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  • Diabolo.jpgWillowkit~5 moons~She-kit~Mentions: Silverkit

    When Silverkit walked up to Willowkit she swished her little tail happily. "You know how everyone picks on us...Mainly you but I have an idea. Bravekit says that he'll be the best Warrior, so do you want to prove him wrong?" Willowkit mewed excitedly but with her tone down. "All we have to do is sneak outside camp and bring down a rabbit or something big. Maybe even a fox! And then No one will ever pick on us again!" She squeaked quietly.

  • Paleflame looked down softly and sweetly at her apprentice as she let Snakepaw lean against her "I've got you. I'll always be here." she meowed calmly to the young tom. She looked over at Marshpelt "I'll take care of Snakepaw." she meowed to the deputy, after she finished speaking she shot a glare over towards Opal before nudging Snakepaw. Paleflame's tail draped over Snakepaw's back comfortingly "Let's get out of camp for a short time, let's clear your head and we can do anything you would like for the rest of the day." she meowed quietly. She may have been hard on him early that day during hunting but she now felt like the tom needed something to take his mind off of his sister.

    Beetlepaw shook his head when he heard Rainpaw mention that she thinks that Snakepaw might go to the dark forest
    "I don't think that he will, Paleflame cares to much and will make sure he doesn't." he meowed, moving his gaze from the commotion to Rainpaw. He sat back down beside Rainpaw and contained to listen to her gossip "I don't blame him for wanting answers, I would too if my mother left me too for no good reason." he replied.

  • Snakepaw - KagomeMoana and Paleflame  

    The distraught tom couldn't look his sister in the eyes. Opal looked too much like his mother for Snakepaw to bare - she had broken his heart when he was only a few moons old and the wound left was only starting to become something of the past. "I can't do this with you," he quietly mewed to Opal, "you have Cindercloud... she'll look after you. She did for me when Ivybreeze left." His voice was choking up with each word and soon he was lost. He didn't know what he wanted to say nor what he should and or could. Paleflame's honey-like voice soothed his trembling and he let himself lean on his mentor. He liked her idea and with a brief nod he hobbled out the camp with her.

    Cindercloud - KagomeMoana and pvnchii  

    Cindercloud remembered how she had to be their for the two brothers when her former den mate left with her daughter but she didn't dwell on it for long. She knew her head had to be clear to make sure the rest of the night ran smoothly. "Scorchfur," the mother called to the medicine cat "how can I help prepare Ivybreeze's body for they burial tonight?"

    Rainpaw - Paleflame

    Rainpaw sighed loudly at Beetlepaw's remark "sometimes I think my mother wishes she left me..." The she-cat did not have a good relationship with Cindercloud. They never saw eye to eye and often to not did not get along. Rainpaw was not really into the emotions of the others in the clan, she just preferred to gossip about them. She made attempt to be emphasizing or affectionate and when others did not understand that she rather not be emotional she would not spend their time with them. "You know I heard Tailkit and Thrushkit are going to be apprentices soon as long as this doesn't get in the way. What do you think of them?" she purred as she watched the two apprenticed aged kits scrambling in the distance.

  • Paleflame helped the young tom out of camp, she looked down at him eyes soft "We can talk as much or as little as you want." she meowed, still leaning against him. She wondered how a mother could be so heartless to leave with only one kit and abandon the rest of her children, she knew that she could never do something like that. Paleflame's tail still draped over Snakepaw's back end as they made their way out of camp.

    Beetlepaw looked down at Rainpaw with a frown at her comments about Cindercloud leaving her "Don't say that. That can't be true." he meowed, placing his nose comfortingly on the top of Rainpaw's head. He then looked over at the two kits and gave a shrug "They should make good apprentices, hopefully." he meowed, tail swishing lightly against the ground as he sat back down.

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    —— :: Silverkit // kit. 5 moons.FPjk3Kv.png

    - Willowkit.

    Silverkit listened to her sister quietly, her long striped tail flicking in consideration. "I dunno..." She mumbled with a frown. "It's pretty dangerous." Silverkit had become quite self-preserving in her short life. "And unrealistic." She wasn't stupid or delusional, she knew itd be impossible they could do something like that. She couldn't even humor the idea, not like her sister. Still, ambitious as she was, she smirked. "I'm sure if we catch just anything it'll show them. I mean, Bravekit hasnt done anything, so we could rub it in his face if we caught some mice!" Her tail thrash devilishly, smirk growing at the thought of upstaging their brother. "Okay, let's do it." She agreed with a nod.

