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  • it was a weird feeling knowing that you weren't technically the person you were before.

    it wasn't like he had no recollection of his past life. it wouldn't be accurate to say that the reality was the opposite - because it just wasn't true. he remembered pretty much everything up until a certain point. for good reason too. you see, zaeed was quite a healthy, content serval once upon a time; and for a long time he remained like that. all of his memories came from that point in his life. hell, he had met vudphion when he was like this. he could remember her. the pregnancy. the children... but he couldn't remember what he was like as a father - and there was an explanation for that. he had always struggled with his mental health. if he were human, he would have most definitely been diagnosed as a schizophrenic. even from when he was young, he experienced auditory and visual hallucinations alongside many delusional feelings. yet because of the fact that he had just about always had it, he thought everyone had it. he thought it was normal. so when he rapidly deteriorated mere weeks after his children's births, he couldn't have predicted it. he got really mentally ill and began to view his kids as demons due to an 'angel' telling him that they were. he abused them. perhaps it was a psychotic episode which just kept on spiraling downwards. he wasn't a doctor - and he didn't know about it now anyway. it wasn't an excuse, but that wasn't him. having said that, that version of him was all his kids knew.

    in this body he couldn't remember the schizophrenia. at all. even the hallucinations from when he was young. it was almost as though the memory had been purposely removed for him to not experience the grief he would be feeling if he knew what he had done. the jaguar did know names of his family. he hadn't searched for them though. heck, he didn't even know that his former mate was here. that would be fun.

    he hummed as he came crashing out of his thoughts when the scent of the thunderlands' border hit him. relieved that he had made it after this much travelling, he practically flopped down to the ground before stretching; strong muscles rippling under his golden and black pelt.

    and he'd wait. patiently.

  • Jaguars were a close cousin of snow leopards, like Nia was, however she remained much smaller than the typical big cat. He towered over her when she arrived, drawn by the scent of unfamiliarity. Pausing before him, the girl slipped her tail around her paws. Zaeed certainly appeared strong, capable. She wondered if he was interested in joining, or if he had business from another group nearby. "What was your business in the Thunderlands?" prompted Nia, not bothering to ask the name, for she already knew. Telepathy was a curious thing, and she almost always knew one's name within seconds of meeting them.




  • The cheetah loped silently to stand near Iphigenia, her spotted pelt the scent of a jaguar tickling her nostrils and urging her to investigate the source a few minutes before. It seemed that the snow leopard had already spoken, so Velocity settled with a nod of greeting and sitting back on her haunches to carefully examine the foreigner. From a first glance, physically he was in good condition and quite healthy. A quick glance at his face made her think that he seemed like the patient and strong-n'-silent type with his cool expression and intense eyes, but that was simply from appearance alone. You could never count on that, especially with strangers. Only time would tell.

    "If you look down at me you will see a fool; if you look up at me you'll see a god; if you look straight at me you will see yourself."


    "I wish I could remember."

  • pure relief would wash over his features at the sight of another being - albeit a stranger. he had not had a lot of conversations with other people since he had found this body and before that he had isolated himself away from everything due to the incapability to comprehend pretty much anything. the lack of socializing was honestly draining him. he was, and probably will always will be, a natural extrovert. it was just hard to be an outgoing person when you were always on the move - and that was just his 'new' life. usually, in situations like these, he'd allow himself a few brief seconds to address the situation before he went in all guns blazing. but he was too exhausted and too thrilled at the prospect of a decent conversation instead of the 'hello-how are you-see you around' thing he had been doing recently. so the only thing he clocked was the lack of a question concerning his name, however he trusted that there was a reason and as a result, he didn't question it.

    "hello there, i'm here to join." the three year old jaguar answered in a slight - yet still undeniable - london accent. his lips would part his maw into a toothy grin and with little difficulty - despite his overworked muscles - he rose up into a seated position to appear much more presentable. "the thunderlands are an admirable group, filled with a rich history. i've always watched from the sidelines with - how can i say this without sounding like a moron? - some kind of... affection. it would be my pleasure to be apart of such a group - so here i am." he wrapped his short speech up with a shrug of his shoulders. admittedly, there was a huge lie involved in there. he hadn't always kept up to date with thunderlands' affairs because, well, the elephant in the room was that he most definitely was not thinking of them when he was extremely sick. the other reason why it wasn't necessarily the truth was because of his curiosity over their nemesis - shadowclan, aka shadow veil. there was something that intrigued him about them. but all in all, that didn't matter. he had decided on coming here and here he was to remain.

    his verdant gaze shifted over to the new arrival to the scene. huh, another big cat. he was bound to fit into here without much fuss then. he almost immediately returned the nod and chose to add a slight smile out of habit, despite the fact that he hadn't been given one. his attention barely managed to return back to the snow leopard when a sudden realization hit him. he couldn't help but snort in amusement. "i just realized that i effectively pitched your own clan to you." zaeed chuckled lightly with a shake of his massive head. "sorry about that. it's just a habit."

  • aurelia was the next to arrive. he seemed to be buttering them all up, which was odd to her, but she paid no attention to it. he was just trying to be nice. anyway, they needed new members now more than ever. the tabby flashed a small smile, and then spoke. "of course you are welcome here."



