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  • LONG LIVE ALL THE MAGIC WE MADE && shadowclan & tags


    shadowclan - warrior - 14 moons

    i. intro

    ii. tags

    iii. plot ideas

    iv. important threads

    v. gallery

    vi. to-do list

    -> i do not claim the rights to any of the fancyposts/sigs/avvies/art, etc. all credit goes to the creator/owner!



    one day we will be remembered — tags

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  • GENERAL INFO — *+:☽

    ( briarkitbriarpaw— briarthorn / female [she/her] )

    — 14 moons / ages double / dec 29

    — shadowclan / warrior / mentor was sorrelfire / no apprentice yet


    ( npc x npc / adopted by honeycomb / siblings: lambpaw, deerkit / children: hazelkit, cranberrykit, berrykit, pumpkinkit, chestnutkit )

    — heterosexual / taken by owlflight / not looking

    — ½ owlthorn / crushing on owlflight

    — romantic but untrusting, paranoid of deception and have a fear of abandonment

    — previous relationship with desertbreeze, father of her kits

    AESTHETIC — *+:☽

    ( physical health: 90% / mental health: 70% )

    — domestic shorthair / ref

    — she's a petite brown and white tabby with striking green eyes. she's very pretty and has a way of drawing people in with her looks and her bell-like voice. but once you get a closer look at her you can tell that she was probably underfed most of her life as she looks almost sick because she's so skinny.

    PERSONALITY — *+:☽

    ( mbti tba / hogwarts tba / alignment tba )

    — polite, loving, stubborn, cunning, untrusting, anxious

    — very polite and always makes an attempt to be socially correct and nice to everyone, mostly just because of the fact that she desperately wants everyone to like her. this can make her cunning at times because she selfishly always strives to get what she wants and can lie, deceive, and go against her better judgement to make it happen. although she always wants people to like her she is wary to trust others fully because of her fear of being abandoned. this also makes her slightly anxious on a daily basis. also very very stubborn and it takes a lot to make her back down from what she wants and what she thinks is right

    INTERACTION — *+:☽

    ( physically hard )

    — attack in #647b60 or @ account

    — powerplaying nonviolent/healing actions is allowed

    — starts with self defense to tire her opponent and then will attack when they are weak

    OTHER — *+:☽

    ( plot / pinterest board )

    — penned by hopey / pm this account for plots


    one day we will be remembered — tags

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  • LONG LIVE ALL THE MAGIC WE MADE && shadowclan & tags


    - witness hecate of bloodclan kidnap swiftkit from riverclan while wandering the borders. she follows, hoping to rescue swiftkit and hecate realizes she is trailing them and leads briarpaw right into the bloodclan camp where they are waiting to capture her DONE

    - captured by bloodclan & saved when owlpaw trades himself for her & owlpaw returns, things are tense & owlpaw and briar crush on each other & when she is pregnant with someone else's kits he gets mad and gets dogpaw pregnant & then they eventually make up and come back together DONE

    - falls in love with desertbreeze & she finds out she is pregnant & she tells him and he tells her he doesn't want to be her mate but he does want to help raise them (further intensifies her untrusting nature and her fear of abandonment, goes into depression) & gives birth to their kits DONE

    - finds and meets up with her mom again



    one day we will be remembered — tags

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  • LONG LIVE ALL THE MAGIC WE MADE && shadowclan & tags


    one day we will be remembered — tags

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  • LONG LIVE ALL THE MAGIC WE MADE && shadowclan & tags



    - briar x honey thread

    - thunderpath thread

    - make family thread

    reply to:



    one day we will be remembered — tags

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  • Birthing Thread:

    Sorrelfire. Icefeather. Owlflight. All gone. The pain of losing them and wondering where they were and if they were alright had sent the expecting queen into a panic. There was nothing she could do but sit around and wait for news of their return or death. She prayed for the former for all three of her beloved clanmates. To have her medicine cat, mother figure, and the tom she was in love with all be gone was not good for the brown and white tabby. She spent her nights pacing, worrying if they would make it home or not. She needed them all there with her. She often scolded herself for the selfish thoughts - knowing that it didn't matter about her. All that mattered was that they were safe and they were coming home soon. But she couldn't help the feeling of doom when she thought about her nearing birth.

    One specific night Briarthorn was practically losing her mind with worry as she paced the empty nursery. That was when the feeling came. It was something she wouldn't be able to explain but she just knew - her kits were coming and soon. Barely taking time to think twice about her actions, the she-cat was stepping out of the nursery and into the damp wintery air. Without hesitating, she walked straight of camp, heading for the borders to make her way to RiverClan. It was the only place she could think to go in the absence of the ones she needed in ShadowClan. She knew Tansyface, Ratstar, Cedarpaw, Hornetsting, and others could help her. But the only other cat she could think of that she actually wanted to be with was Desertbreeze. And maybe Rootlegs or Chasingcomets would be there to help her through her birth. Maybe.

    It took her awhile to get close enough to the marshy territory to hear the river gurgling as it surrounded it. Finding the familiar stepping stones from all of her visits with Desertbreeze, she steadily crossed. It took extra care - the weight she was carrying wasn't a help. But she soon stepped into the soft ground of Clan she sometimes longed to be in. The thoughts always made her feel as if she was a traitor. Something pulled her here. ShadowClan was her home, though, and she was loyal to her Clan to the death.

    Her slow steps didn't carry her very far before she felt the pain come on. It was agonizingly painful, taking everything in her to not scream out in pain. At this point, she knew she wasn't going to make it to the RiverClan campy. What was she thinking anyway? Was she just going to bust in there like she was completely welcome? She would have been lucky if she even found the camp. It wasn't a problem she would have to worry about now. The unfamiliar pain of birth was too much for the young queen to bear and it brought her to the ground.

    Briarthorn had been smart enough to carry a stick from her territory. She remembered a queen using it when Briar witnessed her kitten's birth as only a child herself. It had been ... scarring to watch. But it was helpful now, as she clamped down on the stick, preparing to push. It was all instinct by that point. Every raw animal instinct she had inside of her was brought to the surface as she pushed to birth six kittens.

    The first was a brown tabby with no white. He didn't breathe or stir, no matter how many time Briar licked his fur the wrong way. The pain of seeing her first kit be a stillborn was enough to wreck her heart enough to want to just stop. But perhaps it was for the best that he went first, as she had no choice but to keep going for her other kits and the five others came perfectly healthy behind him. The new mother was in exhausted awe at their beauty.

    A chocolate and white tom was second born followed by a gray and white she-kit. A brown and white tabby she-kit was next, practically identical to herself. Then a black tom with a small white spot splashed across his chest. And finally, a chocolate tabby she-kit. Two boys and a girl. Her perfect little family. Briarthorn could barely take her eyes off of them as she kept them close to her stomach, occasionally nuzzling them. The stillborn was where he was birthed and she let her tail drape over his cold body softly, giving him comfort despite him not having a life.

    All she could do now was keep her kits warm in the cold and hope that someone would come along soon. Hopefully Desertbreeze.


    one day we will be remembered — tags