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    Marshpelt: Whisperfoot / pending.
    Frostedpaw: Pidgeonspots / pending.
    Echosong: Firestorm / pending.

    —— :: Lion // rogue. 45 moons. ( template wip )

    - Falconclaw.

    Lion's gaze cut through the darkness as he watched Falconclaw,l making no

    moves to call out to him. When Falconclaw spoke up, only then did Lion make his

    location known, creeping out from the dark branches of the tree. His claws dug into

    it's bark, sharp eyes staring down at the warrior. He didn't answer his question when

    he spoke - in fact, he ignored it. "Hello, Falconclaw." He meowed gravelly. "Do you

    have anything to report?" He asked, looming over the other from his position on the


    —— :: Silverkit // kit. 5 moons.FPjk3Kv.png

    - Willowkit.

    Silverkit scoffed at her sister, blue eyes rolling as the other seemed to

    catch scent of something else. Even the prey must be desperate for food,

    being so out in the open and sluggish. She didn't think Willlowkit could catch

    it, frankly. Silverkit just thought of herself as quite special, her ego surprisingly

    inflated for such a tiny kitten.

    She stuck to the shadows to stay out of her sisters way, though, peering

    through leaves with big eyes - eyes which widened upon seeing the fox.

    Her first instinct was to call out in shock, but somehow her mouth felt dry

    and she was silent, tail tucking between her legs as she stared in horror. What did she do!? Her claws dug into

    the earth. She knew what she had to do, save Willowkit. But, she wasn't stupid enough to think she could.

    take a fox, even one that looked like a starving kit itself. No, she had to try. She wasted no more time in

    pouncing from the brush when the fox walked by, She latched her claws and teeth into it's rear, biting down

    as hard as she could, as if it was just another moss ball. Her claws tearing at it to try and rip it's fur apart.

    Then, she was being shaken off, Silverkit letting out a pained mew as she landed in the dirt. "Willowkit!"

    she called, relieved to see Willowkit had been dropped. "Hide!" She spat rather aggressively, fur on end

    as she bared her teeth and hissed at the fox, eyes darting around for an escape - and there. "The rabbit


    DAQMLUq.png—— :: Lightfire // queen. 18 moons.

    - Bravekit.

    Lightfire frowned deeply, eyes scanning the camp as she exited

    the nursery. Silverkit and Willowkit had just been in there, but they'd

    disappeared. She wasn't too concerned at first, they'd probably wandered

    around the camp, but was growing increasingly worried as she searched.

    "Bravekit, have you seen your sisters?" She asked, having located Bravekit

    and brought him close, licking the top of his head worriedly.

    VP5uAQJ.png—— :: Scorchfur// medicine cat. 18 moons.

    - Opal, Snakepaw, Paleflame, Cindercloud, Smokepaw.

    Scorchfur stepped back after assisting the others to dig, sitting down a little ways

    away so they could grieve. He felt a little like he was intruding, since he'd never been

    that close with Ivybreeze. So, he stayed back, tail curling around his paws and watching

    them with a sympathetic gaze, yet stoic expression.

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  • Snakepaw - @ cats at the burial and Scarletfox for Firestorm

    The burial was now ready to begin, although the leader Hailstar nor the deputy Marshpelt were to be seen to give the once brave warrior of Flareclan the appropriate sending off. He remained frozen in the burial and time seemed to moved incredibly slow. It would only make sense for a senior warrior of Flareclan to send Ivybreeze off to Starclan and who better than her old mentor, Firestorm.

    Cindercloud - @ cats at the burial

    The warrior looked over to Paleflame with a judgmental look on her face. Her apprentice was stuck in the pit they had dug out and they couldn't start the ceremony with him in it. She then turned to her uncle, Firestorm hoping he would help her when the time came to lift Ivybreeze's body. Waiting for the senior warrior to speak, Cindercloud press close to Opal's side in an attempt to comfort her. Seeing her son walk in after her, holding the rosemary in his jaws she gave a nod of approval to him. Smokepaw had done what she asked but she had not forgotten that he was looking for her somewhere he should not of been.

    Rainpaw - KagomeMoana  

    As she suspected, Skybriar was more than okay with her coming along - she just had to convince Scorchfur and honestly the tom usually let her do what she wanted nowadays. She nodded in understanding and then wondered if Skybriar was going to join the two in talking about the clan. Beetlepaw hadn't talked too much about her recently so she wasn't sure if they were on good terms or even if they were close at all. Her tail flicked awkwardly in the silence between the three before she finally spoke, "a lot of commotion going on today, huh Skybriar? I'm pretty sure the morning patrol didn't even start their route because of it." Somehow, Rainpaw knew most things that happened in the clan. She was a gossip but also a very useful informant. Many cats of the clan couldn't understand how she knew so much - it's almost like she was in every event. >.> <.<

    Firetalon - Oceano Sun  

    jearing Spottedfeather's voice he stored away his current idea and turned to face her and her brother. "You weren't gone for that long" he purred watching how close he got to the she-cat whilst her brother was around,, "you must of missed me." With a gleeful look in his eyes the tom stood up confidently, puffing out his chest in an attempt to impress Spottedfeather.

