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  • i want to bring imo back but he's like supposed to be captured but it's not going through sooooo i have no idea how to bring imo back jaosdksa

  • asdfghjkl; might bring gilbert back because i think i finally found out how to make him function without being a contractor so tracking !!

    そうさ 僕らもがき続けてゆくモンスター

    characters / advanced roleplayer — japanese fantatic — ½ of the angst queens

  • aaaaaaaa I've been so dead! School just started and its my birthday so I hope to get more active with all of my characters. Hopefully.

  • oof I've missed ColouredClan. I threw my baby in here as pre-existing, but the last time I was here, I played a medic during the beginning of Yuri's reign. I remember she was the daughter of Superhero. wowowow time flies

  • don't sweat it hun!

    & who did you play?? also, candycorn is lucien's granddaughter bc of mercy (cause she is his daughter). as background, you could say she learned herbs from luci if you want~

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  • Oh no, speaking of school - I go back on the 20th and I start work again on the 25th oh boy I'm not ready.

    そうさ 僕らもがき続けてゆくモンスター

    characters / advanced roleplayer — japanese fantatic — ½ of the angst queens

  • Omg yes that sounds great!! And I’m so happy she has family here as (‘:

    I played Yue. She was an Alaskan Malamute pup, and she was Superhero’s first daughter I believe.

  • happeh, im going to have to drop immortal sorry ;; i just cant find more muse for him so consider him missing ever since he was captured

    im still going to be here with aporia here tho

    also hi yakan yes pls bring gilbert so we can have another problematic dude. except imo isn't here anymore :(

    and hi you two !! yue sounds slightly familiar and i prob just happen to hear of the name but i wasn't around during yuri, only during end of nighttales' reign ^^;

    school who is she? i don't know her *is a school dropout asdfghjk*

  • THIRTEEN V. A. J. oof, didn't mean to ignore you! luci x teen should totally have a thread together! maybe an open one that's themed or smth?? or a private one, if you want that! also, happy late birthday

    welcome back yakan! and welcome back to cc, too, fleur!

    + she has a lotta fam here! (not a lotta, lotta but) i don't remember yue! but i think i dipped briefly out of cc in the beginning of yuri's first reign? idk

    & i'll miss immy but i'm glad you aren't leaving us. for the ambassador sign ups, i just gave aporia the dark dynasty + the cartel, so i hope that was okay!

  • fhdjdif thank you all so much! Its weird and will definitely take a long time to get used to. Oof.


    Aafhdh its okay, no worries. And we can do both if you want? Thirteen would particularly flourish in threads dealing with arts and crafts or maybe explaining basic herbs or something similar. He's also,pretty curious so exploring would probably work too.