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  • The overgrowth that tickled his belly drove nails into his pelt, the grass that wedged between his toes made him want to gag, almost as much as the thick stench of Skyclan as he grew near the border. Wolfgang, Caledon's son had once left Bloodclan and upon losing his memory in an accident he resided in Skyclan for a short period of time. Well, long enough to have children and eventually tell the retired Bloodclan leader that he had grand children in another clan. Upon Wolfgang's return, he disappeared again later on, driving Caledon to wonder. Who are these mysterious grandchildren of his? He knew only one name. Rainkit.

    Now that he had retired from his throne, giving said power to his mate Waspwing. He had time to venture out to Skyclan and perhaps meet his mysterious kin, who would probably be an apprentice by now. Nonetheless, here he was. A maimed-faced murderer, a tyrannical force of wickedness, a bringer of chaos. Quite the grandfather to have.

    Caledon's pace slowed as he met with the border, his oceanic orbs rolling over the strange land, he had once raided in his life. With the status of a mere member within Bloodclan. And now, After serving as Leader for nearly an entire year. He stood, as a sinful veteran. He wondered how they would react for such a surprise visit from himself, Skyclan was the most hospitable of the forest clans. Nevertheless, he stood as he always did, without an ounce of fear or regret with any of his decisions, no matter the lack of morality they carry.

    Shifting his hindquarters downward, he sat, waiting for a patrol to notice him and approach. Drawing in a long breath, he swiveled his ears backwards to hear anything from behind, should they try and pull a fast one on him and dare attack from behind.

  • Being new to the Clan, Vulture was spending lots of his time outside of the SkyClan camp to become familiar with the territory. He went solo this time around, walking around on the edge of the SkyClan borders. As the large brown tomcat scaled through the forest, the scents were all the same distinct SkyClan scent. It was only when he strode through some trees that he caught the strong whiff of an entirely unfamiliar scent. Concerned, Vulture picked up his speed so that he was trotting, and lo and behold, another cat came into sight. "Hey!" Vulture shouted as he came to confront Caledon. The cat could definitely have harmless intentions, but this cat had a suspicious air about him. Vulture poised himself before Caledon, glaring at him through green eyes. "Who in the name of the stars are you?" He queried, entirely unsure of what to expect.

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  • HNfzwXn.gif For the longest time she had thought she only carried Skyclan blood in her veins. But then two toms come in tackling her father with joy and her world shifted. Bloodclan. Her father was from Bloodclan, shortly afterwards her family fell apart and Wolfgang left. Ferretpaw was gone, vanished, along with many of her siblings. Perennial was the only one she knew what happened to them, they died. Rainpaw kept hope that the rest of her family was alive somewhere and living the best life that they could. So when Starclan rejected her from becoming a medicine cat, she went to look for her family. Stupid. Mouse-brained. She should have expected to meet more of her kin there, but she did not expect them to take her eye.

    Now she really did look like daddy's little girl. Rainpaw already carried a similar pelt color like Wolfgang but now her left eye was missing as well. Ripped out by Dual'kit. Family was complicated to say the least, her whole life was becoming a mixing pot of crappy life stuff. Now training to become a warrior of Skyclan she was facing clan mates who no longer trusted her, temptation to see Flick again, and fighting the urge to try finding Wolfgang again. Her dark blue eye still shines with life, or is that spite? Walking up towards Vulture, her eyes look over the older feline who was at the border. She didn't know who they were but they smelled of Bloodclan. Her heart pounds against her chest nervously, wondering why they were here. What did they want?

    "Can I help you?" she asks, glancing at her clan mate before focusing her one eye on them. They kind of reminded her of Wolfgang and was trying to prepare herself if they announce that her father was dead. Starclan, please don't take him away. Her face is tense, with good reason since the last interaction with a Bloodclanner hadn't ended so well.

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    The pale tyrant fell victim to a stranger's gaze. Icy hues slid to the corners of narrowed depths of dark eye sockets as he laid scrutiny upon the brown tom that revealed himself. A burly feline with green eyes, and a voice that carried with the wind easily. Caledon stood a tad copious in the split second as the tom spoke again, asking who he was. In a way, it stung his pride. He had ruled the most feared clan for nearly a year, and couldn't be recognized by mere legend. He wasn't to dwell, he wasn't here to soak up fear with a non-existent ego.

