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    The trek from the moorland to the concrete jungle was nauseating, the acrid irony stench meeting his nostrils and burning until he was squinting. Ivory pelt of his father, vibrant hues of gold like his mother, he descended upon his former home. The slope of the hill forcing him to speed up. Sweat beads rolling off his brow from the thick heat that stuck in the wind. His head began to ache, he hadn't remembered the stench being so strong. It was disorientating, he paused to check the air.

    Staleness marked the surrounding area of the sewer entrance. As he drew near, his eyes widened and narrowed. Bewildered by the state of his former home. Taken over by the murky depths entirely. Looking around wildly, he padded towards the junkyard, relieved to catch wind of some up-to-date scent markers. Weaving through the sandy pit to the heart of Bloodclan territory, he grew weary. What if they don't recognize me! I'm triple the size I was when I left.

    His eyes were wide, dancing around his surroundings, his tail hanging in the air gently swishing back and forth as to fan out. "H-Hey? Bloodclan....Mom? ... Dad?" his deep voice echoed along the walls, he pondered whether he was even allowed to call them by such names. Were they family anymore?


  • ✦ ✧ ✦ There were a lot of things that Waspwing was expecting to see when she rounded the corner after she had heard a tom calling out into Bloodclan territory: a trespasser, some lost forest cat, or a kittypet looking for some salvation. The black molly had been out in the territory trying to fetch some food for Caledon who was still recovering...his pain, but she hadn't been successful as the words of another pulled her from her crouched position, ears flickering towards where the call had come from.

    Wapswing wasn't expecting what she saw when she came from the depths of the alleys, fur bristling with anticipation at the thought of who could be loitering so far into Bloodclan territory. A cat resembling one of her sons stood in front of her, eyes much like her own staring back at her like she was glancing into a mirror. The molly's heart dropped into her stomach, yellow eyes widening slightly as she took a hesitant step forwards.

    "Lucian..?" A conformation more than a question. This tom looked so much like her son: the black paws, the white coat...everything was a match and if this was her son, she didn't know what she would do. Waspwing was no stranger to dying or dead children, she had enough for more than a lifetime, but seeing so much changed you, no matter how soft and pliable you were. Tears brimmed in golden-colored eyes as all of the emotions that she had pushed aside and pushed to the back of her mental closet were suddenly brought back into the light, her ears lowering against her head, paws refusing to take herself any closer to the tom in question. Could it be? Is it you? Please...say yes.




  • marlowe

    marlowe was the the next to see the stranger appear. she had gotten used to leaving the house more. she couldn't stay cooped up in there forever, after all. the small, fluffy, blue cat narrowed her eyes slightly. she had no idea that she wasn't as fierce looking as she thought she was, so she kept up her act."who are you?" marlowe asked in an attempt to be braver than she was. "why are you here? and momma, how do you know this cat?"





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    Though the air was thick, and the asphalt stinging his paws the longer he stood. He remained stationary, his eyes glued to the molly before him. In the eyes of the child, mother was god. Her voice and face plagued in the mild for all eternity. Even the distant barking made for no effect on his form, he could outrun anything in this city. A moorland cat he stood now, built for speed, carved and molded by the rolling plains. A stranger at heart but son to the queen before him. The pillars that held up his father in every way, for without her, he would fall.

    For moons, Sunpaw tried to forget his parents. Forgetting his mother was impossible, the hatred for his father made it easier to drown the legacy he tried to bestow upon 'Lucian'. A life of filth, he couldn't comprehend why his mother would stay. In fact, Sunpaw was here to do something he dreaded most of all. He would push down the thoughts for now, it was time to address the situation that tugged on his heart strings. Mirroring the tears that welled up in his mother's eyes. She spoke his name, in the first time in seven moons. 'Mom' he wanted to whisper back but his eyes fell on a bluish molly that stood near her. 'who are you?' Sunpaw was still a bit in shock, moreso as the young femme called his mom. momma.

    I have a baby sister?! Sunpaw's eyes glittered in excitement now. Wordlessly yet hesitantly, Sunpaw approached, looking at his paws in slight shame. Afraid that she would lash out at any moment. He wasn't even sure if she knew he was alive. Every time Bloodclan visited Sunpaw hid. "Yea- yeah....It's me.....I go by Sunpaw now" he spoke softly, a bit uneven as he glanced back toward his newly discovered kin. "I missed you so much mom....I- I- I'm sorry I left I just....this is not a life for me....For anyone honestly" he shook his head, avoiding her gaze now.


  • Canary stiffened. He barely recognized his brother and was prepared to ask him if he wanted anything and then shoo him away, but there was no hostility, not as much as he expected for something he considered so dishonorable as to turn one’s back from BloodClan. He tried to remain calm, as was his mother, but he was fuming. Their younger sister, at least, had good reason to leave. “What a goofy name. Your paws don’t even look like suns,” he meowed in a low, bitter voice. “… How‘s Eustatia, if you’ve even seen her?” Canary doubted that Lucian, or Sunpaw, or whatever the hell he was now, would recognize him either, his face wrapped by cobwebs and a leather collar with dog-teeth loosely embedded, scars decorating his pelt. But hopefully he would have seen Eustatia, who likely popped up on their border. He regretted not offering to walk her there or even visiting, but he supposed his oath was enough of an excuse. He let out a bitter snort of frustration as Marlowe appeared. She doesn’t have to be exposed to this.

  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Everything in the world seemed to slow until it all...stopped. Lu- Sunpaw, her son, was alive and breathing, right in front of her. The black molly approached hesitantly, tears now falling from wide yellow eyes. She was holding herself back, not wanting to break the clear tension between the Windclanner and the three Bloodclanners across the way. Waspwing didn't want to scare her son off, Starclan knows how the forest had changed him and how it had warped his views on his home clan. She didn't want to be the one to break him, to scare him off of his home clan and have him never return again.

    Waspwing had lost too many children to see another one disappear on her, too.

    "Sunpaw...go home, go back to Windclan. I love you so much, but you have to do what's b-best for should go before Caledon comes, because you know what will happen if he sees you...he'll never want you to leave again." The mother whispered as she finally stepped across the tense wall between them. The barrier around Waspwing was shattered as she moved in to rub her cheek against Sunpaw's, tears staining the fur under her eyes a dark inkwell. A quick swipe of her tongue across the top of his head was the last bit of affection from the dark molly as she rubbed at her eyes with a free paw. If she kept Lucian back from what he needed and what he wanted, what kind of mother was she? She was no better than some deadbeat kitten-machine who didn't give a shit about what happened to her kids.

    She didn't want to hold her children back. Waspwing missed her kids with all of her heart, the ache of them leaving and starting their own lives ached through every fiber of her being...but they had to leave the nest sometime.




  • Who’s this? And why’s he here?!? He stinks! Shouldn’t we be chasing him out?!? The female snarled as she made an appearance, her nose crinkling up at the sharp prairie scent rolling off the feline.