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  • another toothy grin would part his lips, but this time it was directed to aurelia. "thank you." he acknowledged; genuinely sincere. the jaguar paused for a few moments, before realizing that he hadn't actually verbally introduced himself and went on to do just that, "my name is zaeed. i find the literal way of saying it - za-eed - easier to remember than the proper way, which is just replacing the 'r' in 'raid' with 'z'. whatever floats your boats. i'll respond to either." after the short ramble, he'd shrug.

    his way of speaking could go only two ways honestly. short and direct, or long and rambling. the 'normal' individual might have stopped talking then. however he couldn't help a question from forming in his mind after he stopped talking, so he decided to ask it just in case. "just an auto-acceptance policy here, huh?" a figurative brow would raise at what he had just asked. "or do i have to do some shit? like answer, i don't know, a few questions?" the swear word might seem like it was thrown in a bit randomly, but honestly, zaeed had done a good job at not swearing so far. he liked cursing. it was fun to do. as he awaited an answer, the jaguar stood up to allow himself to stretch some tension away and consequently be ready for the trip to his new camp.

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  • "zaeed. got it." the tabby nodded. at his next comment, aurelia laughed. "no, you're gonna have to take a test." she said sarcastically, but good natured-ly. she wasn't bothered by the swearing. she didn't do it often, but who was she to tell other how to speak?



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  • His accent did not escape Nia's attention, causing her ear to twitch curiously. British, hm? It made her wonder if he was originally from there or if his family had since moved. Perhaps she would gain the ability to ask sometime in the near future. Certainly, she hoped so. Different politics fascinated the girl, so she found herself eager to absorb all tangible knowledge available.

    If nothing else, Zaeed's course knowledge and appreciation for the Thunderlands would be reason enough to accept him. She felt herself inclined to offer him a place even without their auto-acceptance policy for his politeness. His habits of pitching about thoughts appealed to her as well, finding herself afflicted with a similar condition. Know-it-all syndrome, Nia liked to call it. Rather, her mother Liliana liked to call it. Huffing at the thought of her, though affectionately, she started when Zaeed spoke up again towards Aurelia, addressing their conversation. She'd completely blanked, hadn't she?

    "Thunderlands has an auto-acceptance policy, though even if we didn't I imagine you would have been accepted with grace - frankly, I find you quite refreshing compared to some others I've met in my life," vocalized the snow leopard through telepathy, keeping a neutral expression as her tail flicked from side to side. She didn't mean her Clanmates, of course, for she adored most of them - instead she was referring to the obscene individuals that lurked outside their borders. "Nia, pleasure to meet your acquaintance." Her chilled blue eyes met his, almost expecting an equally elegant answer. With an accent like his, she was sure he received that expectation a lot.




  • he was a naturally expressive guy, so despite knowing fully well that the response he got was sarcastic, he couldn't help it when confusion flooded his features. he tilted his head and just stared for a few fleeting seconds before he allowed a warm chuckle to escape his maw. "this test must be mysterious with all its secrecy." he deadpanned, only managing to momentarily keep an overly dramatic look of bewilderment as he addressed the tabby, before a grin shattered all attempts of acting. "i hope i can be an exception. it has been quite the bloody journey." damn facial expressions. he could never have a decently sarcastic conversation because his face just betrayed him. he had never been a good actor. or liar for that matter. he was hopeless at composing his emotions. but that didn't mean he couldn't get away with lying. from experience, he found it hard to tell a lie from a truth in a disagreement with someone like himself, because of the fact that minute differences in expression were harder to spot when your defense mechanism was to laugh or act like it wasn't a big deal. having said this, he was only speaking from personal experience so he knew that this was merely a theory more than a fact.

    the movement of the snow leopard as she supposedly re-entered the world from her thoughts didn't go unnoticed and verdant eyes moved from the tabby to her clan mate before she started to speak. his long whiskers twitched in amusement and he brought up his left paw and outstretched it with his pads facing upwards in a very human like way of accepting a compliment. "what can i say? i'm an interesting guy." he took the slight compliment in stride, before placing his paw back onto firm ground. "all jokes aside; cheers. i have to agree wiv that and say likewise." oh, how ironic. little did he know that in the last stages of his past life, he could be included in the "others" she was referring to. but he was obviously oblivious to that. "the pleasure is all mine, nia." zaeed dipped his head, now completely sobered up and serious. he knew when to abandon and step away from a playful atmosphere due to the moons of experience he had in socializing. a small, polite smile etched the corners of his lips upwards when he returned his green eyes to her blue - almost as if he knew the response the other big cat had wanted because, well, a case of the know-it-all syndrome did come in handy now and again.


    vudphion / thunderlands & warrior / female [♀] / storage

    *:・゚✦ The mutated coyote heard the name. The voice echoing in her ears. She came over rather swiftly at the sound of that name beating in her ears. When she showed up, it dawned on her that he would have no clue who she was without her name or voice. "Zaeed." She felt herself choke up a bit. Would he still love her like she did him? That caused her heart to thunder in her chest. "Is it really you?" She remembered when they were young. The mistakes they made as parents. They were stupid, really. Would he hate her?

    Frankly she hated herself. She never forgave herself for her mistakes and only wished to fix them now. "It is me. Vudphion." She almost whispered the words as she forced her rear to the earth. She was unsure. Fear in her eyes. Would he know her?