    Falconclaw - pvnchii

    Falconclaw's unimpressed look began to shift as the notorious rogue showed himself. Something about the golden tom made Falconclaw come as close to grinning as anything had. Lion had a strong and powerful presence about him in which he used correctly in Falconclaw's opinion... he could control rogues after all. That alone showed his capabilities. That was something Falconclaw was extremely impressed with. "Hailstar hasn't been seen in a while, I think she might of heard some bad news from Scorchfur since he is acting grumpier than usual but then again the morning patrol found a former Flareclan queen... dead." He paused and watch the rogues reaction to his information but swiftly moved on to explain it all, "remember Ivybreeze, she had disappeared with Opalkit before The Big Blaze. The apprentice was found with a wounded shoulder but that is all." As Falconclaw spoke more he found himself relaxing more and more - only because Lion and him and once been close when he was apart of Flareclan. In fact, Falconclaw had always said that Lion was the brother he wish he had instead of the pathetic excuse that is Marshpelt.

  • She purred and looked at him curiously. "I didn't miss you. Well not in a bad way. My bragging brother is in camp and I'm the only one that can shut him up!"

  • Smokepaw's head bowed as he watched the burial. He didn't know Ivybreeze well, but deep in his heart he felt sorry for her loved ones, especially Firestorm. The apprentice watched Firestorm's facial expressions change as the process was carried out.

    God, am I sorry I ever considered myself an artist.

  • Marshpelt: Whisperfoot / pending.
    Frostedpaw: Pidgeonspots / pending.
    Echosong: Firestorm / pending.
    Silverkit: Willowkit / pending.
    Lightfire: Bravekit / pending.
    Scorchfur: Burial cats / Waiting, nothing to say or do lol.

    —— :: Lion // rogue. 45 moons. ( template wip )

    - Falconclaw.

    Lion listened in silence, the news somewhat surprising to him. Scorchfur, the medicine cat.

    That just made Lion think it had something to do with a prophecy. Chaos might be rising for

    them quite soon, a prime time for the rogues to add to that. His eyes remained fixed on

    Falconclaw. "Ivybreeze... The name rings familiar." He hummed. At the news of Opalkit, Lion

    could only laugh - though it was more of a dark chuckle with no actual amusement. "Flareclan

    exiles me but lets in the kitten of a cat who wanted to abandon her clan. How rich." He drawled,

    leaping from the tree and landing on the ground with powerful movements. "Thank you for the

    news, Falconclaw. What do you suggest we do about it? I do care about your opinion, after all."

    He smiled, eyes on the other tom. Rather than Falconclaw, he certainly cared more for the

    information the warrior provided, but he did appreciate how the other knew who'd be the better

    leader. His loyalty to Lion was appreciated.

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  • Dia'kendi   pvnchii

    Spottedfeather purred and brushed her tail lightly against Firetalon's. She always knew he was a flirt, but she had recently discovered that she is quite into him. "Dustpelt can you go talk to your old apprentice friends? Or maybe try and go make NEW friends?" she meowed to her little brother, smiling.

    Dustpelt stuck his tongue out and rolled his eyes. "Yeah whatever, not like I wanted to have a nice grooming session with my elder sister. Who knows, maybe I'll go check on Petalkit." he muttered, stalking off towards the nursery. His tail flicked, clearly irritated by being sent off by Spottedfeather, as he padded over to Lightfire. "Hi, you look distressed, need a cat to help you?" he purred, grooming his paw and rubbing his ear.

    Petalkit leaped out of the nursery, her energy surging through her. It was her first time leaving the nursery and she wasn't going to forget it. She caught sight of her dazzling elder sister and bounded over to her and Firetalon, giggling. "Whose this, sister?" She was smiling and purring uncontrollably, she bounded around and chased Firetalon's tail, pretending it was an orange-red mouse. She smiled as she leaped at his tail, pouncing and pawing, meowing happily as she pinned his tail.

    Spottedfeather purred as she caught sight of her younger sister, and smiled, pawing her little sister's head gently. "Hi gorgeous! Oh! This is Firetalon. Firetalon, this is my little sister, Petalkit. She looks like me and my mum, doesn't she?" she meowed, a purr exiting her throat, and vibrating on Firetalon slightly. She pricked her ears at her sister's behaviour but laughed, she couldn't help it. Her little sister was almost as ridiculous as a monkey with a cat pelt on in leaf-bare.

