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  • Paleflame gave a small understanding nod "Alright, lets go then." she meowed, she looked towards the entrance of camp and eased Snakepaw forward. Her pale ginger tail resting on his back as she took a few steps forward, letting him decide how fast their pace was. She hadn't decided on how she would act towards Opal, on one paw she was saddened by the death of the other she cat but on the other paw she was furious with Opal and her mother for abandoning her apprentice and his brother.


  • Spottedfeather

    The young she-cat padded through camp, she walked over to Snakepaw and Paleflame and meowed; "Hi, what you doin'?" her voice was calm and collected, she had a purr rise in her throat as she flicked her tail. She sat to listen.


    The newly made warrior padded around, headed to the warriors den for the first time, he purred with pride and walked away from his apprentice friends, meowing braggish-ly "IM A WARRIOR AND YOU AREN'T!"

  • Echosong sleeps in the warriors den.

    Marshpelt watches the clan in camp.

    Lightfire lays in the nursery, resting.

    DMNOury.png—— :: Frostedpaw // messenger apprentice. 10.5 moons.

    - Dustpelt.

    "How amazing." Frostedpaw responded to the new warrior flatly. "You

    were born before the others, you're worthy of so much praise." He rolled his eyes,

    licking his still damp fur. With his obvious sarcastic drawl, it was clear he wasn't

    amused by Dustpelt.

    "I don't know why you're so proud - it'd be odd if you hadn't became a warrior."

    VP5uAQJ.png—— :: Scorchfur// medicine cat. 18 moons.

    - Snakepaw, Opal, Paleflame.

    ( pending )

    —— :: Silverkit // kit. 5 moons.FPjk3Kv.png

    - Willowkit.

    ( pending )

    pvnchii // pvn, or chii for short.

  • Beetlepaw rolled his eyes when he saw and heard Dustpelt coming out of the warriors den "Yeah, newly made warrior but still acts like a kit trying to play a warrior." he meowed to Rainpaw and Frostedpaw. He leaned over to Rainpaw slightly "Maybe the warrior den doesn't seem as cracked up as I thought it was." he meowed to her with a bit of a grin. He ran his tongue over his white furred chest, looking back up as his black ears twitched slightly.

  • 5195437.png

    「 Firestorm — Male | Senior Warrior | 65 moons | Apprentice- | Appearance

    ——— A yawn escaped that maw of the senior warrior as he stretched his paws out of his mossy bed where that tomcat had been asleep. His bold red pelt stood out even though sunlight beamed into the den from outside. The fiery warrior opened his eyes and glanced to the side to see Dustpelt exit the den. With a sigh, the older tomcat arose to his paws and padded towards the exit himself. As he stalked passed the rest of the dens, Firestorm had accidentally kicked Pigeonspots, who was asleep at the time, as he passed. The she-cat woke abruptly and scarmbled to her paws as if she were in trouble. The tomcat continued to pad out of the den, his eyes fell upon the three apprentices standing afar, eyeing Dustpelt. Another roll of his eyes and Firestorm padded over towards the fresh-kill pile where he finally sat down.

    「 Pigeonspots — Female | Messenger | 12 moons | Apprentice-Frostedpaw | Appearance

    ——— She knew it was wrong; still condemned inside the warriors' den even though the rest of her Clanmates were up and active. However, Pigeonspots felt an unshakable pain in her stomach. Was it from that mouse she ate the other day? Or maybe a nasty stench had drifted into her nostrils while she was unconscious? Who knew to be certain. All Pigeonspots knew was that she didn't feel very well. She was curled tightly in a ball, clutching the area in which her stomach ached. It looked like she was fast asleep by the way her eyes were clamped shut and her breathing was unusually quick. But when Firestorm stalked past her and accidentally kicked her, Pigeonspots sprang to her paws and stood tall, as if she were in trouble. Oddly enough, her stomach did not hurt when she moved ever so quickly, actually, her heart was racing too fast that she didn't even notice. Maybe that was the key, get high on adrenaline and not feel a thing? Yes, that must be the case! As if in a hurry, Pigeonspots dashed out of the warriors' den, swiftly passing Firestorm and Dustpelt on her way out. Skidding to a halt after nearly tumbling down the stones that built the warriors' den, Pigeonspots panted as if she'd run a long distance, instead she was panting in desperation to keep moving so that her stomach didn't start pestering her once more.

