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    I feel glorious, glorious, Got a chance to start again. I was born for this, born for this!

    //Argente (the original Windsor) started out as a female, so the new kid will start out as a female too.

    I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! Please don't kill me, I don't want to die! He tried to struggle but it was no use. Will anyone miss me? Did I even amount to anything? I should have done more in my life. I didn't do anything important, I'll be forgotten within the next day...

    He found himself in a land of darkness, with twisted trees and a moon covered in clouds. I'm dead... And I'm in the Dark Forest. Another cat materialized in front of him. "Don't screw up this time." They growled. Windsor was about to ask what they meant, but he was sent down a whirling tunnel of light before he could blink.

    Windsor opened their eyes. All their memories had been erased. I'm a girl. Once again, they would start out in the body of a little girl. Where am I? It was dark. She couldn't breathe. She clawed her way out of the plastic bag, tumbling into the street. She pressed close to the ground as a large vehicle passed by, a deafening sound flooding into her ears. I'm all alone... I have to find somebody! I can't be scared. I have to stay strong. Hands reached down, attempting to pick up the kitten like a pair of talons. She turned around, hissing and spitting at her attacker. Windsor started running down the street, as fast as her tiny legs could carry her. A large dog snapped at her, and she momentarily felt its hot breath on her fur before it was pulled away. Shoes came crashing down seemingly out of nowhere, narrowly missing the tiny kitten. She weaved through the sea of legs on the busy street, squealing in pain as one of them caught her tail. The path was clear now, so she bolted. I made it out! A truck came speeding toward her, and she pressed close the ground once again, between the deadly tires. More vehicles came, not noticing the kitten as her dilute tortie pelt blended in with the road. One by one, they roared past her, never once running her over. The last car came to a stop and she took her chance, running to the sidewalk. Now what... Do I keep running? Is this what my whole life will be, running from danger? There wouldn't really be a point if that was it.

    I can smell other cats here... She had been running, walking for what felt like forever. This place, this house of crimson, it felt like home, even though she had never been here. "Hello? Is anyone here?" Windsor called out.

    i'm really sorry that this bitch existed, i wish i could kill him infinite times BECAUSE HE SUCKED AND I HATE HIM SO MUCH

    he is burning in hell now so it's all good :)

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  • “What do you want, kit?” Revolution spat, eyes still glazed over with emptiness, glowing, as he slinked out of a room. Through all the days, he was still mourning Windsor’s death, despite them being right in front of him. His fur bristled, and if not for Caledon’s rule against the harm of kits, he would’ve gave the kid a good beating for even being around him when he was pissed. But hell, he couldn’t bring himself to kill. His father just died, he almost died himself from saving a kit from a monster (lord knows why), and now this innocent little kit stood in front of him, so fragile. It was the last way he could honor the former leader, by upholding the rules of BloodClan. After all, they’d just be another nameless rogue gang without order, although, he wouldn’t object to anarchy if it did befall them.

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    I feel glorious, glorious, Got a chance to start again. I was born for this, born for this!

    That question made her think. She hadn't planned what to do after she had found a cat. "Uh... I guess I want to live here, to join you..." The small kitten blinked, looking up at the tom. "My name's Windsor." That was all she knew. Her name. Where she had come from, why she was here, those were mysteries not meant to be solved.


    i'm really sorry that this bitch existed, i wish i could kill him infinite times BECAUSE HE SUCKED AND I HATE HIM SO MUCH

    he is burning in hell now so it's all good :)

  • marlowe

    a joiner? this was perhaps marlowe's first time greeting one of these. ever since she had met sunpaw, she had been almost perkier, so she was content to get up from her spot and say hi. "i'm marlowe," the girl squeaked out. "it's nice to meet you, windsor."





    tBC kitten + biography + caledon xx waspwing

  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Waspwing was still getting used to leading. She walked on unsteady paws, legs shaking as the constant attack of nerves on her system made her feel like she was walking on shaky ground, the world moving around her as she tried her best to steady her racing heart and mind. Her daughter was up ahead from what the black molly could see. Hopping down from a dumpster she had been perched on, the newly-appointed leader approaching and giving the joiner a quick dip of her head. Was she supposed to grill them on why they wanted to join? Should she be selective, rude, hard on the newcomers?

    "Nice to meet you, Windsor. Bloodclan is a rather...tough clan to live in, not that I'm trying to scare you. I just want you to make sure you know what you're getting yourself into." Waspwing explained softly, her body still quivering a bit from the nerves coursing through her body.