    'Who in the name of the stars are you?'

    the words renounced themselves within his mind at first, however, he began to regain his thoughts. Meeting the glaring emeralds with his own solid gaze of flowing poison. "Caledon. Retired Bloodclan leader" he introduced himself, deep voice vibrating the soft grass tendrils that pressed against his underbelly. However, before he could speak again, the sound of pawsteps lifted his gaze momentarily. A bluish molly with a missing eye, and Caledon couldn't remove his gaze after taking a swift double-take. She mirrored his son in the most heartbreaking of ways. Mostly due to the fact Wolfgang was missing, but her resemblance was only one pillar, and that could not hold the foundation of certainty.

    Pulling his brows together, his tail tip twitching absently behind as he chose his next few words with close precision. "I'm here to meet my granddaughter" he began, his voice holding the same deep accented rasp as he continued. "I believe she goes by....Rainkit. Though It has been quite a few moons, she would be....about ten moons now?" he squinted in thought. "I wish to meet her, as every one of my kin not only have they a place in my flawless bloodline....but also a place in my heart. As hollow as it is" he added quickly, raising a brow in question. Lowering his head and shifting his weight as he lifted himself to his paws. "I hope my travel has not been in vain...." he awaited their reaction and response. The news of a clanmate being related to a tyrant was perhaps not the most pleasant of news. A family of shattered glass they were, dangerous to come close yet broken, nonetheless.

  • HNfzwXn.gif Caledon? She had heard of the now retired leader of Bloodclan. Mostly, the bad things. Like raiding the other clans, forcing them to do things, she had even heard stories of them kidnapping kits. Were the all stories? She wasn't sure about her apparent aunt ripped out her eye for some kind of prize. Now she was standing in front of her grandfather, wondering why they had bothered to meet her. Did he really see them as family because she didn't. Maybe by blood but she didn't know this tom or what he was capable of. "I'm Rainpaw." she said, allowing that to sink in for a moment. A place in the bloodline? A place in their heart? The one eyed feline didn't want that, she just wanted to be the best for Skyclan. But she was failing at that in so many ways it would make someone head spin.

    Releasing a sigh, she thought it was better to get this over with than being dramatic. There was no way to could befriend this Bloodclanner if she wanted to get back to Starclan's good side. Was she ever on their good side? "I'm not sure what you want from me. If you came to ask why I went to Bloodclan, I went to look for Wolfgang."

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  • white triangular auditors swiveled backwards as the blueish molly introduced herself as his grand-daughter. The spawn of his first-born son. She looked so much like Wolfgang, painfully so in fact. He took the moment to observe the artistic work of genetic perfection his genes created. It struck him almost humorous that she had lost an eye just as his son Canary had. We wondered how she had received such a nasty scar. Maybe getting maimed was a curse in his bloodline.

    She spoke again, uncertainty and confusion in both her demeanor and voice. The tattered tyrant furrowed his brows and shook his head absently. “Hadn’t the slightest idea you were in my territory. It’s good to see you made it out alive” he chuckled darkly, a toothy grin spread upon his maimed face. Dried blood laced between his glimmering incisors. “My only living grand-child, I have been dying to meet you since you were a baby. However….my busy life wouldn’t allow it” he pondered what he actually had been doing while she was just a kitten. Ah yes, raiding Darkclan with an intent to take-over once again.

    I know you don’t know who I am, but when you are older and have children and they have children, should they choose a different life….you’ll understand why I’m here….My intentions are not ill.” he paused, clearing his throat. “Might I ask what happened to your eye? your Uncle, Canary, lost his when he was about your age if not a bit younger” he tilted his head curiously. Hoping she would crawl down from whatever thoughts seemed to plague her mind and find it a sin to have a conversation with a dangerous stranger.

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    Little snot. Marching up to SkyClan with the reek of blood (as he remembered, however, he had deposited some pleasant-tasting rats in camp, but he was still BloodClan and Minnowstar had told him to please stop eating the rats and help me get these cats out of SkyClan) and whatever he was trying to get out of Rainpaw with his weird voice and sneering scars, wrapped in the thick scent of crowfood, like all twolegplace strays, Wheatbloom wouldn't have it. The normally relaxed tom was set ablaze by any trespassing of BloodClan, and while he had previously run away, he couldn't leave his ex-apprentice to this foxhearted beast.

    The medicine cat slunk from between the trees and to Rainpaw's side, his speckled ribcage caught in the dappled light of the afternoon filtering through the oak leaves above. Brown eyes, like deep holes in his skull, bored into Caledon, hackles raised. Claws out. "Leave." He was as tall as the ex-BloodClan leader, if not nearly as wide, and was able to meet him head-on. If a fight resulted, whatever. It would be interesting to see if he would go to StarClan.