    WhisperfootFemale | Elder | 120 moons | Kits-Marshpelt | Appearance

    ——— The elder found herself lounging around in the elders' den. She could hear a ruckus being played outside the den, but Whisperfoot had no intention to uncover what exactly was happening. It was irrelevent to her. Although the she-cat normally did not like partaking in these lazefully actions, she felt rather relaxed and settle today, unlike her usually prideful self.

  • Smokepaw was now taking some time to admire the vistas. Though the forest around Blazeclan was scorched black and gray, the rest of the land was still dappled with shades of lush, vivid green. "Can't believe that Rainpaw doesn't want to see this." Smokepaw murmured. "I wonder if our parents saw this, too."

  • Spottedfeather padded up to her playful little brother and knocked him over gently. "Stop bragging about something that's normal. Yeah yeah we get it you can hunt alone, whatever. Grow up or I will personally treat you like an apprentice until you stop acting like a kit." she purred, meowing it loud and clear for every cat to hear. She flicked her tail and pulled her muscular, somehow larger younger brother up, and she headbutted one of his muscular arms. She did that ever since he was first an apprentice, and it got on his whiskers.

    Dustpelt rolled his eyes and shouted back "No it just means I'm better than you! Haha!" he knew he was wrong, but he hated to admit it so whenever he said something he didn't correct it. He purred at his sister until she somehow knocked the large cat over. He let out a confused face as he looked at his lean sister. "How in the name of Starclan did you knock over a muscular cat like me? Your like... 3/4 of the size of me!" he meowed, being dumb and not paying attention to anything any other elder warriors said to him, except the deputy, leader and his sister, occasionally.

  • DMNOury.png—— :: Frostedpaw // messenger apprentice. 10.5 moons.

    - Rainpaw, Beetlepaw, Dustpelt, Spottedfeather. Pidgeonspots

    Frostedpaw looked to Beetlepaw, snickering. "Maybe? If Dustpelt is

    in there, it'll definitely be the worst place to be." He said, liking his paw and

    dragging it over his ear, watching Spottedfeather scold and shove Dustpelt,

    giving a snort. "What a strong and mighty warrior you are, Dustpelt." He

    drawled sarcastically, eyes rolling as he focused on grooming his pale colored

    fur. He was almost dry from that dip in the river he and Snakepaw had.

    His eyes followed Pidgeonspots as she ran past the group, ear twitching in

    confusion at his mentor. What was she up to? He sighed, shaking his head

    and rising to his paws to try and catch up to her, flicking his tail goodbye

    to the two. "Pidgeonspots?" He asked. "You alright? You look like you ate crowfood." His nose scrunched.

    3UZtjNA.png—— :: Marshpelt // deputy. 30 moons.

    - Whisperfoot.

    Marshpelt walked with his head sigh, eyeing his son as he followed Pidgeonspots

    on his way by, headed to the Elders den. He was due his mother a visit, he decided,

    stopping by the fresh-kill pile with a nod to Firestorm, before making his way to the den.

    He pushed past the entrance, eyes landing on Whisperfoot and setting the pray at his feet.

    "The sun is awake, you should be too." He purred lightheartedly. He'd need to fill her in.

    "If you come out, you can have some breakfast." A motion to the mouse he'd picked up.

    —— :: Echosong // warrior. 18 moons.Yk2AeDc.png

    - Firestorm.

    Echosong grumbled as someone began causing a commotion in the den, mismatched

    eyes blinking open just in time to see the blur of what looked like Pidgeonspots leaving in a

    hurry. What was with her? Echosong mused, giving a mighty yawn and stretching out her legs.

    Having to stand night vigil had been a pain, but after sleeping in even just a little, she was all

    ready to join the clan outside.

    Her long tail flicked as she exited the den, eyes scanning before landing on the fresh-kill.

    Surely the elders had eaten and everything, she concluded as she saw some warriors and

    apprentices eating. Thus, she padded over, licking her lips and seeing Firestorm. "Morning!"

    She greeted as she drew near. "Mind if I join ya?"

    pvnchii // pvn, or chii for short.

  • Snakepaw - Paleflame & KagomeMoana & pvnchii  

    The grieving apprentice shrugged unknowingly. He never looked at the camp and wondered where was a good place to bury his mother's body if she had decided to return with his sister she had chosen over him and his brother Lakepaw but he knew the process would just be dragged out if he did not contribute. Padding over to a clearing, he signaled to the other cats that this was the spot he thought was best. He took an appropriate seat beside the spot he had picked out and looked pleadingly and rather pathetically at his mentor, hoping she was come sit by his side. Still feeling drained from the events of today, Snakepaw did not know if he was okay with being alone right now and found himself in the most dependent state he had ever been in and though he didn't like it, he wasn't going to argue against any comfort Paleflame would offer.