    VP5uAQJ.png—— :: Scorchfur// medicine cat. 18 moons.

    - Cindercloud, Opal.

    Scorchfur lifted his head as Cindercloud entered, giving a sigh. "There's not much preparing to do. We must bury her immediately, since she's been dead already for awhile. Then, you're free to stay vigil in her memory." He wouldn't be, he hadn't been close enough to Ivybreeze, but Cindercloud had been her friend and denmate, she'd definitely be the one to stay up if Scorchfur had to guess. His gaze travelled to Opal. "Where would you like her buried?"

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  • Opal blinked as she was asked where she wanted her mother buried and she shook her head slightly. "I-Im not sure... I-I want to wait for Snakepaw to decide. She was his mother too...and he knows more than me..." Opal struggled to keep the tears back a s she dipped her head to the medicine cat "Thank you for everything." the young pprentice-sized she cat limped her way to the still body and rested her nose against the cold pelt. Her eyes closing as she tried (but failed) to keep the tears at bay.

    Dia'kendi pvnchii

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    Snakepaw - Paleflame

    The two cats didn't walk far as Snakepaw stopped abruptly as soon as they set foot outside the camp. "I want to be near so I don't miss anything" he meowed in a hollow tone. He was glaring down at his paws and with a deep sigh he muttered "I've been training to show her... that - that I could become something without her and I know this is stupid but I would of then fought Opalkit and shown her that she chose" he began to trail off as he gently leaned his head onto his mentor's shoulder "that she chose wrong..." he barely managed to complete his sentence. A lump formed in Snakepaw's throat rendering from saying anymore.

    Rainpaw - Paleflame & rhybbear

    "You're too nice to me," Rainpaw chuckled heartily before giving Beetlepaw an affectionate lick between the ears. An iconic mischievous grin made its way back onto the beautiful she-cats face, her eyes flashing with chaos "uh huh?" she purred, her gaze fixed onto Thrushkit "so you're not excited for Thrushkit to finally be moved into the apprentice den?" Not giving Beetlepaw a chance to answer, Rainpaw continued "I mean Tailpaw is a handsome too - do me a favour and give him a little scratch so he has to come visit me in the medicine cat den." She lightly nudged Beetlepaw with her paw as she made the outrageous joke to injure another member of the clan.

    Cindercloud - pvnchii and KagomeMoana  and eucharisteo.  

    Cindercloud frowned at Scorchfur's response but with a quick glance to the lifeless body she knew that he was right. Normally, they could clean the fur up and dress the body with sweet smelling herbs or beautiful flowers however it seemed like that time had passed. Although, Cindercloud still wanted to do something nice for her friend's burial apart from sit vigil. "Scorchfur, help her find a nice place. I won't be too long... When you find the place - let Hailstar know and he can do the ceremony along with the apprentices..." she instructed in a hurry as she started edging towards the exit of the camp.

  • Paleflame shook her head slightly " I understand the feeling, trust me I know. It's not stupid Snakepaw." She meowed, giving him a few licks between the ears. She hated the fact that he felt like that, that he felt abandoned, she wrapped her pale ginger tail slightly around his tail. Paleflame closed her eyes as her head rested her head lightly on top of his "I will always be here for you." She meowed in a bit of a quiet tone.

    Beetlepaw let out a laugh at Rainpaw's halfhearted joke "Sure thing Rainpaw." he meowed. He looked over at the two kits and silently sighed "I just can't wait to become a warrior, the apprentices den is starting to feel a little bit clustered." He meowed.

  • Opal~ Loner ~ Interaction: Open currently

    The young apprentice-sized she cat was not even aware of anything at that moment. She was trying her best to not cry even moreso than she already had. Why did everything go wrong? Her mother did the right thing taking her away right?! She didn't make a mistake? Opal sighed as she pressed her ears against her head, nestling her face closer to the cold fur. Her pelt prickling by all the gazes that were watching her a bit. She sighed. Why did everything seem to be falling apart? she felt so lost at that moment. She had been on her own for so long and now...realizing she had her brother still but it appeared he hated her...she had never felt more alone than at this moment.

  • Diabolo.jpg Willowkit~5 moons~She-kit~Mentions: Silverkit

    Willowkit squeaked happily, "Great! C'mon then." She said as she sneaked across with Silverkit following her, She tried to act normal as they went to the entrance. She peeked out to see a cat on guard, she could figure out who though. "Great!" She spat quietly, "Now were going to have to through the dirt tunnel!" She wrinkled her nose at the thought.

