit as Sheo’s grip left the back of his neck. He felt the tom’s saliva mixing with his own blood, it stung from the top of his spine to his ear tips but Caledon only swiveled his head around to pop his neck and relax his muscles for the brief moment. However, a swift paw full of deadly daggers was once again coming toward his face. A monstrous snarl that rumbled the ground louder than his own pawsteps giving away the proximity of the demon before him. In that same instant, The sadistic sovereign would aim to tilt his head adjacent to the forthcoming paw and extend his jaws like a viper, attempting to chomp down on Sheogorath’s foreleg, and sink his pearly fangs into the protuberant muscle. Should this prevail or not, Caledon’s own set of bacteria infested claws would make for the former leader’s ears, aiming to shred from his lower right jawline to his ear tip. fluid in movement, though the white and black tom would stumble for a few inches upon losing a moment’s worth of balance. The two brutes perfectly painted a picture of what happens when an unstoppable force, meets with an immovable object.

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  • Ah, the fight Mary was waiting for. Before long, they were off and mismatched eyes struggled to decide on who to focus on. There was no use in hiding it, worry filled her sharp serpent-like optics watching the former Bloodclan leader spar with the current king. Her father was doing exceptionally well however, just as she expected from the monstrous brute. Excitement now replaced her worried features, elongated claws digging anxiously into the soft earth beneath her gargantuan bodice.


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  • The taste of copper filled his mouth and washed over a barbed tongue as Sheogorath attacked again. The flash of teeth caught his molten, hellish visionaries, and he knew with the swing of his arm's momentum, he wouldn't be able to pull his muscular fore-limb away in time. Teeth crunched down upon the bone and he felt the sting of intense pain race through his veins to bathe his mind in bright light. In an instant he moved once more, ducking away from Caledon's secondary attack, the claws grazing the side of his tattered ear, brushing along the fur that lingered there.

    A momentary break, as Sheogorath sucked in a breath, then he was thrusting himself forward once again. While Caledon's jaws were occupied upon his stinging limb, Sheogorath would jerk his leg to the side, hoping that it would force Caledon's head to shift and expose the target of Sheogorath's mind. Diving forward, the powerful figure's jaws parted, maw unclamping, the razors lining his gums glinting in the moonlight as he attempted to clamp teeth down hard on the side of Caledon's throat, and, with a twist of his mighty figure, fling the leader to the ground. Whether the attack worked or not, he'd tear his forelimb away and into the painful freedom of the open air. But the former leader wasn't finished. His strong, powerful back limbs propelled him forward, throwing him closer as Sheogorath aimed to tear his claws across Caledon's chest, his other forepaw, flicking crimson from his own tears in flesh, was thrown back toward the leader's face as Sheogorath attempted to rake his stained nails across Caledon's features, from cheek to cheek. Then, the former tyrant disengaged, flinging himself to the side to prance a distance away, watching Caledon with fierce volcanic eyes.


    I'M NOT READY -- sheogorath | tigerpaw

  • Caledon retracted his paw that had missed the target, his jaws clamped down hard into the meat of the former leader. Sheogorath’s blood wasn’t sweet like the majority of his victims. It was tangy with the touch of iron. As if he bled steel, but he hardly had time to dwell as the muscles convulsed between his jaws and his head was jerked to the side. Pearly razors leaving the fleshy sheathes. A trail of blood leaked from the monster’s mouth, and thunderous growl escaped his chest as teeth met so cleanly with his neck. Luckily his chain collar did some damage control, Caledon went with the tabby’s tactical twist. Like the wave of a violent ocean he landed on his back strategically giving Sheogorath the illusion and implication that he had the upper-hand once again. He had stiffened his spine for impact, therefor the breath was only slightly knocked from his lungs.

    Upon his back he remained during Sheogorath’s next bath of wrath, claws made for his chest. Caledon half-rolled to try and avoid the dark tabby’s razors but they had sliced down to the meat upon his upper rib and lower chest. A powerful grunt escaped his lips and hot crimson liquid splashed against his muzzle from sheo's forthcoming paw. Causing him to shut his eyes and twist away, just in time to avoid broadening his infamous scar. Alas, the large shadow that had engulfed him had withdrawn a few steps. Caledon was already on his paws with a swift acrobatic roll and jump. Though he panted softly, his eyes locked on the prince of madness sharp enough to cut through diamond. The warmth of his own blood seeping slowly from the cuts along his chest and rib.

    Alas after a few breaths, the iniquitous monarch was charging the sinister being, Leaping and twisting sideways he would aim to lock his teeth around Sheogorath’s leather rainbow collar and pull the Brobdingnagian down onto his side with ever fiber of his muscle beneath his pale blood-splattered pelt. His throat stinging as the wind swept through his fur along the bite-barks lining the side of his larynx. Whether this worked or not, he would aim to dig his hind-claws into the beast’s lower flank and belly to anchor him still for a moment or so. Whilst attempting to slam a bony paw into the tabby’s throat in an attempt to weaken him.