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  • Name: Sugarplum

    Gender: Female (uses she/her)

    Age: 12 months

    Alliance: The Kinship Circle

    Rank: Commoner

    Personality Traits: approachable, amiable, boisterous, bubbly, cheery, a bit overly emotional and sensitive, sweet, clingy, impulsive, resourceful, maybe even a bit bossy at times- but her heart is always in the right place.

    History: was a pet rabbit in the old world, got loose from her cage and found the Clans. She found herself in Agrelos with the others and has been trying to find her way ever since.

    Relationship Status: Single

    Species: Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

    Accent: English

    Hometown: Manchester, England

    Human Faceclaim/Inspiration: Hermione Granger of Harry Potter




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