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  • Marshpelt: Whisperfoot / pending.
    Frostedpaw: Pidgeonspots / pending.
    Echosong: Firestorm / pending.
    Scorchfur: Burial cats / Waiting, nothing to say or do lol.


    —— :: Lion // rogue. 45 moons. ( template wip )

    - Falconclaw.

    Lion rolled his eyes with a light huff, in desperate times cats lost their way. A prime opportunity.

    At Paleflames name his ear twitched a bit. "Of course, she has my blood." He chuckled lowly. "There

    would be no way she wouldn't grow strong." A pause, eyes narrowing. "Though, if they hadn't exiled

    me, she'd be far stronger I'm sure. They all would, none of this chaos and desperation." He scoffed.

    Then, he took a moment to consider, flexing his claws idly. "Perhaps it's time I retrieve her. She'd be

    a good asset to us." A dark chuckle as his tail lashed. "What do you think, Falconclaw?"

    DAQMLUq.png—— :: Lightfire // queen. 18 moons.

    - Dustpelt.

    Lightfire turned to Dustpelt, ears pressing to her head in concern.

    Distressed was accurate. "Ah, Dustpelt. Silverkit and Willowkit... they've

    gone missing. Have you seen them?" She asked with a small frown, walking

    alongside him towards the fresh-kill pile. She held a worry look as her eyes

    flickered around. "Maybe we should tell Marshpelt. They might've snuck off."

    All of her kittens held quite the pride and ambitious attitude, perhaps Willowkit

    had gotten some idea when Bravekit had upset her.

    —— :: Silverkit // kit. 5 moons.FPjk3Kv.png

    - Willowkit.

    Once Silverkit saw Willowkit safely in the hole, she let her feet carry her

    towards it, too. She was quick to leap into the hole, letting out a pained mewl

    when she felt teeth latching onto her tail, claws digging into the roots curving

    around the dirt and yanking herself forward, feeling the fangs dragging in her

    skin before she finally got her tail free and could stumble inside the hole, her

    clumsy entrance causing her to slide down the steep drop, a surprised cry

    before she finally skidded to a halt and could lift her head.

    "Willowkit!" She called, just barely making out her sisters shape in the dark,

    wasting no time in shuffling to her, the enclosed tunnel making her feel a little overwhelmed.

    "Are you alright?" She asked in a quiet tone, nudging the other kitten with her nose. She definitely looked worse for the


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  • (I feel a warm sisterhood brewing between Willowkit and Silverkit. :-D)

    Willowkit~5 moons~Silverkit

    Willowkit felt a warm nose nudge and she looked up to see Silverkit's soft concerned blue eyes. "I-I'm fine..." Was it cold in there or was it just her? "Are you...Are you okay?" She asked as she laid her head back down, her eyes starting to turn rather dull looking. "We were foolish to go outside the camp...I was foolish to even drag you into this..." She took deep breaths, her chest rising and falling slower then it should be. Both labored with pain and shame, It was all her fault. She cared more about her sister then her own life, the very life that might be slipping away by the minute. Growls sounded from outside and she could hear clawing at the mouth of the rabbit hole. The fox was trying to get in...She looked up at her sister's big blue eyes, " I'm sorry sis..." She said and laid her head down once more, this time closing her eyes and her ragged breaths continued rising and falling.


    P.S. In case your wondering she isn't gonna die...