  • Snakepaw - waiting for Firestorm Scarletfox  

    Cindercloud - same ^^

    Rainpaw - waiting on KagomeMoana Skybriar and Paleflame Beetlepaw

    Firetalon - Oceano Sun  

    With an adoring smile on his face, the red tom watched Petalkit pounce on his tail. "You are going to make an amazing hunter!" he purred to the little one. Unlike others, most cats would of made a remark on how the clan could use good hunters due to the rarity of prey but Firetalon couldn't care less. The tom was the strongest hunter in the clan despite his carefree nature and found that he'd never go hungry with his skills... However, he'd been noticing other cats of the clan giving him weird looks due to his well nourished body compared to other warriors such as Cindercloud.

    "Heh, you think?" he replied with a light tone to Spottedfeather's comment about the kit looking similar to her and her mother. The tom did not really think so and it wasn't in his nature to lie about such trivial things. Seizing the opportunity he continued, "her mother sure, you... I would say you're the prettiest cat in this clan." He leaned in closer to Spottedfeather so Petalkit could not hear as he whispered the words.

    Falconclaw - pvnchii

    The Flareclan warrior watched Lion carefully as he moved from the tree to the ground and although a grin barely formed his dull yellow eyes lit up with interest. "My opinion..." Falconclaw thought for a moment before speaking. He was not keen on saying stupid things round the notorious tom, not out of fear but rather a desire for his respect. "I don't believe he is much of a worry Lion, the majority of the go off on their own from time to time. I think it's because they're starving and don't want anyone see them break their precious Warrior Code." With that the tom's gaze shifted away from the powerful golden tom to his paws. "Your Paleflame, she is growing stronger and making her apprentice Snakepaw into a great warrior," as he spoke about Lion's kin his mind was drifting onto his own rogue kits. "Now we might have to do something about her," he meowed in a serious tone, lifting his head to meet eyes with Lion.

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  • skybriar blinked and whipped her head around to Rainpaw. Her stunning eyes narrowing as she gave the young she-cat a soft growl. "This isn't a time for gosspid Rainpaw, this is a sad day. For everyone here! A fellow warrior and a mother just died!" Skybriar huffed as she watched the young she-cat loner curl inot herself. Skybriar wasn't one to snap but this was one thing she wasn't happy about being gossiped on.


  • Spottedfeather purred as a light blush grew on her cheeks. She smirked and licked his ear kindly. "Hmm... nah. I don't think so." she meowed cheekily, smiling. She moved one paw in front of the other, as she was almost touching noses with Firetalon. She purred and flicked her ear, before meowing after several minutes. "I know so. And really? I don' think I'm the prettiest in the clan? I think I'm the most agile in the clan though." she mewed confidently, before slipping underneath Firetalon and ending up on the other side. She pawed him gently on his paw, to make him look at her. Spottedfeather looked into his eyes happily.

    Dustpelt is waiting for Lightfire to respond.

    Petalkit smiled and bounded in front of the two large warriors. "Hear that everyone! IMA BE A GREAT HUNTER!"

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    Willowkit let out a muffled gasp as she fell to the ground. The noise of the fox was even muffled as her senses started to fade away. She closed her eyes, almost welcoming the darkness to take over. Then a voice started to come to her. "Willowkit!" Great! Now Starclan was calling out to her! Wait...Willowkit opened her eyes a little, that wasn't Starclan. Silverkit was attacking the fox!

    "The rabbit hole!" Her sister spat with her hackles raised and hissing bravely at the fox. Willowkit forced herself to open her eyes wider, lift her head up and look towards the rabbit hole silverkit was hissing at her to get in. But... She can't leave Silverkit! She should be out there fighting instead of her! She was the bigger one! She promised herself she'd always protect Silverkit. If it wasn't for her pride to get in the way of things it wouldn't be like this! She had to help her...But how? She pulled her front legs out from under her and placed them on the ground as firm as she could, she leaned her weight on then and struggled to pull herself up. Pain flared up and down in her side, wincing, she looked down at the wound. It was nasty, real bad, Blood dripped from her wound onto the bare ground below. Gasping she looked at her sister...She didn't want to leave her...But after Silverkit gave her a careing but commanding look she knew she needed to retreat to the hole. Half-limping, Half-dragging herself over to the hole as fast as she could. Looking out the hole with worried big eyes.

