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  • Name: Coffeespots

    Training Style: Coffee is a very no-nonsense kind of teacher. She wants her apprentice to learn to manage time, take responsibility, and be reliable, but won't hesitate to reward them with a day off or some treats for a job well done. She prides herself on her ability to implement a rewards system that makes training enjoyable for both of them.

    Max no. of apprentices: One

    Other (not required):

    those sycophants who follow you, i'll remember all their names tags

    please tell me you know ——— ・゚✧ 」

    ❝ i've got to let you go — tags + storage

  • Name: Sunspots

    Training Style: Understanding and very loyal. She will want them to learn how to protect themselves against dogs since she was attacked by one and will also train them to climb trees.

    Max no. of apprentices: 2

    Other (not required): :)

    Sunspots is open to apprentices again

    thunderclan warrior 18 moons girl hopeclaw x frecklepaw

    roleplayed by decaying - TAGS


  • Hailcloud is open for apprentices again!


    " HAIL "

    the preacher lost his son, he's known by all in town... he found him in another son of god,

    feeding on the prayer, never mind what God said... but love had lost it's cause

    and i thought, today had been okay... today has been okay

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    hermaprodite, identifies as male + 18 months + thunderclan warrior, mentoring + medium difficulty

    father of four+ blue-silver tabby + loner-born + homosexual, single + attacks in bold