  • Cindercloud - @herself

    The grey tabby she-cat burst out of the entrance to see Paleflame and Snakepaw. "They are having her burial now if you want to be part of it," she meowed with little empathy in her voice, "I will be back shortly, I just need to go find these purple flowers Ivybreeze loved!" With that the she-cat raced off into the burnt forest looking for the flowers she set out to find. She thought about how it was a good idea, that Opal would have something to give to her mother at the parting and it might make the scene smell a bit better too.

    Snakepaw - Paleflame

    Snakepaw closed his eyes and embraced the comforting presence of his mentor. Her words lead his mind into a clearer head space and his heart to a gentler state. Breathing deeply, he let himself enjoy the moment the two were sharing until it was stopped by the appearance of Cindercloud. She quickly explained what was happening and then dashed off into the forest. Retreated his head from Paleflame's shoulder the tom rose to his paws. Whilst nodding he mewed very quietly, "I- I would like to go back in now, I know I would regret not being there if I don't attend." Despite his words the tom was not moving and stay still, staring at the she-cat with pleading eyes hoping she would continue to stand by his side and help him fulfill his want.

    Rainpaw - Paleflame

    Unlike her friend, Rainpaw was not ready to be promoted in the clan. She was too fond of time spent with Scorchfur where he was forced to teach her. Then again, lately he refrained from doing so as he believed she knew everything he could teach her - which he was not wrong. "Really? You do understand the warrior den is most likely more crowded..." she meowed with a confused tone, "I get is bigger but there are more cats in there. Means there's more likely someone will wake you up in the morning when they leave or even a cat with a bad nightmare, their paw can come flying in your direction. Oh! Also I hear that Falconclaw has a nasty snore!"

  • Opal~ Loner ~ Interaction: Open

    The she-cat was sooo close to dozing off but made herself stay awake. Her nose pressed deep into the still body as she tried to find that comforting scent that was no longer even noticeable. Her ears flicked as she listened to the voices around her quietly, her tail tip twitching with anxiousness. Her mind wandering through the possible scenarios. She listened for Cindercloud to return, the female the one cat she was most comfortable with. Opal's eyes opened slightly to see the fur of her mother in front of her and she sighed deeply.

  • VP5uAQJ.png—— :: Scorchfur// medicine cat. 18 moons.

    - Opal.

    Scorchfur watched Cindercloud exit, eyes narrowing slightly in displeasure at having

    to babysit the mourning cat. He didn't think he'd be a right fit, Scorchfur wasn't exactly

    empathetic. Sure, he loved to nurse cats back to health, but he wasn't exactly the one to

    go to with more emotional issues. Still, he tried to be understanding as he rose to his feet,

    looking down at Opal who'd begun to doze off. He nudged her with his nose, as much as he

    wanted to just let her rest. "Opal, come on. Let's find a place fitting for your mother. We don't

    have to bury her tonight, if you'd want to sit vigil, but we should begin digging, soon."

    He stood up tall, looming over the smaller cat and gesturing for her to head to the camp exit.

    —— :: Silverkit // kit. 5 moons.FPjk3Kv.png

    - Willowkit.

    Silverkit hissed at the other kitten. "Quiet, or we'll get found out!" Her eyes explored the camp.

    "Duh." She mumbled, everyone was up and about now that the sun was higher in the sky, but they did

    seem distracted by that dead cat - one Silverkit didn't recognize, so she couldn't find herself caring.

    "Let's go." She turned tail and marched in the other direction of the entrance, it was too risky to just

    walk out from there.

    She took lead quite naturally, guiding Willowkit to a space between rocks that they could just barely

    squeeze through - Silverkit's long tail disappearing as she crept into the crevice, only to pop out on the

    other side and give her head a small shake. She only half-waited for Willowkit, the moment she saw her

    sister's head poking out, she'd taking to marching off with her nose in the air.

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  • Diabolo.jpg Willowkit~5 moons~She-kit~Mentions: Silverkit

    Willowkit was a little upset about Silverkit leading, She's the runt...Right? She decided the shrug it off and followed her sister out. She climbed into the crevice, this time letting Silverkit lead the way with less retorting thoughts. It was the time to prove herself to the clan! And to Bravekit! She walked side by side next to Silverkit and froze when she heard russleing...She stuck her nose in the air, sniffing it, It smelled a little bit like the mice in the prey pile! She flicked her tail to Silverkit, letting her know without words, she knew that the Warriors had to be silent when they hunted.