    Cindercloud - PopcornPie  

    Eventually, the warrior began to slow down as she came to her desired place. An area where the brightest purple flowers bloomed and to her luck, despite the awful fire the species still survived. She bent down and collect a few in her mouth as well as a couple of white ones that happened to be nearby. When she lifted her head a familiar scent drifting into her nose. Smokepaw? Cindercloud followed her nose and quickly enough found her son out in the forest. "Smokepaw," she spoke in a stern tone, through her gritted teeth, "why are you all the way out here?" Considering, she had ran off their territory, Cindercloud was very confused by her son's actions, "I don't have time to talk about this now... Come on or we'll miss Ivybreeze's burial ceremony."

    Rainpaw - Paleflame & Oceano Sun  

    The mischievous medicine cat apprentice laughed widely at Beetlepaw's and Frostedpaw's responses, her eyes glittering with interest. As the white tom got to his paws and bounded away, Rainpaw leaned over to Beetlepaw, "Now it's a shame that he's gay," she purred as she looked longingly after Frostedpaw but her attention was soon snatched by the new warrior, Dustpelt. Despite, his shaggy pelt and obnoxious personality she found his enjoyment of clan life rather cute but it wouldn't stop her in poking fun at him like the other. "Ever heard of modesty Dustpelt!" she called out to him.

    Falconclaw - Scarletfox & pvnchii  

    Falconclaw sat alone underneath the only shaded area in the camp. A frown was almost permanently plastered on his face but was further emphasised anytime his brother, the deputy, Marshpelt made any sort of achievement or spoke to his mother, Whisperfoot. "I bet they're talking about how successful he is and how I should be more like him!" he thought spitefully to himself as he looked aggressively at the elder's den. "Everyone in this clan is so blind. Thinking he's going to make a good leader but he's weak and if he does come into power, this clan will fall apart even more," he continued to grumble to himself.

    Firetalon - Oceano Sun  

    The tom, seeing Echosong move, finally managed to drag himself back out into the camp to see the camp was buzzing with life. That was his kind of scene! And among the commotion, whether it was cats looking for a spot of a burial or apprentices poking fun at a warrior or even mentor business Firetalon was able to spot the beautiful Spottedfeather. immediately, he rose his head and bounded over to the she-cat coming up on her side, "Afternoon Spottedfeather," he purred gleefully at her. He had barely woken up from his nap and thus his red fur was ruffled and he was practically a mess, "did you see I caught some more prey for our clan this morning! Lightfire and Whisperfoot will eat well today." It was in Flareclan's interest to feed the Queens and Elders first although if any cat spent enough time round Firetalon, they'd know he really didn't care much for Warrior code.

  • Opal nodded to the Tom in thanks. Her eyes softening slightly before she turned to the spot her brother had indicated and began to dig, her burnt shoulder throbbing slightly with the movements but she kept going. Her claws unsheathed so she could scoop out dirt. She no longer cared about the pain... she would bare it for her mother’s sake. Her gaze went to her brothers mentor before she shook her head slightly at her own thoughts... whatever happened she deserved it. Her eyes closed as she kept digging. She didn’t know lnow hpw to feel though... she was just a kit when all this happened; how could she’s have stopped her mother?




    Carmen Sandiego Returns at last...Will you join her or the sides against her??

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    Sherwood - A robin hood story

    Sherwood - The Lost village ~ sign up thread

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  • Paleflame watched Snakepaw as he sat down after choosing a burial spot, she padded over to him herself and sat down beside of him "It will be okay." she meowed quietly. She rest her tail on his and licked the top of his ear comfortingly a couple of times before moving her gaze over to Opal with a frown as she watched her dig. The pale ginger she cat heard her cousin loudly coming out of the warriors den and looked back behind her "Firetalon, try to calm down." she meowed to the tom, she may be the younger of the two but sometimes she felt like she was the more mature one of the family.

    Beetlepaw shook his head with a grin before looking back at Rainpaw "Oh come on Rainpaw." he meowed before looking towards the entrance of camp where he saw Snakepaw and Paleflame coming back into camp. He looked back at Rainpaw "Looks like Snakepaw composed himself." he meowed, turning his head back to Snakepaw.

    Dia'kendi   KagomeMoana

  • Spottedfeather purred at Firetalon as Dustpelt stood up with embarrassment. "Oh I'm good. I was just about to get some." She meowed gently, licking her paw and rubbing it on her ear.

