Inside my heart is breaking (open, introduction) But my smile still stays on

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  • Emerging from the cave into the bright morning sunlight, the lynx-pointed molly blinked to shield her pale eyes from the painful glare. As her oculars adjusted to the mid-morning sun, Frost gazed around her in horror. Through avalanche and tearing winds, the snowscape was shaped beyond her recognition.

    The scruffy-furred prey-hunter shrank back against the wall of the cave, fighting the urge to retreat back to the den. However, she'd barely stirred beyond her next for over a moon following the death of her family - she was the youngest of six kits, having been born in her parents' second litter of three. The fearful point-furred molly had been woken early that morning by a kit too young to know better, and somehow found it in herself to stir from her grief-stricken stupor to greet the world. Rejoining Tribe life would be a struggle, but with help and a little more poking from the Tribe of Endless Hunting, she could perhaps regain enough confidence to become a contributing member of the Tribe again.

    // Since I always join as a loner, here's something different! It's ya bro Ranger btw. Frost at First Light is genderfluid and will use different pronouns at different times but today and thus in this post, she/her :) Basically, she's been in a sort of guilty and grieving catatonia for about six weeks so treat her like a lil baby bird with more hugging

  • //I'll use Ember instead of Sky if she needs love lol

    Ember had known little about Frost in her troubles. Being barely more than a kit herself, the To-Be, frankly, had enough of her own problems. Her parents' failing relationship, their abandonment. Ember had been so wrapped up in her own loss and subsequent gaining of her belief in the ToEh, she had only heard bits and pieces of the lost family.

    She still felt bad, though, and hoped the Tribe of Endless Hunting helps Frost as much as it has helped her.

    The Abyssinian sends up the prayer to the stars before makes her way over with a smile, "Good morning!"

  • It took Frost a minute to realise she'd been addressed, then as she realised she'd been staring blankly the disheveled molly figured she probably should respond. Biting back the obvious response of 'what's good about the morning', it took her another minute of awkward silence to think of a suitable response. "Good morning to you too," she mewed with just the ghost of a smile, her tone a few shade off flat and lifeless but it was an improvement on the usual. "Were you headed out to hunt?"

    //short and terrible it's 11pm and I should have been asleep an hour ago

  • "Morning." Veil dipped a nod to the she-cats. He wasn't sure how to contribute more to the dull converstaion, so he would stay back and let the two speak. He would dart a glance to Ember, trying to shake off his nerves about talking to cats that he didn't talk to often. Maybe it was a thing about hormones that made him especially sheepish around females. Veil was a shy youth, and he was awkward about making conversations. A simple greeting would suffice for now.

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    veil over silent twilight — reference — roleplayed by melo-crisis

  • Ember was undeterred by Frost's tone. There were enough cats around here to have a monotone or flat voice for it to be nearly second nature to Tribe culture. Especially since one of those cats was Stoneteller.

    "I was thinking about it!" She carries on happily.

    She gives Veil a friendly nod of greeting as the tom joins the two.

    "But maybe we can all just go out on a walk or something? Get to know each other better?"