    (Maybe Silverkit can catch the mouse and then Willowkit tries to catch the next one but meets the fox? :D)

  • Opal started as Scorchfur nudged her and she sat up immediately. Her eyes landing on the medicine cat as she nodded her head. “Yeah sure...” her voice sounded far away to her. Everything was wrong... there was nothing ... no soothing mother voice to calm down her nerves as she sighed. Her flecked orbs landing on the entrance and she stretched her legs out. Would her brother ever like her again? Or was she forever to be alone like before?!

  • Paleflame gave a small understanding nod "Alright, lets go then." she meowed, she looked towards the entrance of camp and eased Snakepaw forward. Her pale ginger tail resting on his back as she took a few steps forward, letting him decide how fast their pace was. She hadn't decided on how she would act towards Opal, on one paw she was saddened by the death of the other she cat but on the other paw she was furious with Opal and her mother for abandoning her apprentice and his brother.


  • VP5uAQJ.png—— :: Scorchfur// medicine cat. 18 moons.

    - Opal.

    Scorchfur felt pity for Opal, it was certainly painful to deal with a lost relative, Scorchfur knew that

    first-hand, after Littlestorm had died. But, unlike Scorchfur, Opal didn't have anyone else, no siblings to

    comfort her. The only family she had was rejecting her, it seemed.

    "Do you have anywhere in mind?" He asked, slowing to walk alongside Opal, his tone softer than it had

    been before. "Or, should we wander?"

    Then, he glanced up, noticing Snakepaw and Paleflame were returning just as they were leaving. His eyes

    stared Snakepaw down, once they were close enough, he spoke. "Do you want to come find a place for your

    mother?" He asked, tone not changing from the softness it had when he'd spoken to Opal. "You'll have to behave."

    —— :: Silverkit // kit. 5 moons.FPjk3Kv.png

    - Willowkit.

    Silverkit was quite the commanding kitten, ambitious with qualities to her that made her always

    take the lead when she could. She enjoyed leading, enjoyed being respected. Even if she didn't often

    get respect due to her small size.

    She perked her ears when the scent hit her nose, looking to Willowkit who also seemed to notice. She

    shot a look to her sister, as if commanding her to stay back, and tried to get herself into a creeping position,

    out of form and signs of a kitten who's only experience was playing with moss balls. Still, she seemed

    confident, tail flicking excitedly as she stalked through the bushes, making a surprisingly lack of sound. Blue

    eyes stayed focused ahead as she spotted the mouse, it seemed to be injured as it limped to something

    on the ground and began gnawing. Still, with a smirk on her lips, Silverkit leaped from the bushes in a burst.

    The mouse was too injured to scamper away before Silverkit dug her claws into it, though it did try and had

    nearly ducked under some roots. But, it wasn't quick enough and Silverkit messily dug her teeth into it, brutally

    killing it, but in the process making it far too mauled to eat.

    Still, she was proud, lifting her head and beaming with pride. Even if it had just been injured, there weren't any kits she knew that had ever caught a

    mouse, even apprentices found it hard - but here she was. Her long striped tail lashed and her brillant blue hues turned to look at Willowkit. "Did you

    see that? Aren't I amazing?"

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  • Smokepaw left from stump to stump, admiring the horizon. The soot covering the forest made it feel like nighttime. Thanks to his murky colored pelt, he blended right into the scenery. But that wasn't what Smokepaw was focused on. "As if I'm going to get our parents' scent in this dump." He grumbled. "It's just ash and smoke."

    God, am I sorry I ever considered myself an artist.

  • Opal blinked up at Scorchfuras he spoke and shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe wander? Is Snakepaw Coming with?” Her voice was a bit hopeful as she really did want a family but ... maybe it was better to not bother her brother. She didn’t really know anymore. The she cat studied the surrounding school before glancing towards her brother “maybe he knows a good place? As I was gone?” She asked softly, her tail tip flicking slightly in unease.

  • Smokepaw's nose was pressed roughly against the ground, sniffing deeply, just in case their parent's scent was hiding below the soot. Thanks to his natural camouflage, he wasn't at all worried about a predator spotting him, and he figured that he could just follow his own cat-scent back to FlareClan. Most of all, he was annoyed that his sister, Rainpaw, wasn't helping him search. "If she's so smart, why doesn't SHE use HER tracking skills?" He ranted to himself. "What, ha, is she afraid of a little ash?"

    God, am I sorry I ever considered myself an artist.