OH NO NOT ADULTING (please support this panicking student!)

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  • Hi! I'm in my final year of highschool and the year ends essentially in the third week of term 4 - it's the third week of term 3 now, after which we have final exams and then it's over. Term 4 is mid october to mid december? So, yeah, yikes. Because I've got to the end and to get into university, I need to have NCEA levels 1-3 passed, three University Entrance subjects passed at level 3 (>14 credits per subject to pass) and to do the course I want, a GPA of >150. My GPA is 192 so I'm sweet there, however I'm in panic mode because I struggled with mental health and such for the entirety of my highschool career. I can't pass the year - I need 80 credits to do that, I have 35. What this means is I have to either complete a bridging course at the Unitec, or go back to school for six months to get the last credits and third UE subject as I'm only passing two currently and my prediction is I'll complete the year with about 50 credits. Repeating senior year for six months is my preferred option - familiar environment, good relationship with teachers and established support network. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? How well has it worked out for you, how are you finding university now? For the record, my plan is to do a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Music and History with probably a minor in Māori Studies, and then complete highschool by doing a year's postgraduate teaching diploma before moving on to teaching secondary school. Anybody else with a similar plan, compare ideas and basically help me destress because I'm really worried and I won't find out if I can repeat at school here until term 4 and kinda panicking.