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    Alexander didn’t know that Holly had curled up beside him as he slept. He ended up sleeping late into the next day. When he woke up, he wasn’t feeling any better. His immediate thought was how Minseok wasn’t beside him. He blinked to stop the tears from falling again. He shifted to try and get more comfortable. He didn’t plan on moving unless it was absolutely necessary. He was perfectly comfortable here.

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    Chaewon was just as worn out as Alexander was, with all the crying she had done. She slowly woke up, pulling herself from the bed and into the kitchen so she could at least make some sort of food to eat and then force Alexander to eat, as well. Holly had remained in her place, though, moving around until she was in a position where she could lean forward and cautiously sniff at Alexander's face, letting out a tiny meow.

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    Alexander heard the light meow, his gaze finally shifting to look at the cat then. He was clearly surprised to see he took laying beside him. He didn’t say anything against it though. He actually was appreciating the company some. They never really got to spend time like this together before. He carefully reached over to light scratch by her ears. “Hi Holly. I’m sorry for yelling at you.” He spoke in a hoarse voice.

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    Holly closed her eyes and let out a purr as Alexander scratched her ears, leaning into his hand a bit. She was definitely acting much nicer than she ever had before with Alexander, blatantly showing favouritism to Minseok instead. Angling her head, she began rasping her tongue over Alexander's palm, able to tell that he was upset. This was something that calmed her down, it would work out the exact same way for him, right?

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    Alexander actually cracked a gentle smile as he watched the cat. He had grown so used to Holly just showing how much she loved Minseok. It was a bit odd to see her trying to cheer him up. He didn’t say anything against it though, continuing to pet the cat. He truthfully just felt numb on the inside by this point in time.

  • "Alexander?" Chaewon called from the kitchen, poking her head out and seeing Alexander interacting with Holly, a small smile on her face as she watched. "I'm making eggs, do you want something to eat?" Despite her asking it as a question, there was finality in her tone, signalling that Alexander would eat whether he wanted to or not.

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  • Alexander slowly turned his gaze to look at the other. That is when he saw the look that was in her eyes. “Sure. I know you are going to make me eat either way. Thanks Chaewon.” His voice seemed to be quieter then. He began to focus back on Holly then. “I’m sorry for yelling at you. I shouldn’t have.” He whispered to her. He probably looked crazy talking to a cat, but he didn’t care.

  • Chaewon gave him a sad smile when he agreed to it because he knew that Chaewon was going to make him eat regardless of his decision, keeping an eye on him for a few more seconds and disappearing back into the kitchen when she saw Alexander beginning to talk to Holly again. If that's what makes him feel better, then let him do it, she thought with a small sigh.

    Holly let out another purr. She liked when people talked to her, unless they had horrible scratching voices that weren't soothing to her ears at all. The smaller one had a nice voice, she thought, then looking around as if searching for him. He was usually close to this one when they were home. Upon not seeing him, she let out another small meow, staring at Alexander again.

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  • Alexander felt a pang in his heart when he saw Holly look around for Minseok. “Minnie is dead. He was killed yesterday Holly. He isn’t going to be coming home. It is just you, me, the puppies, and the baby when it is born. I know you haven’t liked me, but I will be here to take care of you now.” He mumbled to her. His voice broke some as he talked.

  • Holly just stared at Alexander, still unable to completely understand what was going on. What she could tell, though, was that the big human was upset, and that made the small one upset, too. The feline pressed closer to Alexander still, a tiny meow coming from her as she pressed her nose to Alexander's cheek, tongue beginning to rasp over his cheek now. Little human knows how to make him happy, maybe if I find little human then they'll both be okay again.

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    Alexander managed to crack a gentle smile as she licked his cheek. “Thanks Holly.” He whispered. He would give anything to his Minseok back by his side again. The other male meant so much to him. He truly did feel like he was dying without him. Some gentle breaths left his now. “Are your mom and dad coming to stay with us here or with Minhyuk?” He called out gently to Chaewon.

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    Chaewon heard Alexander and came back into the doorway. "They're coming here, I think. They should be here any minute." she told him. "Minhyuk's going to be coming over for breakfast, too. I think it's best for us to all be together right now," she added in a soft murmur. "I know that my parents are bringing a bunch of photo albums and stuff."

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    Alexander felt his breath hitch in his throat at the thought of everyone coming over. It was probably just something he was going to have to get used to. The thought of photo albums made him quite upset as well. “O-Okay.” He spoke gently. He knew that he looked like a giant mess at the current moment in time.

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    "You don't have to look if you don't want to," Chaewon told him quietly, shaking her head. "The rest of us will, though. Do you want to go get cleaned up before they all get here?" she then asked, raising her eyebrows. Honestly, if he said yes, she was either going to go in there with him - fuck, he was the one who technically impregnated her, she didn't give a fuck - or raid the bathroom so there wasn't anything dangerous in there.

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    Alexander slowly stood up as she spoke her question. He reached up to rub his face some. “Yeah... I will go get cleaned up more. I’ll still look like a mess, but it won’t be as bad.” He spoke quietly. He leaned down to place a light kiss to the top of Holly’s head. He then made his way towards the bathroom. He had a feeling she was going to be making sure he wouldn’t do anything stupid.

  • "Alexander, wait a second," Chaewon called, making sure the eggs wouldn't burn before going after him, holding him back outside of the bathroom. "Give me a second, I'll go in there first." she explained, not being subtle about her rifling through any drawers and taking away anything she decided Alexander could possibly use to harm himself. Gathering them in her arms, she carried them out of the bathroom, giving Alexander a small smile. "Okay, you're good." she murmured.

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  • Alexander stood outside the door as the other woman began to rifle through the cabinets. He didn’t question it though. He figured that she was going to do something like that. “Thanks Chaewon.” He said quietly. He stepped into the bathroom and shut the door behind him. He took a quick shower before he had to go into the master bedroom. He looked at his feet as he got dressed. He came back out then.

  • When Alexander came out, he would see the rest of the family gathered in the kitchen talking quietly, all of them looking up when Alexander entered the room. Miyeun didn't wait a second before making her way to Alexander, opening her arms wide and wrapping him in a hug. "I'm so sorry, dear," she whispered, tears running down her own face.

    Minhyuk glanced around at everyone, eyes downcast when he said, "They found his body. It's being brought here so we can have a funeral." His voice was void of emotion, tapping his fingers on the table.

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    Alexander hadn’t expected for everyone to already be gathered in the living room. He felt his breath hitch in his throat at her words. He carefully leaned into the hug. He gave her a very weak smile. “I’m sorry too.” He whispered. He heldnher as close as he could. He pulled away when Minhyuk spoke. He just nodded his head a little bit. He moved to take a seat at the table. It was clear how much this was affecting him.

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    Chaewon got the food that she'd been making, setting it on the table so everyone could eat it. "Dig in," she said to the entire table, sliding into her own seat. "Everyone is going to eat." she added, giving everyone a hard look. She was trying to remain as strong as she possibly could, which was hard (but that was to be expected, right?).

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