  • HNfzwXn.gif She was really his only living grand-kid, she had no idea. Part of her wishes her siblings were still alive to see their family but she knew that they would also struggle with the fact that they were part Bloodclan. The group known for spilling blood and basically being like the Dark Forest. Rainpaw swallowed hard, unsure of how she was suppose to respond to all of this. She was about to answer their question when Wheatbloom, her ex-mentor, made their way over. The medicine cat had demanded that the Bloodclanner leave but she wasn't sure if she wanted them to. Rainpaw had questions about her father, questions about how big her blood family was, but she knew she couldn't go with them to get the answers. The apprentice was still seeking approval from Starclan, even after they tossed her out of the ring to become a medicine cat one day. She wanted to know why she was rejected and wanted a place in the afterlife. Where did Bloodclanners go when they die? It was scary to think that there was nothing afterwards. Her single eye looked over Wheatbloom before back to her grand-father, maybe in an other life she would have lived in Bloodclan. Maybe then it would be okay to be with Flick. But this was her current life, and she was determined to stay loyal to Skyclan. "Ask my darling aunt, Dual something, or even Canary or Waspwing. There was some other guy there but I don't remember there names. Now, I'm going to have to agree with Wheatbloom, please leave." her heart aches a bit, but maybe rejecting their bloodline would make Starclan happy.

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    A subtle shade of darkness that had always lingered in the feline Devil’s eyes spread across his aura as he watched the emotions spread across his granddaughter’s face. It seemed to pour into her demeanor but before she could respond, Caledon shifted his daggers toward an approaching lithe blur of cream tabby fur. ‘Leave’ The daring creature spoke simply, Eyes of the finest grain of oak wood. Ivory needles extending from the sockets, Caledon noticed as he dropped his gaze to the subject’s paws momentarily. The dance of Wheatbloom’s hackles giving way to a complete air of suffocating hostility.

    A poisonous suavity he began to portray as his lips pulled back into a small smile upon his morbidly scarred muzzle. Blood-stained blades glimmering beneath the sunlight that trickled in from the treetops. Perhaps a cat short of patience would bite back at such a degrading order, however, Caledon was savoir faire. Pulling his brows together, the sinful brute pulled himself to a complete stand as to give way to his intention to depart. However, he pulled his gaze from Wheatbloom to Rainpaw as she spoke, mentioning his daughter Dualkit. Ah, it didn’t take much brains to put two and two together. Dualkit took her eye, the question on motive was useless when it came to Bloodclan. A sigh escaped the chambers of his chest and he shook his head absently.

    You cannot run from your blood, Rainpaw. It’s who you are. I will support you as I have supported all of my children as they weaved paths of their own. In many ways, you are the most like me and your grandmother…it always seems to skip a generation” he chuckled softly, staring off into space for a split moment. “should you wish to learn more about your family….you may pay visit to the city without the risk of being attacked. should you wish…. ask for me, my name is Caledon” his name fell from his maimed lips, a name that had been told in many horrific nursery stories to get kids to go to sleep. A name that was followed closely by chaos. The sovereign of sin. “Or your grandmother, waspwing” he added softly, cerulean hues glistening with the ghosts of several emotions as they traced the form of his son’s daughter. “I have stories of your father, as well” he swallowed the lump that rose to his throat quickly. There wasn’t a lot that broke the monster, though the loss of his children, tore him apart one inch at a time. He wasn't about to spill the truth that Wolfgang was gone in front of a stranger.

    Lovely to have met you, wheatbloom” his tone dipping into the murky depths of hostility as he turned toward the tall cream tabby tom, the scent of herbs stinging his nostrils as the wind carried it downward. Scoring his calculative gaze over the tom with close precision. Wondering when it was the last time another cat had intimidated himself. Caledon was not egotistical by any means, he wasn’t one to boast or antagonize. “And if I may, a tip from intellectual to intellectual” he narrowed his eyes, but kept himself eerily still. “They one thing that drives the claws of fear or intimidation into any mortal cat. Is an enemy with complete tranquility, in the midst of chaos” he offered words of advice to the presumed warrior. “then, you go for the kill… the blood pumps slow, not having enough time to increase its rate… and they bleed out slow enough to realize they are dying” a glint of iniquitous mischief slid over his hues though he peeled them away from the cats and flicked his tail back and forth like a striking adder.

    I’ll be leaving now. It was nice to meet you, granddaughter. and though your words may say differently…I hope you thought so too.” he added, a glimmer of sheltered pride seemed to awaken in his gaze.

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