Please let me go [Open; Herb interest]

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  • ybLNaqY.gif He knew that this question was tough, it was suppose to be. The medicine cat had to make the close calls and not all of them would turn out okay. One of the things he wanted to teach his apprentice was that they could not save everyone. Some cats would die, even if they did everything right. Buzzardflight wanted his clan mates to know that they didn't have to wait for him. If someone was dying then they should step in and help. His blue eyes caught sight of his ex-mentor, his heart pausing for a moment. Did they still hate him? The medicine cat wasn't sure what he could do for them anymore. Did they want their rank back? Maybe he could talk with Jasperstar... the tom shook off his thoughts to pay attention to their answers, looking at them as they went one by one. Fogpaw seemed to really struggle with what was right and wrong in the situation and he hopes he gave them something to think about. "Yes, of course. Anyone can step in and help, it is better than letting a cat die because I couldn't get there in time. Well, that's all I have for today. If anyone has questions, I'll be here." .

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    Milkkit’s chubby form had sat throughout the whole thing, trying her best to soak up the information as it came. Some points of the convo made her blink in confusion as she tried to keep up to pace with the others, but Milky’s eagerness to learn prevailed over her momentary confusion. She looked and listened to the others, the ones who actually knew what they were talking about, and when they provided a correct answer, nodded enthusiastically at whatever it was. Medicine ... excited her, and it was much more appealing to her to aid clanmates rather than get caught up in a tussle. So she sat, blue orbs blinking as Milkkit anticipated questions.

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  • So what if there’s more then one around to help? Someone could go find you, while the rest try to help the ailing cat to the best of our knowledge and leave the big stuff to the real medicine cat? And what if they die before you can arrive? Would it be our fault? The tom piped up, tail twitching behind him.

  • The sound of Leafpaw's voice makes Fogpaw glance at his denmate. So he had noticed. He takes in a deep breath through his nose and exhales slowly before nodding stiffly."I am alright." His gaze sweeps back to Buzzardflight as the medicine cat explains that it was, in fact, alright to help anyone if he was not around. This made Fogpaw furrow his brows as he contemplates silently. His earlier thoughts echoing through his head. As he is about to question Buzzardflight, Jaguarkit asks something similar to what he was thinking. He glances at the kit for a moment before focusing his attention back to the medicine cat to await his response.

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