  • Spottedfeather purred, she didn't think of Firetalon any more than a clanmate, or perhaps a friend, but she never considered anything but friends, between all of her clanmates. Deep inside, she knew it would change. "I'm gonna go get some, you wanna tag along, Dustpelt? Or maybe you, Firetalon? I don't mind a little company." she meowed, flicking her tail as she stood up. Her ear twitched as she saw her brother's paws move with excitement and anticipation, as if he was ready to leap around the camp 200 times. She rolled her eyes and let out a slow, disappointed , and quiet growl, she had hoped he hadn't wanted to. "Yeah... so.. Firetalon? You gonna take up on my offer? Or are you gonna leave me alone with this grey mess?" she purred, pawing Firetalon slightly.

    Dustpelt's mind raced as he received an offer, which he labelled as respect. He knew his sister was bound to ask him these things, especially since he wasn't an apprentice anymore, so he bounded upwards, and landed, tripping on his tail. He stood back up quickly and purred confidently. "Heck YEA! I would love to go hunting! Especially with MY female clan companion." he looked at Firetalon whilst saying the last few words, he knew he was jealous at the bond between the two. Spottedfeather never really made TOO many male friends, but he had this feeling about Firetalon, and he didn't like it. Maybe that was because he was an attention-seeking little brother who wanted his sibling all to himself, and who bragged way too much so got in trouble a lot and only his sister could pull him out of it. "Hey, don't steal my sister, okay?" he whispered into the big tom's ear, his selfishness overtaking him.

  • Snakepaw - KagomeMoana & Paleflame

    The tom flinched at his mentor's voice when she called out to her cousin. He wasn't prepared for any loud noises nor was he prepared to do labor work but seeing his sister attempting to dig with he injured shoulder influenced him to do the same. Unsheathed claws, Snakepaw began to dug in the designated spot, lifting up the earth he glared helplessly into the forming pit. Eventually, the two had dug deep enough and Snakepaw was left standing in his mother's grave to be. His stomach began to turn and his lags froze up. Not one day since his mother left him did he think the next time he'd see her was to bury her. Still as a rock, Snakepaw began to feel physically sick... "P-Paleflame..." he called quietly for his mentor hoping she'd continue to assist him as she did.

    Cindercloud - PopcornPie , KagomeMoana and pvnchii  

    Just before the mother and son entered the camp, Cindercloud paused. "Grab some of that rosemary," she instructed Smokepaw, indicating to some by her paws "it is respectful to have these at a burial. Do as I say and we'll talk after the ceremony." The grey tabby's expression was stern, her looking striking a sense of responsibility onto her son. She was not the loving type especially after her mother had died in the Big Blaze. She was cold to her kin most of the times, expecting them to pull their weight and be successful. Only then would she show them affection. Nodding to Smokepaw, she pushed through to the entrance of the camp. Locating those who were there for the burial, Cindercloud made her way over and sat beside Scorchfur. They had just finished digging and the sight of the grave gave Cindercloud a stinging pain in her chest - although it was not visible to anyone else. "Come, Opalkit," she mewed for her to take a seat beside her.

    Rainpaw - Paleflame  Imma just say, I love these two rn XD & KagomeMoana  

    Rainpaw watched as the newly appointed warrior sucked up to his sister and shook her head, "I'm so glad Smokepaw isn't like that with me" she meowed to Beetlepaw giving a quick glance around the camp looking for her brother. "Snakepaw" her ears twitched at the name of the apprentice, "he must be getting ready for the burial" she thought to herself as she let her gaze fall on the gathering cats on the opposite side of the clan, "I wonder if I'm suppose to be there." The light grey tabby let her head drop as she groomed her pelt not giving a second thought about whether she was suppose to be there. Instead she just agreed with Beetlepaw following up with a question, "so I was talking to Scorchfur and he's been saying how he's taught me all I know which means I might be promoted soon and get my medicine cat name soon, I was wondering if you think Skybriar would let me join in a fighting practice?" She hadn't seen the warrior since she had come back from the morning hunt but got good vibes from her, "you see, I'll have to walk to Moonstone and I want to be able to protect myself," she explained.

