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    Having trailed behind Magnolia with long spider legs Azazel hadn't much thought it though.
    His biggest sister had made the decision to leave and he'd followed - the train of thought had been something like 'if i can make her come back mother will be very happy'.
    Of course, trying to convince his many toed sister of anything was more a pain than he'd ever think - she swiped and snarled at him (her least favourite brother) and told him to just go home to 'Mama'. Quite the divide on how they saw the she-cat who gave them life.

    Though Magnolia was simply bitter - the apparent idea that her parents could have more children (a 'replacement' in her mind) seemed to sit unwell with her.

    If anything the young brother thought it more amazing she hadn't had kits of her own - considering how often she slipped away with cats of all sorts.
    Neither fo them knew hunting, so manipulation it was - however gross Azazel may have found it to be.

    Not to say the younger was above using manipulation to get what he wanted - it had been all he really knew. A cute face with 'dead' emotions played to the tune of realism. Azazel, if nothing, knew how to act the part that would get him what he wanted.

    Always good to have a few cats under your paw.

    Returning home was easier - so long gone even Magnolia's bitter, bratty heart started to ache for the familiarity of a home neither of them had really fit to.
    Homesickness had tugged the she-cat into telling him they were leaving, going home, finally.

    Easily enough Azazel's spindly young legs followed behind her with a look to content to be true.

    No grand gesture on their slipping back fro the belly of the underworld the city had to offer.
    There was no meetings on the way in, no 'there you are', 'where've you been'.
    It was quiet and simple.

    And by the end they were both tired enough to not care that they chose to squish together in some ugly sibling pile in the corner.

    Quiet and without call that they were there the two simply rested their aching paws.
    Home now.

    That was all.

    “The whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by Azazel:

    to him ascribe all sin.”

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  • //Is this open for reply? Minnow would've been concerned about Mag's disappearance :)

  • Canary raised a metaphorical brow at the sudden reappearance of his sister and younger brother. It was a bit of a relief that they still smelled of the city, nor did they look too roughed up; at least they didn’t run off to the forest. But they were gone for a rather long time, and he was worried that they could have been hurt in their ventures. The city still was not short of vicious cats. “Maggie?” He recognized her by her many toes, and then after her came Azazel, who appeared to be a smaller version of their mother. “Where have you been takin’ Azazel, Magnolia? Feels like moons since you’ve all been here.”

  • Pausing in her thoughts Magnolia peered over at her brother, my, she hadn't expected to see him on the trip back. To be fair she hadn't expected to see much more than Azazel's stupid paws overtaking her. Perhaps if she had more energy she'd shoot the caramel healer a word or two.

    "IT probably has been moons, Can," she shrugged, not really knowing what to say.

    She hadn't much kept track of the time.

    Using a cramped paw to scratch her chin she looked away from her brothers green eyes, not much confident in her ability to keep contact.

    "You make it sound like I wanted to bring the brat with me," she huffed, "Mama wouldda been sad if one of her kids got killed....again...."
    She peered at Canary for a moment, eyes glancing at his admittedly fucked up toes.

    "Couldn't let him die, at least, Mama likes her good kids alive, ya know! Though I'm sure if I brought him back with a cold you'd fix him up before she saw."

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