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  • morningfrost - windclan - bitter blue boy with a soft heart

    buttercup - riverclan -

    aethreia - the blackheart rogues - eccentric boy

    dearlykit - shadow veil & the highlands

    if you ever need me, feel free to message me, i don't bite! as well, if you wanna plot with one of these characters, hit me up c: clicking on their names above will send one to their personal storage. this storage is just to show who's currently on my lineup, and to give more insight on their aesthetics & personality.

  • aesthetics:

    broken glass, lazily mended together clothes, feathers, the sense of indecision masked by the taste of victory, a heavy heart carried by weightless shoulders, a masked man with a half smile, deaf ears and a deaf heart, blinded hate, anger that turns into a cold calm, blinding righteousness, helpfulness that is unmoved, the awkward want to be better, one step ahead yet one step back emotionally, bittersweet tears, a heart that pounds violently for release, restricted movements and tall walls, icy glances that set flame, a slow yet powerful love, sensitive feelings dulled by the need to protect, unwavering service and loyalty, hesitant kindness, spoken words that can harm but heal, angry music, a shy hesitancy but a blunt core, confusion over fierce emotions, slow on emotional uptake, scars and cigar smoke, leather and torn jeans, combat boots and tattoos, bright eyes v a cold touch, the desire to succeed, gives but never takes, aggression may sometimes be the only tongue spoken, desire for interaction but uncertainty on how, looks intimidating but isn't, may say the wrong thing but doesn't mean to, a dulled knife that can sharpen easily, internalized fear, dull words but expressive eyes, ice, frozen over flowers, light and cold tones, bitter blue.


    being physically small isn't an acknowledgment to morningfrost, not when his cold aura fills everything around him, including his absentminded stares he sometimes dolls out on mindless whims. there isn't a moment where he isn't thinking about something or another, which can provide background material for his sometimes impulsive acts of nature. he doesn't, at intervals, mean to open his maw, and immediately spit some nasty word or phrase. it's difficult to connect with a nearby person when he isn't sure he knows himself- needless to say, he's cold, although he doesn't actually have icicles growing from his pelt. his base color appears to be a light, silvery grey, yet his stripes are ashen blue-grey. his oculars differ from all else, as they're piercing, and bright green. even when he doesn't want them to, they draw attention, as they bring in his features to give him a rugged handsomeish outlook. his eyes usually go downcast, or to the side of a person, when he speaks, as they tend to trail mindlessly over them. he isn't looking to eat anybody up, he's analyzing the person he's currently talking with. it is in his nature to be observant.

    all opinions are ic! || played by happeh

    bloomed in a garden of loneliness a flower that resembles you


  • personality:

    his words are ice-cold, yet they are polite, and often times bored sounding. his head tilts to the side in a sometimes curious manner, as he listens, and idly gazes at the person, whom he is currently speaking to. everything about him appears to be in some way, shape, or form, calculated, but it most certainly is not. he loses himself to his internal thoughts way too much, too busy stressing over whatever inner turmoil is currently plaguing him to be much use in an actual conversation. when he does bother to open his mouth to talk, he's blunt, and straightforward, with clear cut morals. he does not know the meaning of being dishonest, nor has he quite caught onto the fact that, at times, one must hold their tongue in order to go forward with something. emotions, clearly, confuse him- he did not mean to offend, but he does, way too often. he has learned that a good defense will outsmart an offense, so he has closed himself off to people, and he dares to hold them at arms length. he, however, craves for attention, and social interaction, or any sort of affection, at all. therefore, he lingers awkwardly at groups, or social standings, cranium forever tilted in that half listening position.

    to those that know him, he cannot be regarded as manipulative, charming, or daresay, silver tongued. although he has a cold and hard exterior, he is easy to make flush, or to embarrass. what some may regard as a typical hardass isn't as such when one is close to him. he can be funny, at times, with his oblivious tendencies, and he can even show such things as love and affection. he is slow to win over, and hesitant to show the good sides of himself, but he isn't made of stone. he knows how to smile, and how to laugh, things are just not easy to come from him. he, after all, is a through worrywart, and go-getter. he knows how to play nice with people, but socialization just isn't on the top of his list. it'll just take a certain type of person to make the time to know him, or to turn a blind eye to his blunt mouth.