    Firetalon - Oceano Sun  

    The handsome red tom thought carefully for a moment. If they were going hunting, he could definitely impress her for he was the clan's best hunter but he did hunt this morning and he didn't want to come off over eager. The trade off didn't seem worth, only because her younger brother was going and that felt like a little bit of a waste. "Maybe next time," he purred as he longingly watch her pad further away from him. Standing alone in the camp, Firetalon gave himself a reassuring nod, "I know! While she's away I'll go talk to Bravekit. Maybe he can help me impress her! She-cats love a guy who plays with hits," he thought to himself. Proud of his plan, Firetalon looked towards the nursery.

    Falconclaw - pvnchii

    Rising to his paws, Falconclaw turned to face the exit of the clan. He grumpily pushed his way between the two siblings, Spottedfeather and Dustpelt and made his way out of the camp. Quickly enough he slipped up a tree as snake like as possible and bolted for the rogue border by the river. His tracks untraceable the made sure of this by crossing paths and then bathing himself in the river. Done so efficiently, it was like clockwork to him. Dragging himself out of the water, still a look of disgust permanently planted on his face he walked without fear into the rogue territory - The Shaded Forest. His dark fur made it so he blended with the surrounding and his yellow eyes stuck out brightly. He eventually came to a stop and a black coloured tree and called out enthusiastically , "Lion... why must I always be the first to address you?" he wasn't really looking for an answer but merely pointing out how annoying it was for him to call for the tom in his own territory.

  • Spottedfeather shook her head and raced out of clan, her experience allowing her to leap around, catching all kinds of prey.

    Dustpelt stumbled behind, meowing at his older sister. "How are you so skilled?" And with these words, he tripped and he opened his mouth, accidentally catching a plump rabbit, he bit down and looked up. He bounded back to camp.

  • Opal blinked slightly as her brother began to dig beside her, and her eyes flashed with a hint of hope before that light quickly died and her gaze became mostly blank once more. As Cindercloud called to her, she glanced up, her dull orbs finding the she cat that had helped her mostly at this time and she blinked. Her mind was numb and everything so wrong to her. The she cat stood up, giving a wince and her shoulder twinged painfully and slowly limped towards the warrior. Her eyes sliding to her brother before she sat down beside Cindercloud. Her tail wrapping around her paws.




    Skybriar has been watching the The Interaction with the young she cat quietly before turning her head as she heard her name. “Rainpaw, you must ask your mentor if you are able to join us.” The warrior called out as she studied the two siblings quietly. Her eyes switching to

    Beetlepaw and rainpaw here and there. Her elegant tail wrapped over her paws.



    Carmen Sandiego Returns at last...Will you join her or the sides against her??

    Carmen Sandiego Returns ~ Sign ups ~ Open to all

    Sherwood - A robin hood story

    Sherwood - The Lost village ~ sign up thread

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  • Spottedfeather smiled and raced ahead of him with a squirrel, rabbit and vole. She launched into camp and almost crashed into Firetalon, she stopped with her paws, put the prey in the pile and awkwardly padded back to him. "Hi.."

    Dustpelt raced in behind her with the plump, surprisingly large male rabbit in his jaws. He burst into his normal boasting self and yowled: "I CAUGHT A GIANT RABBIT!! IM BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU!!"

    Spottedfeather pulled a disappointed face, tackled her brother and yelled. "I caught more than you. You didn't even catch it, you fell on it."

  • Diabolo.jpg Willowkit~5 moons~She-kit~Mentions: Silverkit

    (Here we go!)

    Willowkit was really actually disappointed, she thought she saw the mouse first but Silverkit killed it. She saw how she caught it, it was sloppy and brutal but she tried to shrug off her anger. Hearing Silverkit's exciting mews she forced herself to a purr. "Nice! Maybe one more and we'll show Bravekit what type of Warriors we are!" She squeaked quietly, careful not to scare any prey away. She took the lead this time, This time she was going to catch something! She kept her nose in the air, her ears open and alert but her pawsteps were a little sloppy. Something came to her nose...Was that a Shrew? She remembered the way they smelt in the kill pile. She dropped into the best hunting stance she could. With Her body low to the ground she stalked close enough to be able to get a good view of it. Then, with her head low and her hind rather to far in the air, she wiggled her haunches and leaped really high in the air. She was so excited! It was time to prove herself to the clan! Suddenly before she landed on the Shrew she saw a flash of Orange and black. "What is that?" She could only asked herself for a second before sharp teeth closed on her side and she let out a terribly painfully scream as they fell back the ground. The fox, Not even noticing Silverkit there turned away, Walking back with it's "Prey" In it's mouth. Willowkit weakly tried to get away but it was useless, she was losing to much blood.

    (Silverkit to the rescue! :D)