    "Silverkit! Hurry!" She yowled as loud as she could before trying to climb deeper into the hole. It was rather steep though and she tried to place her paws firmly on the right spot so she wouldn't tumble. But, Sadly her pawsteps were weak and misguided, her front paw slipped and she came tumbling down in a fury of dust. Coughing, she looked up, it wasn't that far up but maybe a good yard or so. She laid her head down sighing and breathing deeply. She was losing too much blood and getting weak....Oh She just hoped Silver would come soon...

  • Rainpaw - Paleflame and KagomeMoana  

    Rainpaw sat patiently through the older she-cat's hushed scowl. She displayed no distasteful emotions and just listened. When Skybriar finished the snarky she-cat simply muttered, "I was just trying to make conversation. Thought maybe we could on that patrol, since it has to be done." With a nonchalant shrug the she-cat looked back over to the cats gathered around for the ceremony. Funny, despite being a medicine cat apprentice Rainpaw was not much for deaths. She watched her great Uncle, Firestorm as he carried out the burial. "People cope differently," she meowed in a monotone to herself but loud enough Beetlepaw and Skybriar could here.

    Cindercloud - KagomeMoana  

    As the fallen Flareclan warrior was left to rest in peace, Cindercloud offered some short words "some may think we would be numb to loss after what our clan has been through but Ivybreeze's death will equally impact this clan. She was a loving mother, brave yet humble. I know she will be granted a peaceful life up in Starclan," Cindercloud lifted her head, here watery grey eyes filled with remorse. "We ask that in our Clan's time of need, you show us the way to a better place." the warrior added before closing her eyes to avoid the judgmental glares of others - after all whether she meant to or not she did raise a political agenda during the burial.


    Snakepaw couldn't believe his ears. The tom's pelt burned with rage, Cindercloud was asking Starclan to move the clan at a time like this - during his mother's burial! Overwhelmed by emotions the tom sat quietly, lost in thought in an attempt to sort himself out.

    Firetalon - Oceano Sun  

    Firetalon purred in delight at Spottedfeather's playfulness. He didn't know she could be like that... he thought she was just a pretty face. "Oh really?" he challenged quietly as he dropped to a crouch. It was then Petalkit called out her greatness. Firetalon's eyes widened and he quickly rushed over to the kit and picked her up taking her into the nursery. Plopping her down he lowered his head to talk to her, "there is a really sad thing going on right now, you need to be a little more quiet today."

  • As he listened to Cindercloud's speech, Smokepaw bowed his head, feeling guilty that he'd never come to know Ivybreeze. He couldn't help but wonder how it felt to be one of her kits, sheltered underneath her fur. As for the preposition to StarClan Cindercloud had added, it left him a little bewildered. He understood why the tom felt that his Clan needed a new home, but couldn't they at least stay for Ivybreeze's vigil? It was only polite.

    God, am I sorry I ever considered myself an artist.

  • Skybriar's gaze sharpened at Rainpaw. Then the harsh orbs softened lightly as she listened. Her head bowed slightly "You are correct Rainpaw. Clan members all grieve in different manners. " Her words were gentle and soothing as she spoke. Her pelt prickling slightly s she listeed to Cindercloud and she gave a soft purr to Rainpaw "Why don't you go ask your mentor if you can come along to train?" She o ffered softly, hoping it could help the apprentice get some excitement going.


    Opal blinked as she listened to Cindercloud. Her eyes going to her paws as she scuffed the ground and shrugged slightly. "C-Can we stay here? I don't want to leave just yet!" The young apprentice-sized she cat mewed softly, her body tensing as if afraid what would happen afer the suggestion was made. Her stunning eyes went to her brother and she hoped she could eventually become good friends with him... but would he even be willing to become her friend... if he was the only family she had left?


  • Spottedfeather padded into the nursery and nuzzled Petalkit, nudging her over to her mother. "Go have a nap. There is a very sad event taking place and as much as I love to see you, you can't be playing and messing around." she meowed, apologetically looking at Petalkit and then to Firetalon. She had just enjoyed leaping over Firetalon, ready to have a mini fighting session. She smiled and pulled him out of the nursery, once again, nose to nose with him. Spottedfeather happened to be challenging him in a way, to challenge him if he is interesting enough for her. She took a few pawsteps back and watched him.

    Dustpelt looked at the two mouse-brained cats, and watched in amusement at his sister challenging the tom, whether he was worthy enough for her or not. He let out a small laugh, thinking that Firetalon wouldn't be worthy of his sleek sister. He soon padded off to the fresh-kill pile and took a vole into the warrior's den.

    Petalkit lowered her ears flat onto her head, her tail drooping. She wanted to explore with her sister and bound around the camp, but since that dumb event was on, she couldn't. "Okay fine.." she mewed quietly, snuggling into her mother's side.