    kindness is something he knows, and it's something that's just so deeply intertwined with his soul, that it's almost unacceptable. he is kind, and he is helpful, even if he says the wrong things, or even when he gets into trouble with the same person he's helping. he just doesn't know how to say no to someone desperately in need, which can get him into some pretty awkward situations when he isn't careful about it. be warned, however, that it is hard to fool or to deceive him. he isn't gullible or innocent, and upon discovering foul play, he can become unpredictable and mayhaps violent, depending on the mood. he loves to just parade around as calm and logical, but he's a bit of a hot head, depending on the side of the bed he woke up on. he doesn't mean to be so contradicting, but the simple things truly do bother him. he is use to something dependable, so when that gets messed with, it doesn't take much to set him off during those times. in the same sense, he is scared of truly and solely relying on someone, scared to make them apart of his routine for fear of them rejecting him, or worse, becoming endangered because of him. out of everything, he does not play around when it comes to loyalty. if you win a beast over, that is what you get when someone messes with the people he loves, or even tolerates. he'd move heaven and hell, if he could, all on a whim for someone he considers worth it.

    all opinions are ic! || played by happeh

    bloomed in a garden of loneliness a flower that resembles you


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  • personality:

    a whirlwind of emotion, he's full of life. everything he does, direct or indirect, is full of carefully placed passion. no matter what he sets his sights on, he knows he can accomplish it or die trying. but, of course, he rarely does take the initiative when others expect him to. he's more likely to do the exact opposite of what's asked of him, not out of ill intentions, but out of boredom. his flare for the dramatics and pranks is what makes him unique. instead of being good, bad, or neutral, he declares himself too fabulous for either of them. doing things on the whim, however, isn't like him either. how people see him, versus what he actually does, is more thought out then others would think. he's usually planned two or three steps ahead, and simply going through the motions. don't get me wrong- his manipulation, at times, is done with the best intentions. if he has to sacrifice himself for another, he'll do it, no matter who he hurts in the process. the thing that sets him apart is his genuine wish for the happiness of those around him. if he has to smile through his own pain, he'll do it without a single thought in the world. he'd rather give people something to hate, then have them be sad about something he has no control over. he can play both the villain and the hero, even if his heart is breaking.

    oddly innocent in this sense, he truly does harbor a heart of kindness under his layers of eccentric nature. it's just hard to truly understand his actions with the amount of acting he does. generally, however, he's happy. even when he's lonely, sad, or upset, he remains perpetually happy, knowing, that in the end, at least he's alive again. his melancholy thoughts rarely show on his face. he's the type to not wallow in self pity, but to do something about it. which makes him both a go-getter, and a lazy twit, an odd, amoral blend, as motivation is based primarily on himself. reckless abandonment should be his middle name, however, as that's the name of his game. he doesn't care if the odds are stacked against him- he greets every situation the same. with a tilted head, or a slight smile; eyes that are happy, and a voice that is alluring.

    his kindness, although twisted, isn't a burden onto himself. he may not be the first to openly extend a hand to another, but he's the type to help in subtle manners. and he certainly isn't foolish, either, as he doesn't let his inner sweet disposition blind his eyes, or allow him to often be deceived. he's been around people too long to not notice tell tale signs of the corruption that others may bare. which is perhaps why he holds everyone away from himself, despite being so extroverted and friendly that it hurts. and in the same instance, perhaps that's why he's so overprotective of those he cares about, up to the point of being overly emotional when they're harmed in any way. he isn't the same weak little prince whose only answer was to end it all himself. he can be crafty, especially when it comes to the wars of revenge. he's unrelenting, too, depending on how much he's been wronged, a total spitfire. because he knows how destructive he can be in the name of others, he attempts to remain neutral in all debates. he'll listen to both sides, curious over internal clan affairs. but just because he shows slight interest doesn't mean he actually cares. his general trait is simple, yet childish, curiosity. perhaps that's why he gets into so much trouble, depending on what way the wind is blowing.

    aethreia is a good boy. no matter what he's thinking about, or going through, or even doing, most fail to realize this. that truly, he is something pure, with self made standards that are ridiculously high. a trickster that fools even himself, however, is a complex that haunts his entire being.

    all opinions ic | played by happeh


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