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  • he let out an almost scandalized gasp at alexander's words. "we are not fucking while holly's innocent eyes and ears are around," minseok said, clutching the cat closer to his chest. "you can both have some of my attention. don't fight over me," he added jokingly, a large grin coming to his face.

  • Alexander could feel a smirk coming onto his lips at his words. “But that does mean there is a chance that we can screw! You had said you didn’t want to.” He said with a large smile replacing his smirk. “I will fight about your attention. You are my husband and I think that I am supposed to come first.” He stated.

  • "well, if you really think you can deal with it, i'm sure that we can figure something out," minseok hummed when alexander pointed that out, a small smile on his face. a dramatic sigh left his mouth at alexander's words. "here, have some attention," he teased, reaching up to kiss alexander's cheek.

  • “I think I can. After all, you are going to be the one doing all of the work. I will help as much as I can, but it won’t be a lot.” Alexander confessed. He gave him a look at the kiss on his cheek. “That is barely any attention. You are hugging and petting her like crazy. I feel so left out.” He joked.

  • "i'm talking to you, aren't i? and you're lucky that we're talking about this. i should really be covering holly's ears," he added with a small grin, glancing down at the cat in his arms. she was purring, content to just lie there. "what am i supposed to do? she looks so happy~"

  • “Like Holly is the innocent party here. I know some of the things she has seen.” Alexander stated with a chuckle. He truly was enjoying how light the mood currently was between the two. It felt like a weight had been lifted from his chest. “I don’t know. She does look happy.” He realized. “Maybe Piper will come and scare her away.”

  • "so who's the innocent one here, then?" minseok asked, raising his eyebrows. he let out a gasp at alexander's words. "if piper comes and scares her away, i'm going to be so sad!" he exclaimed, shaking his head. "she'd better not. you don't want me crying, do you?" he added teasingly.

  • “None of us are. I know she had been in the room when we have done the do before.” Alexander paused for a moment. “Great, now I want to screw.” He was almost like a little kid truly. “You would not cry over her leaving. I would smack you.” He joked. He shifted around to try and get closer to him, but it wasn’t the easiest.

  • “that doesn’t mean she isn’t innocent! she’s a lot more innocent than you are,” he accused playfully. “and.. now you’ve just proved my point,” he added teasingly. seeing alexander trying to shift around, minseok moved closer to him, snuggling up against his side. “i would totally cry. and then i’d justify cry harder because you smacked me,” he said, sticking out his tongue.

  • “Of course she will be more innocent than me! Look how much I have gone through.” Alexander pointed out with a laugh. He truly looked grateful that the other shifted to be closer to him. It save don’t him a lot of effort. He wrapped his arms around him tighter and kissed his cheek softly. “You know you love me.”

  • minseok let out a thoughtful hum at alexander’s words. “do i love you?” he asked teasingly, looking up at alexander with a soft expression. “yeah, i do. kind of stupid of me, but i’m sure it’s all going to work out,” he added with amusement.

  • Alexander waited for his response, figuring that it would be their normal exchange. He raised both of his eyebrows at his comment. “Oh wow, look who is getting rude. I don’t even know if I should kiss you anymore. I think Minseok should be cut off from my affection.” He stated jokingly, of course.

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    Alexander decided that he might as well continue to play these cards. A soft sound left his lips as his grip on the other male loosened. “I don’t know Minnie. I really think you need to be taught a lesson and the only way to do that is to cut you off.” He hummed out, trying not to smile.

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    Alexander let out another soft sound and shook his head. “You can’t last even a minute? I think you need to be cut off for even longer now.” He commented. He was clearly in the verge of laughing, but he was trying to keep it together.

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    minseok let out a huff when alexander said he needed to be cut off for longer. “well fine,” he complained. “if you’re not going to kiss me anymore, i guess i’m just going to have to do that myself,” he said, darting up to kiss alexander’s cheek.

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    Alexander bit his bottom lip then, trying not to chuckle still. “Oh really? Are you just going to kiss my face? Or will you get more adventurous?” He asked curiously. He was rather curious to see where and what the other male was going to kiss. He doubted he would do what he was thinking of.

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    “i’m keeping this safe while holly is here,” minseok said, glancing down at the cat who’d managed to wedge herself in the tiny space between alexander and minseok. she was currently sleeping, minseok able to hear her purring. “you’re okay with your lips for now?” minseok teased before he kissed alexander.


    Alexander glanced down at the cat as well, chuckling finally. He was glad that she finally got along with him and it showed. He had been worried that she was always going to hate him. “I guess I am okay with that for now.” He stated. He immediately melted into the kiss and kissed him back then.